HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — A looming deportation order could complicate a Salvadoran woman’s federal lawsuit alleging race discrimination by two Frederick County sheriff’s deputies, a Latino civil-rights group said Wednesday.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency plans to deport Roxana Orellana Santos Sept. 30, Casa de Maryland said.

That’s four weeks before an Oct. 28 court date for oral arguments on whether her case should go to trial.

“Without her here it is going to create some difficulties and some problems,” Casa de Maryland attorney Zorayda Moreria-Smith said. The group is helping Santos with her case.

Deportation wouldn’t render the case moot but it would complicate it because Santos’ lawyers would have to communicate with her in El Salvador, Moreria-Smith said.

Santos claims to have suffered discrimination in 2008 when deputies Jeffrey Openshaw and Kevin Lynch detained her for what they say was suspicious behavior when she tried to hide behind a shipping container after spotting them. A background check revealed Santos’ illegal immigration status and she was turned over to ICE.

Santos claims she was singled out because of her ethnic appearance while she peacefully ate her lunch outdoors. Her complaint, which also names the Frederick County Board of Commissioners, alleges the sheriff’s office overstepped its authority under an immigration enforcement program called 287(g) that trains local law officers to check the immigration status of those suspected of arrestable offenses.

Santos was neither arrested nor charged in the 2008 incident.

Santos has a 3-year-old son. She is one of four mothers whose pending deportation was highlighted at a Casa de Maryland news conference Wednesday in Washington. The three others — Ruth Diaz, Maria Bolanos and Florinda Faviola Lorenzo Desemilian — are from Prince George’s County.

Spokeswoman Susana Flores said the group hopes to persuade the Obama administration to review the women’s deportation cases under a policy change announced last month focusing on deporting illegal immigrants who are criminals or pose a threat to national security or public safety.

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  1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    She had to be doing something. I can’t imagine being singled out, they all look alike. She’s here illegally, who cares what she thinks. Get her illegal butt out of my Country. Thanks! Oh, and Casa de Maryland can go with her.

    1. Gotta love the pot calling the kettle black says:

      They all look alike, huh? Nice, biggot.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Sorry, but she is an ILLEGAL ALIEN!!! First of all, why is she allowed to file any kind of law suit in this country? Secondly, why are we supposed to care that she will be deported before her trial? She SHOULD be deported! She is here ILLEGALLY! I hate the way this country allows illegals to take advantage of us and we do nothing.

  3. Savage RIp says:

    I agree Illegal is Illegal

  4. Shereese Maynard says:

    Why is this news? This woman entered this country illegally. Plainly put, she’s a criminal. No matter how her status was uncovered, she’s a criminal. She shouldn’t be filing a lawsuit; she should be packing her bags. Deportation is the right and just thing to do. You want to live here and file lawsuits, live as I do . . ., legally!

  5. KottaMan says:

    Good riddance !! Frederick County is literally over-run with illegals. She obviously was not “under the radar” as she became involved with law enforcement for something.

  6. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    How can an ILLEGAL ALIEN have any RIGHTS in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! This organization that supports her should be DISBANDED and SHUT DOWN by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are Federal LAWS against ILLEGAL ALIENS residing in the borders of this country. WHY is an ORGANIZATION allowed to “represent” these ILLEGAL ALIENS?? Why do our elected representatives allow this to happen??? i’M 64 YEARS old and am a Combat Infantryman who served his country and I find ILLEGAL ALIENS a slap in the face to the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who try to do things BY THE LAW!! ILLEGALS should be IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED!!

  7. Fed UP says:

    The politicians in Maryland have made us a sanctuary state for these illegals. How can they justify lawbreakers? These people are criminals and should be dealt with. If a citizen breaks the law they are punished. These illegals break the law and ignored. Time to put Miller, Baush, Mikulski, Cardin, Van Hollen, Hoyer, O’Malley, etc. in the unemployment line. Better yet they should be charged with a crime for not enforcing the law.

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