I’m really beginning to wonder what the heck is going on in the front office. We still don’t know who is going to be the General Manager and now the director of scouting has gone on to join the Phillies.

I’m not saying the Orioles have to rush to judgement, but the offseason has already started and they are behind the eight ball. I’m not one who will bash Joe Jordan, I believe they need more scouts at the minor league level. I still don’t understand why the Orioles are dead last in the A.L. East in the number of scouts they have, when cheap talent is clearly the goal. The Toronto Blue Jays have twice as many scouts at the minor league level. I believe the O’s clearly need to invest more money there, but that’s a decision that needs to be made in the offseason.

Figure out who is going to be your General Manager, so they can make all the important decisions. Its frustrating as an Orioles fan, wondering where they are going.

  1. Astromike says:

    Maybe if our owner would get off his wallet we could get more scouts and scout more talent…Angelo’s sucks as an owner and the minority owners should rise up against him.

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