BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Armed and fighting with rebels in Libya. Baltimore resident Matthew VanDyke is caught on camera firing a weapon.

Mary Bubala reports it’s just weeks after he escaped from a Gadhafi-held prison.

Among the rebels fighting Gadhafi forces in Libya, Baltimore writer Matthew VanDyke is seen firing an anti-aircraft gun.

He came in March to support a Libyan friend. He was caught and held for nearly six months, escaping when Tripoli fell.

“I came to this country willing to kill people for freedom,” VanDyke said. “Yeah, it’s something that I struggle with. I hope I don’t have to kill anybody. Maybe I just did. I don’t know.”

The writer turned warrior made front page news here in Baltimore. His family says they are supporting him but they worry if he is captured again people won’t rally to his cause.

“This was his decision and that’s on him,” said his girlfriend Lauren Fischer.

“I told him once he turned that offer down he was on his own,” said his mother, Sharon VanDyke. “I can’t go back to the government or to the NGOs looking for him.”

And it appears the rebels Matthew VanDyke is fighting with are making progress.  In recorded gunfight, they captured a sniper, taking him away and moving their line of fire forward.

Matthew VanDyke’s family says they speak with him from time to time from Sirte, where he is now fighting. They also continue to post updates on a Facebook page called “Free Matthew VanDyke.”

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  1. Mr. Right says:

    This guy will cause innocent Americans ( reporters, clergy and missionary’s) to be killed because of his actions.

  2. Don says:

    I can’t believe that this guy has made the deciision he has made to stay in Libya and kill people in the name of freedom. When he was in captivity he had his family worried….congressman…and the general public as well. He now makes it difficult for people in foreign countries that are captured as spies and under other rules broken in those countries. Now these countries will not be so willing to free them.They can point to this hypocrite as an example of them being there under other intentions. All that his mom did now goes to waste. She must be disgusted. Doesn’t he care about his “fiance”. ?

  3. T says:

    Such a delusion of grandeur….

  4. Ms. Jackson says:

    Something is seriously wrong with him, they freed you and you decide to stay and kill…..I think that he is just seeking attention. You have made your point so come home, as Mr. Right said; you are going to be the cause of innocent people to be killed. May God Have Mercy On Him and his stupid actions…..smh

    1. DJ says:

      Come home? I sure don’t want idiots like this living in this country or around me. He should be here in this country fighting for what’s important to all of us. Fighting against poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, etc.

  5. Stupidity Rules says:

    His mother dropped him on his head when he was young and ever since then he thinks he is G.I Joe.

  6. SPACE RANGER says:

    Mary Bubala why are you wasting time reporting on this jerk, he made his decision, enough already. If he is capture do not waste our taxes money on trying to get him out again. If you live by the sword so shell you died by the sword.

  7. B-More news says:

    This guy was in solitary confinement for 6 months. I think it just made him angry!

    I really don’t think he’s looking for attention or cares about it either way.

  8. Alfred says:

    Mathew, I support you, well done and won!

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