Last week 0-6 and I missed my lock so the record on the year…10-14 and 2-2 on my locks. I’m not shying away from this. I FLAT OUT STUNK LAST WEEK.

Conn-Crete Lock of the Week… I’m taking the Panthers +6.5 at home against the Saints. I really feel like they can keep this game close and possibly pull off the upset. The Saints will put up some points, but I like Cam this week and his big play ability against a blitzing defense.

2. N.E. -9.5 Vs Jets… I think New England wants revenge for last year in the playoffs. They would run up the score if they could and i think Mark Sanchez stinks more than my picks last week. Even if Revis takes away Welker, who guards Gronkowski, Hernandez, and Branch? Pick your poison!!!

3. Philly -2 Vs Buffalo… This typically goes against my line of thinking. I’m not buying into Buffalo and i really don’t buy into either teams defense. But the Eagles offense is better then the bills in my mind and i think they get the win in the end.

4.Pittsburgh -3 Vs Tennessee… I know the Steelers are banged up but i cant see them losing at home. I’m not buying into the Titans either. Back to back road games and for crying out loud they lost to Jacksonville on the road.

5. Atlanta +5.5 Vs Green Bay… Nice Revenge spot for the Falcons. I think they have enough fire power to keep it close and possibly win this one outright. They paid a lot for Julio Jones, this is the game where he shows his worth.

6. Monday Night Football Bears/Lions Under 47.5… I believe both defenses show up and slow down the other team. Nick Fairley is back for the Lions and the weak offensive line for the Lions goes up against the best Defensive End in the game.


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