BALTIMORE (WJZ)- Mystery at a downtown Baltimore apartment complex. Residents are on edge after a woman was found dead in the bottom of a trash chute—and it’s not the first time.

Adam May has the latest from investigators.

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Residents at the Park Charles Luxury Apartments complex are worried about the unsolved mystery.

“I’m a little sketched out by it,” said one woman.

“I don’t believe this,” said another.

Another resident was found dead in a dumpster Saturday morning. Emily Hauze, 23, was a recent graduate of Loyola University. Police say it appears she fell down the trash chute. Its doors are about the size of a large pizza box.

“They are maybe about [more than waist high] so it would be really hard to fall into the trash chute,” a woman said.

“It could be an accident but I really doubt it. I think she was killed,” one man said.

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This is not an isolated incident. Last year, another man fell to his death in the same trash chute. Police ruled the death accidental.

“There’s no evidence on the body that’s consistent with foul play. No gunshot wound, stabbing, no physical evidence on the floor or trash chute like blood or bodily fluids,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said at the time.

Now police are tight-lipped about the new investigation and many residents say they’re afraid to take out the trash.

“I’ve been worried an arm is gonna fall out of the trash chute ever since the first one happened a year ago,” a man said.

“I’m gonna move out,” said one woman.

Workers at the complex asked WJZ to leave the property.

Hauze was originally from the Philadelphia area. According to a social media profile, she studied elementary education and graduated cum laude.

Friends held a small Mass at Loyola Monday night in honor of Hauze.

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Police are still waiting for autopsy results.