The beautiful weather continues, at least for now.

It’s another warm day. Highs are going up into the 80s – way above the average of 69 degrees. Sunshine is giving way to high clouds already. But these high clouds are going to thicken and lower over the next 24 hours. That’s because the tropical disturbance over the Southeast coast is moving our way.

We could get a little rain or a few showers later tomorrow. Then, a more solid and possibly heavy rain Wednesday into early Thursday. The slug of tropical moisture will move away early Thursday with the heaviest of the rain, however, the front over the middle of the country will follow for the end of the week. There could be a shower or two from it Friday or Saturday as it passes through. The thing we will notice most, though, is the cooler air it will bring. Temperatures will still be in the 70s the next few days before dropping back into the 60s over the weekend.


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