BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One woman owns a gallery and beauty salon in Harford County. The other is a nationally known photographer. They’re teaming up to help victims of domestic violence.

Ron Matz reports “A Day In My Shoes” is all about photographs and footwear.

Photographer Amy Martin Friedman is busy. “A Day In My Shoes” is a national photographic project to support victims of domestic violence.

“I had never given back to my community,” said Friedman. “I started ‘A Day In My Shoes’ with this grandiose idea that through still images of women and their shoes, each woman would be able to tell a story of perhaps what they had gone through.”

“When Amy said she was doing this project I said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a gallery. We can have a show here.’ And that’s how I got involved, and now it’s become a passion of mine,” said Lisa Butz, owner of the Subtle Rebellion Gallery and Salon. “When I met Amy, who’s a victim herself, it just spoke to me. A few years later, a good friend of mine told me she’s getting out of her marriage because she’s a victim of domestic violence. It just broke my heart, and I said I had to do something.”

 Butz is helping Friedman. The photos will be part of a coffee table book, and she will host a fundraiser.

“I’m taking Amy all over Baltimore and Harford County. We are shooting 30 amazing women in all different kinds of shoes. Some of the women are victims of domestic violence. The fundraiser will help SARC, which is a Harford County based nonprofit,” Butz said.

Friedman is spending four days in Baltimore taking the photographs. All the women involved in the project will remain anonymous.

“Because it’s an anonymous project, [the participants] feel free to share that moment with a lot of women who would find it encouraging and empowering to walk away from situations that are incredibly unfortunate,” Friedman said.

It’s about sharing a story and helping others.

“It’s nice to be here to share the spirit of what the project is all about with the women of Baltimore and Harford County,” Friedman said. “I unfortunately had made a very bad decision about somebody I was married to. Everything that went wrong with his self-esteem he decided to take out on me, and I knew I needed to leave, which I did 12 years ago.”

All of the photos will be on display during February at the Subtle Rebellion Gallery in Harford County.

“There will be a coffee table book with all of the images of all of the women in their shoes, as well as a gallery event on Feb. 14. It will be held at my gallery. The project is Amy Martin’s Friedman’s project. She shoots all over the country, and I am blessed to know her,” Butz said.

There will be a red carpet opening on Valentine’s Day.


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