BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– It was a chaotic scene at a Baltimore County Wal-Mart Saturday as the store was evacuated after a brawl inside.

Weijia Jiang reports on how it all unfolded.

Police say what started as a fight between two women ended as a crime scene and a hazmat scare.

It all happened at a Wal-Mart on Washington Boulevard, where shoppers and employees became victims.

“We were starting to get a lot of calls from throughout the store for a lot of patients suffering,” said Glenn Blackwell of the Baltimore County Fire Department. “Irritants to the eyes, respiratory passages.”

Police say Saturday just before 11 a.m., Theresa Jefferson, 33, followed a woman into the store, then approached her in the household cleaning aisle.

They say Jefferson started punching and dousing the victim with bleach and Pine-Sol, which contains ammonia. Mixed with chlorine, it makes a dangerous gas that can burn the eyes and respiratory tract.

The victim and 18 others were rushed to nearby hospitals.

“It’s a little crazy. It’s scary to walk into somewhere families take their kids,” customer Tatiana Gurnsey said.

“It’s a little pathetic, you let something get that violent that you send 18 innocent people to the hospital,” another customer Brad Simmons said.

But the fight didn’t end there. Investigators say after the bleach battle, the suspect came to the nearby Wilkens Police Station to file a protective order against the victim. That’s when officers recognized who she was.

“That officer placed the suspect under arrest at the time when she determined she was a suspect in an assault and not an actual victim,” Officer Shawn Vinson of the Baltimore County Police said.

Police say the victim’s current boyfriend is the father of Jefferson’s child, and the two have fought in the past.

For Wal-Mart’s part, a spokesperson says, “This is not the type of behavior we would expect in one of our stores. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused our customers.”

Jefferson is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $350,000 bond, and faces many charges, including assault.

One victim was taken to the eye center at Johns Hopkins. Police do not know the extent of all the injuries but say none of them is life threatening.

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  1. TheRiley says:

    Wow… Really people? How immature can you be…?

    1. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

      they’re not “people”…

      1. clorexa de spill says:

        we street, reprezent…obama 2012, bringing down the house

  2. Steve says:

    Must have been a really good sale on Clorox!

  3. KottaMan says:

    This incident is disgusting. Some people, the 28-year-old included, never learned to behave. And these people want respect? Not gonna happen! Baltimore County should go after these cretins for the FD and Hazmat response cost and Walmart should go after them for the two hours of lost gross profit. Clearly, these two idiots need to get a strong message.

    1. RavenLude says:

      yeah right, do u really think this walmart shopping criminal has the money to reimburse the taxpayers for the unnecessary emergency response. she probably wont even get a severe punishment, most likely super secret probation

      1. Alvar says:

        Not if one or more of the innocent victims files charges.

    2. Philip B Kirschner says:

      As a former 911 responder, i can attest to the cost of a response. About $100.00 for an incident like that, plus hospital costs to insurance companies and ambulance costs.

      1. KottaMan says:

        Your $100.00 won’t cut it. More like 5 grand. You can’t roll an engine even for $100 let alone a Hazmat.

  4. Kittymom11 says:

    Whoever these folks are they need to grow up and NEVER be allowed into that store again.

  5. harm city says:

    i would never go there anyway drive further to a better location.

  6. smd says:

    That walmart is horrible all the way around. I would rather drive farther to a different one that has better service, safer, and cleaner.

  7. Crazy! says:

    Just one of the million reasons I stay far, far, far away from Wal-Mart.

  8. Lauren says:

    I was at the walmart when this accord, you could hear them arguing from a mile away. I heard someone said hair was pulled out and blood was on the floor. So thats why i thought i spelled ammonia. When i got closer the smell made me puke. It was so strong. A lot of people were coughing. My son included who is two years old. One women was sitting on the bench near the bathroom crying and her husband and son were there. Someone came on the loud speaker when i was leaving announcing that they had emts with oxygen units for anyone having trouble breathing. I should have gone. Im pregnant so inhaling those chemicals was not the best thing. Some people will never grow up and like some one previously stated,i hope they have to pay the 19 peoples hospital bills and walmart for the 2 hr closing time.

    1. cHARmcity says:

      sounds like you just want money.. hope you use it for spelling lessons.

  9. Bill says:

    Lauren, if you are pregnant and had a 2 year old with you, why in God’s name would you even go near that mess? I hope both the two year old as well as your unborn child are ok. Next time read it in the paper.

  10. cHARMcity says:

    1st of the month.. stamps are out.. what do you expect.. ** white and black** people.

    1. clorexa de spill says:

      I heared dat honey chile, don’t foget my free heatlth care.

  11. Laurel says:

    only at a walmart…smh….and btw, does not matter what color they are, they are all nitwits.

  12. Gayle Johnson says:

    Why does race always come into play? Who ever they are they need anger mangement oh, hell just throw in jail and make them pay for the Hazmat team, which is not cheap!

  13. Survival says:

    This is a serious crime!!!!! Hope the lady is ok…

    1. Minnie says:

      That person caused alot of harm to innocent people and fumes have made permanent alterations to the body of MANY ..Attempted Murder charges . Give her the hardest — in any way you can . I’m tired of Maryland being hidiously stupid -something must be done about it

  14. RP says:

    It was a clean fight… too soon?

    1. Maximum Overdrive says:

      Clean fight – that’s funny dude!

  15. RDH says:

    I live in Arbutus, two miles from this Walmart, and I drive to Glen Burnie just to avoid it. And don’t even THINK about going in there the first week of the month when government dependents use their Orwellian-named “Independence” Cards. (Question: why are there so many FAT people with “Independence” Cards?)

    There’s nothing wrong with that store that couldn’t be fixed with a suitable application of high explosives.

  16. KottaMan says:

    Why do so many blacks resort to violence to settle their differences? There is a cultural problem here it seems. A 33-year-old woman should have learned better ways of dealing with her emotions. All too often, innocents are harmed by these types of violent “tantrums.” A major spanking is in order.

    1. Alvar says:

      Why do white guys like spanking?

      1. andrew says:

        Not sure, but at least spanking doesn’t physically hurt another person. You can spank us to our hearts content, and not a single innocent person will be harmed, not a single business will be damaged, and not a dime in damages. Blacks, on the other hand, resort to violence at every opportunity. Just look at the flash mob phenomenon. Have you ever seen a white face among them?

      2. KottaMan says:

        It’s a figure of speech, Alvar. Why do you assume I am white?

      3. pot, meet kettle says:

        you guys a so much more mature than the gals in the story. LOL!

  17. Carol Zimmerman says:

    What a mess. Grown people acting like idiots and endangering other people that arent even involved in their fight. All involved are responsible for all costs that they incurred while at Wal Mart, including the payment of medical bills. Unfortunately these idiots probably can’t pay for anything and it will go to court and they will be slapped with a fine that they can’t pay and there will be a judgment placed against them—BIG DEAL. An eye for an eye. Make em wear a big sign saying I AM AN IDIOT WHO LIKES TO ENDANGER PEOPLES LIVES for 60 days and let the public scorn them.

  18. Angel says:

    This type of Behavior is not just at Walmart, but ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Many of you have lost your mind, because you are not able to deal with yourself. We are ALL in this F- UP economic, but it’s time to give more tough laws to these sick and crazy humans. We need to ship all these sick and crazy humans in there own world far away. Some people will never be well in their minds and hearts, that’s the bottom line…Most children pick up these bad habits from their SICK PARENTS!!!

  19. Cris says:

    The only way this stuff will stop is if they do time for the crime. Someone may be blind over this.

    1. Just a thought says:

      You know, Carol Z. above sounds a bit nutty, but I gotta be honest, she has a point. It seems like incarceration (or the threat of it) doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent. Maybe the threat of public humiliation could make people think twice. Psychologically, people like the woman who through the tantrum think they are victims and they want to be seen as victims (so did the girl in the McDonald’s attack), but force them to publicly label themselves as vicious offenders and they MAY think twice before attacking citizens.

  20. Colleen Lynn says:

    I wonder if these are the same two idiots that started a bleach fight at the Severn Wal-Mart last year. Those morons were throwing bleach back and forth with the baby right there in the cart.

  21. Thankful says:

    Just be glad it was not a gun!

  22. David says:

    I, too, live in Arbutus. I avoid this place like the plague. People are rude. The parking lot is littered with garbage and the bus stop in front of the shopping center is a laden with empty shopping carts and trash.

    God help us.

  23. Robert Novak says:

    This isn’t a blakc or white issue, this is a failure of people to behave properly in public issue…..

    1. NoahFingWhey says:

      Sorry Bob but the overwhelming majority of these incidents involve people if color. There is a template. Once you hear just a few details it is possible to determine the ethnicity of those involved with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Statistics don’t lie no matter how hard you wish it weren’t the case.

      1. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

        Noah, you are exactly right. it is blacks that do this sorta thing because it is in their genes. good hearted nice folks like Robert can play the “it’s not about race” nonsense…news stories can try to hide the fact that those involved are black…but we all know the truth.

        just axe me…i know

      2. Sorry Noah, says:

        Sorry Noah, but the overwhelming majority of people in Baltimore are Black (68%), ergo, majority of crimes are committed by “people of color”.

        By the way, the PC-speak (“people of color”, and “ethnicity”) doesn’t mean that your comment is any less offensive and, BTW, if you are going to throw around statistics, you should look them up first.

        I bet you that the majority if crime in Mexico is committed by people of Hispanic heritage. Really? Come on.

      3. Cmorfair says:

        Sorry, but Noah is right. Black make up only a small percentage of the population but make up a majority of the crime EVERYWHERE. Whether it is where they are 68% of the population or 2%, you’ll find that more than 50% of the time it’s a “person of color”. Oddly, this fact is true across the pond as well in Great Britain.

      4. Sorry Noah says:

        Cmorfair: What source did you use to get your stats? I used the most current US census. Since you have info I couldn’t nail down, it would be helpful to share your sources. Please.

      5. Cmor Fair says:

        FBI Stats, Justice Dept. Just Google it and you’ll find a wealth of information on how blacks commit most of the crime in the United States. Sad thing is that this is true in Great Britain too!

    2. willy joe says:

      Novak, …I ask you then , why is it always the Blacks 99% of the time?

  24. Mike Alright says:

    Stupid modern empowered WOMEN.

  25. Crosscut says:

    Vicious brutality common among this culture. She knew what she was doing.

  26. Alfmaster says:

    They should both go to jail and serve at least a year. This is no way to act. I thought that if you can’t get along the you are to stay away from each other. a bunch of real a$$holes. what if someone’s child got hurt? And they call their self grown women……I don’t think so. Children act better then they did

  27. Solid Citizen says:

    Probably our tax dolars are underwriting these miscreants…

    aisle 8 never looked cleaner….Diverse customers….So many other customers wouldn’t think of making a phosgene cloud to resolve personal conflicts… Embrace the diversity.. Is this woman related to Teonna Brown of Rosedale Mcdonalds infamy? ………….. Quo warranto, B.O.?

    1. Solid Citizen says:

      “Dollars” not “dolars”

      1. Gaseous Citizen says:

        “Chlorine” not “phosgene”

      2. You ARE using a computer... says:

        You should at least pretend to be smart by looking up “phosgene” before you “correct” the poster. LOL!

  28. Cmorfair says:

    LOL, I knew it would be “African”-Americans. Where are the black leaders on this one? No one to shake down I guess.

    From the posts, it seems that America is waking up to the fact that blacks are causing most of the problems in the USA.

    Facts aren’t racist.

    1. Noamsayn? says:

      Fax be rayciss an sheeeit.

  29. Patrick says:

    “They say Jefferson started punching and dousing the victim with bleach and Pine-Sol, which contains ammonia. Mixed with chlorine, it makes a dangerous gas that can burn the eyes and respiratory tract.”

    Yeah, it’s called PHOSGENE and it was used as a poison gas during World War 1. This is high-powered stuff and the failure to name it is a travesty. Those affected by it need to know what it is.

    1. You ARE using a computer... says:

      Oh thank heaven, I knew sooner or later someone would take three seconds to look up PHOSGENE on Wikipedia.

  30. sheriff says:

    Typical of how Blacks handle resolution matters…..VIOLENCE. These low life N****R’s are loud, uncouth & a drain on the taxpayers resources. Baby momma needs to hold her man & not let the other one get Boned” by Rufus the tar baby.

    1. Sheriff is a woman says:

      LOL, sheriff, you’re late and your comments are relatively tame compared to the other crackers on here. LOLOL!!! Awww… you failed to be the most offensive this time.

    2. RDNKKKGRL says:

      lol u r too funny sheriff

  31. Cleanup in aisle 6. Can’t believe nobody else was thinking this….

  32. RWB says:

    Why do we allow stores to sell these dangerous chemicals. What if terrorists get a hold of them. We need a purchase waiting period, and we need people to sign for cleaning products to protect national security,

  33. Noamsayn? says:

    Another day, another CHIMPOUT from these worthless subhumans!

  34. clorexxa de spill says:

    girl you could have got you some extra free health care.

    and shutup rest yall. that’s why peple dont like talkin on the interwebs. i hatechu all and you should to girl

  35. clorexa de spill says:

    thank you for my free health care hard all you well educated hard working working americans, obama 2012, yeaaah

  36. sheriff says:

    Sorry Noah, Ok, if the majority of crime is committed by a particular race because they are the dominant I accept. Let’s take Balto county which is still predominately white yet Blacks account for over 65% of all the violent crime. Explain that one dude.

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