BALTIMORE (AP) — An environmental group says Maryland is rapidly becoming the nation’s capital for waste-to-energy plants which are more polluting than coal-fired plants.

The Washington-based Environmental Integrity Project released its report Thursday. It says Maryland has three waste-to-energy plants permitted or under development and two in operation.

The group says its data shows the Maryland’s two largest incinerators create more pollution per hour of energy generation than each of the state’s four largest coal-fired plants. The plants are Baltimore’s Wheelabrator incinerator and the Montgomery County Resource Recovery Facility in Dickerson.

Environmental groups have criticized a decision by Gov. Martin O’Malley earlier this year to support enhanced incentives for waste-to-energy, saying it will hurt recycling efforts.

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  1. Mr. Right says:

    We must put a stop to these environmental earth worshiping tree hugging idiots! because if they have their way we will be taxed for breathing! according to them humans are the problem not the solution, and we must reduce our numbers, there by reducing our carbon footprint. the earth is more important than the people that is like saying the car is more important then the owner. These types have infiltrated the EPA and are reaking havoc on every facet of our life!

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