BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A sex tape recorded on Baltimore City school property has spread all over the Internet. The father of the 14-year-old girl involved was so upset he contacted WJZ.

Meghan McCorkell has more.

Baltimore City police are investigating a video that’s gone viral. It involves a 14-year-old girl whose father says she had no idea it was all over the Internet.

A sexually explicit act on Baltimore City school property involving students as young as 14 is now all over the Internet.

“She was forced to do this. She was bullied, harassed into doing this,” said her father, who was not identified.

The father of the girl involved said his daughter didn’t know she was being taped. Now he wants to know why Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allowed it to remain posted for four days.

“They did nothing to protect my daughter and I’m furious. I mean, any parent would be,” he said.

Other parents were outraged when they saw the tape.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t even believe they would do this,” said Gerald Hendricks.

“I was shocked. I thought it was terrible. I thought it was appalling and I wanted to know what’s going on with the young lady,” said Mary Jones.

All of the teenagers involved in the incident are students at Douglass High School but school officials say the incident didn’t happen there. It happened after school outside a building not used for instructional purposes.

School officials are cooperating with police but said, “In the meantime, city schools are working with the families of the students allegedly involved in the incident to make sure they receive the support they need.”

The girl’s father hopes someone pays for this.

“The one that videotaped it, I hope he’s incarcerated. I’m hoping he gets some serious time out of this,” he said.

The teenage girl has transferred out of that school.

Baltimore City police are working with school officials in the ongoing investigation.

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  1. larry says:

    If someone forced your daughter to do something it would be called rape. Since that word does not appear anywhere in the article, that means she was a willing participant. You should be angry at your daughter, and yourself. Punish the guy with the camera? How about punish your daughter? Nowadays every time you leave your house you are on camera. You could be on the net at any time. Behave yourself and you won’t have anything to worry about. We all remember the girl in the mall who walked into a fountain while texting.

    1. UUUGHH! Men. says:

      Punish the boy, too…yes? or have we forgotten him… you know, the one taking part in, recording and distributing child pornography. Anyone know who he is? How old is he? Is he a child, too? where are his parents?? why aren’t they outraged? why aren’t you outraged?!

      By the way, the writer not mentioning the word “rape” means only that the writer didn’t use the word “rape”… it is quite a leap of logic on your part to say that it must mean the child was a willing participant….there is no actual connection. For instance: “The car rammed into the pole” = “There was no driver!”? Not so much.

      1. larry says:

        Reporters don’t ususlly leave out important FACTS. Yes the boy is equally guilty. Yes the parents are equally guilty. Yes—14 is old enough to make informed decisions. Yes, I am a parent. My son is 30 years old, home owner, home renter, business minded. He made plenty of informed decisions at 14 and he had a job at 15. He did not grow up in front of a TV, nintendo, x-box, wii. Maybe we should blame the tv.

      2. UGGGHH, men says:

        …and, Larry, you consider your parenting skills to be on par with this girl’s parents? or do you think you might have a better handle on it? No, a 14 year old with a father who jumps at the chance to blame everyone but himself for her errors (or acknowledging that she may have been willingly involved in a sexual relationship with a boy) is NOT capable of making rational, adult decisions, which is why we don’t let them drive, or live on their own one world. Think, Larry. Who do you think you are?

      3. typo says:

        *”on their own in the world”…

      4. yea thats me says:

        where in the article did it say a boy taped it???, or do you assume everything. It was actually her female friend that taped it. People like you make me sick with your assumptions.

      5. Martha says:

        Um, why are you considering it the girl as the rape victim and not the boy? More males than females are raped in the country every year.

      6. UGGGHH, women says:

        it seems clear that the person in control in this situation was the girl.

      7. antoine says:

        I agree. Not using the word “rape” is most likely just responsible reporting since the police have not completed their investigations. These reports have simply identified the facts of the incident and have avoided labeling any of the activities as criminal, which clearly is not the case, as it seems several crimes were likely committed.

    2. sumday says:

      I believe taping someone without their knowelge or consent and then posting it or using it in a derogitory mannor is illegal. If not could I stand outside your bedroom and tape you and your partner and then post it online? I agree she should not have done this, but unknowingly being video taped and then exploited over it is wrong and the person who taped and posted this should be arrested for it. Besides that what the taper/poster did is considered child porno and he should recieve a charge for that as well.

      1. A Mom says:

        @Sumday: Agreed wholeheartedly.

      2. Riptide99 says:

        You can legally tape anyone without their knowledge or consent. Look at Google maps… they have your home, which might have your car, which might even have you. Many other countries do consider this a crime. US does not. I could stand outside your house, on a public street, and video what I want, to be honest.

      3. Actually... says:

        Riptide: You can tape in public where there is no expectation of privacy. Not on private property or in a private residence without consent. The expectation of privacy is there. Google street view is different- they photograph street-level, in the open public.

      4. Kitty says:

        It is considered “child porno” because of a creep in scope of the laws, not because it is actually child pornography. Child pornography is defined (except by poorly worded laws) as the capture of sex with prepubescent children for the purpose of making a profit. None of these children were prepubescent (indeed they would not have been considered ‘children’ 50 years ago) AND the filming was done for profit.

      5. Kitty says:

        I mean, of course, NOT done for profit

      6. jeremy says:

        The difference is she did this act in a public place not in the privacy of her home!! Big difference!

      7. NJ says:

        I think the issue with your statement is that no you couldnt gain access to my home to tape me having sex but a child performing oral sex on a classmate OUTSIDE of school has no expectation of privacy. I saw a still picture in another article that spoke about this story and there is a young man sitting right next to the two engaged in the act. This child was in public and had an audience of at least two (the young man next to them and the person taping the act).

        This whole situation is sad and I do agree that those who shared this video should be charged with distributing child porn.

    3. max says:

      14 yr olds cant give consent. Its called statutory rape for a reason.

      1. max says:

        I ‘m wrong. In Maryland the perp would have to be four yrs older than the victim for it to be a crime.

      2. slammy says:

        its not rape if the guy was also a minor or close enough to her age.

      3. Larry says:

        You are correct.

      4. Kitty says:

        Also, the age difference can be greater if they are married. This is most common among recent emigrants (the daughter is already married at age 12 upon arrival to the USA) but marriage at 13 and 14 was not that unusual in our own country until the 1950s. Basically, the cultural rule is that there is pressure to marry out the daughters once they are done with school. A sixth grade education was the norm in the early 1900s .. the age of consent (and marriage) rose along with the age of expected graduation from public school. Marriage at age 24 or later was not the norm until everyone started going to college – and that is the reason the Western countries have higher marriage ages (and overall fewer children) than in the rest of the world.

    4. whitie says:

      it doesnt matter if she was “willing” or not. she is under age, that means it is AUTOMATICALLY, DO NOT CROSS GO AND COLLECT $200, STATUTORY RAPE. No question. Fact.

      1. Larry Bannerman says:

        Sorry, There is no crime committed here. Statutory rape would involve an individual 4 years older than the girl. All of these kids were 14 years old and consenting. There is no crime committed posting the video because teenagers posted it. They (as far as we know) did not profit from the posting. The good old Patriot Act means anyone can tape you anywhere and post it online. (except your home)

      2. Keep trying Larry says:

        wrong Larry, the distribution of media containing children engaged in sexual activity is felony distribution of chilld pornography….a crime.

      3. Larry says:

        Once again—you are a little behind the time. This has been going on between teenagers for a while now. The media has warned parents for years now. As far as I know NONE of the thousands of teenagers posting this have been arrested or even charged with anything. Have you seen ANY charges in this case? Read for yourself—–

      4. Ashley says:

        @Larry, are you an idiot? Google “sexting teen child porn” and sift through the hundreds of thousands of hits. This is something that absolutely is being aggressively pursued, but obviously the amount of cases being charged are only going to scratch the surface of how many potential cases there are. Anyone with even the slightest understanding the judicial system should appreciate how profoundly stupid your accusation is. Moreover, the Patriot Act doesn’t nullify child pornography charges in any way shape or form, you leftwing psycho! Did you forget that Obama signed an EXTENSION?! But hey, you want to know who IS trying to make the distribution of child pornography legal? The ACLU, an organization I’m sure you worship. Get your facts straight, hippie.

      5. Martha says:

        So Ashley (and whitie) .. are you saying that it should be illegal to be a normal teenager? Not only illegal, but branded with a scarlet letter of ‘child pornographer’ and ‘statutory rapist’. Wow. Get back to Holland on your Pilgrim boat. I don’t want you near my teenagers.

      6. jeremy says:


        So then if the male student is underage then she must have committed statutory rape,huh? Why is he held to a different standard than her? They are both underage so then they are equally wrong and should simply be kicked out of school for the year, it was sex not murder!

    5. Becky Boo says:

      Exactly! The girl consented to sex in front of several people and she should have known, hell expected that someone would tape it. You don’t get to play naive victim after the fact. It is f-ed up that it is all online now, but if you put yourself in those kinds of situations you have to deal with the aftermath. It is ridiculous that most people are bashing the child who did the taping and making him out to be pedophile when he is a child himself. She put herself in that position, seeking attention and now that she has bitten off more than she can chew you don’t make it better by ruining someone else’s life. You learn from it and move on.

    6. Please find something to do.... says:

      I dind’t read all the comments on this article but read some… and you guys are all idiots. You turn a news article about a 14 year old girl, sex, an angry dad and a video camera about yourselves and your stupid arguing about spelling, prayer, the social media and religion. Don’t you guys have jobs or something to do?

    7. Tom says:

      Nobody got pregnant. No harm no foul. Teenagers like sex.

      1. M David says:

        What an idiot!

  2. Jerry says:

    It sounds like the father is looking for a paycheck at the expense of the school and the internet. Truth be known! He don’t want the Protective Service people to upset his lifestyle by getting involved and implicating him and possibly the mother if there is one in being an unfit parent. He implicated his true concern and intentions when he said ” He hopes that someone pays for this” A father or mother for that matter that truly cared about the child would’ve said that he is actively looking for the person or persons involved and plans to have them held responsible for their actions. Also, if he is smart he will ground her for the next 4 years! Welcome To Parenthood!

    1. kim says:

      He don’t want the Protective Service people to upset his lifestyle by getting involved and implicating him and possibly the mother if there is one in being an unfit parent.

      Kids do stupid things all the time. It doesn’t make the parents unfit …

      1. Jeanette Brown says:


  3. Sezmane says:

    social media fault. obviously who has time to comment on this uhh I need someone to be mad at lol

  4. joyc says:

    The father blames the internet and photographer. The school is quick to point out it happened behind an unused building. They transfer her to another school, as though that is going to help. Whatever happened to parenting? When anything goes, the first thing to go are morals.

    1. Jeanette Brown says:

      I AGREE

  5. A Mom says:

    It is sad all around. I think that damage control, at this point, would be the highest priority (after making sure she is clean of any STD’s or pregnancy). Take this story out of the media’s greedy fingers, take your daughter to counseling, and get her involved with your local youth ministry. She can only turn this around if she learns from it and uses the experience to help other young girls.

    She CAN fix this, but she needs all of those “adults” around her (i.e., her parents, the school administrators, etc.) to step up and take responsibility for their part in this. She can only learn to be a good person with a strong moral foundation if the adults around her lead by example.

    I didn’t see the video, and I don’t want to. I just hope everyone around her stays positive about turning this around. We’re praying for you, hon.

    1. Anti-Christ... or Bob or Kate says:

      True enough religion indeed expands beyond Judeo-Christian beliefs. And I actually think its funny you’ve already assumed my age to be below yours and my sex to be male. But sure, a religious debate serves no purpose. Why? Because in the end I’d think you’d agree, that what ever your beliefs may be, what I say will not affect them and rightfully shouldn’t. However to imply that religion is inherently good (even in the “local youth ministry”) is far from truth. Sure, for some, religion can bring happiness which is often the case when life is bad, causing people to turn to religion (people aren’t inherently religious, they learn it either because someone teaches them or because they sought it out themselves). But its when that religion is forced onto others (say a parent onto a child) where there becomes a problem. You wanna talk philosophy, I have no problem reaffirming the fact that since religion holds no truths, it can’t righteously have any meaning except what we assign it personally. And since its so subjective you can’t insist that a child/teen accept or maintain the beliefs of the parents. Personally I have no problem with your view of how its used (to teach kids “proper” morals), but the fact that it can also be used as a proxy for terror and carries so much power in the minds of followers, it has and will always be the downfall of the rational being. Direct harm isn’t necessarily what occurs when religion is involved, however to say no harm could come from a person dedicating their lives to something that could or could not exist, is wrong. What about the absence of the path not crossed/ life not lived? What about the martyr? The person who dies for their “cause,” which isn’t only apparent in Islamic beliefs but many others. That’s not to say that religion doesn’t have its values, but to cause someone to believe that if they die for their cause they would surely be rewarded(?) is completely unrealistic and allows for those liberties to be taken and imposed on other human beings. This too most often results in unnecessary death (as humans can rationalize just about anything if they convince themselves of it).
      Honestly, I’m not angry and do wish continue this “conversation” (as an argument leads to both parties upset and ultimately no knowledge can be attained).

      As for the people involved, speculation also ultimately attains nothing, except to satisfy ones own ego (as you said and demonstrate through out your responses). I don’t mean to necessarily cause offense, but why do you feel responsible for “plant[ing] the seed” in others minds as a means of self improvement?

      1. Anti-Christ... or Bob or Kate says:

        I also don’t mean to say that you believe in martyrdom but if you accept religion, or rather defend it, you must also accept both the good and the negative aspects of those beliefs.

      2. A Mom says:

        Excellent. Let me first express my reasoning for the assumption that you are both male and younger than me: Your initial comment was a) agressive and indicative a male attack on a woman’s intellect and b) not worthy of one who has the experience of age, wisdom, if you will. I am in my 40’s…and, as A Mom, clearly female. So….am I right?

        As for your perspective on religion, it is still based in western thought. I have been where you are. I have made those same arguments, but they all became meaningless and empty when I stopped thinking in terms of life and death and God as a punisher of sins and granter of material wishes. I do not believe in martyrdom because I do not believe that life in a material body has value other than to serve as a vessel to get me back to where I belong. It may not be in this body, this existence, it may be much much further down the line.

        I do not believe that forcing people to say that they believe the way I do can ever be fruitful. It serves no purpose but to drive others to secretly hate you and your vision of creation. The people in my faith want to lead by example rather than by strong arming anyone. I firmly believe that if we don’t get it this time, maybe we will next time around.

        I must also, respectfully, disagree with the notion that we are not religious all on our own. Aren’t we? Someone was. Even if you choose to believe that religion is just the imagination of one person that was passed down from parent to child. It started somewhere. Maybe God.

        I think I answered your question about why I think it is important to plant the seed of doing good for others. It is better than the alternative. …and, oh yes, the idea that people can convince themselves of anything. Yes, they can. We are here, and yet you think our existence … our ability to have this philosophical discussion about our existence … in the universe is a fluke rather than something with a perfectly logical explanation. I believe that we are the miracle….this planet and everything in it is miraculous in the known universe. But that is not good enough for you?

        …and, Yes, I have an ego, too. You don’t have to point it out, unless it makes you feel better.

      3. A Mom says:

        Sorry, one more thing…. do you you really believe that it is wrong to offer your children philosophical ideas? Or are you saying that threatening your child with it is wrong…I’m not sure I followed your thought on that. I am not trying to be argumentative… just clarifying.

      4. SCWJR says:

        I apologize in advance for the length of this post but “Anti-Christ” you are so confused about things that I felt obligated to try to help you out…

        1) “what ever your beliefs may be, what I say will not affect them and rightfully shouldn’t”

        If there isn’t anything a person can say that can affect another person’s beliefs, it only shows the other person irrational, or that the person’s beliefs are necessarily true. But the idea that what you say, shouldn’t ever affect my beliefs is false, and I think you know that, because even having expressed this view, you continue to try to communicate your opinions to another person. Consider if I believed it was necessary to murder people in order to keep the sun shining, wouldn’t it be good of me to listen to you as you explained to me that the sun requires no such offering? And shouldn’t I after having been properly educated abandon my false idea, because to persist in that belief, even though he knew it to be false, would be wicked?

        2)However to imply that religion is inherently good (even in the “local youth ministry”) is far from truth.

        This is the kind of statement that requires justification, because it is easily seen from even a rudimentary understanding of Christian dogma that the idea that revealed religion is inherently good follows immediately from some of the fundamental principles of Christian theology… All of God’s actions are good. God by His action has revealed religion to humans. therefore revelation is good.

        3) Sure, for some, religion can bring happiness which is often the case when life is bad, causing people to turn to religion.

        This statement is meant to contain your attempt to recognize the possibility that religion is inherently good, that is that you can see the merit of the “other side’s” POV. But the evidence you put forward is awfully weak, and reveals that you do not understand the position of the “other side”. Religion often brings sadness to people, and so it would seem that if religion is good (which the Christian feels is must be given the nature of God). Therefore the goodness of religion is independent of human happiness. I would have thought you would have understood this because you qualified the christian perspective of goodness of religion as “inherent”, meaning contained in itself.

        4) (people aren’t inherently religious, they learn it either because someone teaches them or because they sought it out themselves)

        Again this claim requires justification. Christians believe that God has equipped humans with conscience and reason and that these, though not sufficient for faith (because they believe that faith is a gift from God), do ready the intellect for God’s supernatural work. For conscience is the law of God written on the human heart, and reason can know the truth of the proofs that a being like God must exist (cf. the thomistic proofs of God’s existence). Further, I think it would have been best to cite a scientific study here because this is an empirical claim. However, the only studies I know of suggest that children are prone to “magical thinking” and see everything that happens as the result of the action of some kind of agency.

        5)”when that religion is forced onto others (say a parent onto a child) where there becomes a problem”
        Parents ought to teach their children to believe certain things, like to do the right thing. When a parent honestly believes that it is good to follow God’s commandments and to believe in God, they are only being consistent, and this phenomenon only becomes a problem if God doesn’t exist, or if it is morally wrong to do what He says, and these are points that you have to argue…

        6) I have no problem reaffirming the fact that since religion holds no truths, it can’t righteously have any meaning except what we assign it personally. And since its so subjective you can’t insist that a child/teen accept or maintain the beliefs of the parents.

        Christianity makes truth claims: “God exists”, “Jesus rose from the dead”, ” Peter denied Christ three times before His death”, etc. These statements all have truth values independent of what people think about them. Moreover, it makes claims about moral truths: “you should do this, and not do that”. Do you deny the existence of moral truths? if so how can suggest that a person should or should not do something? This statement is completely false.

        7)the fact that it can also be used as a proxy for terror and carries so much power in the minds of followers, it has and will always be the downfall of the rational being

        Anything can be used for the purposes of terror, from “a well of water exists” or “I’ll give you a million dollars to blow that thing up”, but this doesn’t mean that things themselves are untrue and/or “wrong”.

        8)What about the absence of the path not crossed/ life not lived? What about the martyr? The person who dies for their “cause,” which isn’t only apparent in Islamic beliefs but many others…

        If I die for the cause of preserving the lives of others, by jumping on a live grenade for instance, I would think, and I think you would agree with me (especially if you were standing right next to me), that I was doing a most excellent deed. I would have been a martyr for the belief that your life was worth living, and would have lost all the other paths available to me (in fact choosing to do anything always removes other “paths” from me), and these facts about my action would not be prove that I acted improperly but rather do the contrary–certify that my action was very brave/noble/heroic indeed. Have a little imagination when trying to practice moral philosophy!

        9)causing someone to believe that if they die for their cause they would surely be rewarded(?) is completely unrealistic and allows for those liberties to be taken and imposed on other human beings

        Talk to Kant about this point “”. I am not advocating this argument, but rather showing you that the truth of your assertion requires proof. The second half of this statement is a quality that every truth has.

        10)as an argument leads to both parties upset and ultimately no knowledge can be attained

        This requires proof. When I am doing something obnoxious and somebody calls me out on it, usually both parties are upset, but I still gain knowledge.

        11) speculation also ultimately attains nothing, except to satisfy ones own ego

        False. Tesla speculated on the nature of electricity and came up with electric current. Von Neumann thought about how to suffeciently compress plutonium so as to cause a nuclear explosion and developed the so-called “trinity device”. Hammurabi speculated on the nature of justice, and developed lex talonis. I could go on and on and on…

        12) why do you feel responsible for “plant[ing] the seed” in others minds as a means of self improvement?

        It’s called caring about other people because you want them to be better people, and the world a better place. Why are you trying to admonish ” a mom” here?

      5. A Mom says:

        Beautifully put and, truthfully, one of the most compelling posts I’ve ever read in a comment forum. My most humble gratitude.

    2. Stormey says:

      I did’nt read anywhere that it was rape. Maybe I missed it. Perhaps it was oral sex? Children having sex with each other is nothing new. The lesson here should be about self respect for yourself and others. Someone is failing these kids, And we know who it is. US

      1. Jeanette Brown says:


  6. PARENT says:

    From what I’ve heard she didn’t seem as though that was her first time doing that but the sad thing about all of this is that tape will follow her 4 the rest of her life..

    1. A Mom says:

      Maybe, but it could become a positive experience if we all (yes, even you and I) show her how to be a decent human being. Show this young lady that there is another way to live… a BETTER way to live. Use your energy typing comments on news forums to feed her soul rather than lament her mistake. She is 14 years old. We may like to think that a person with only 14 years of experience as a human being should be an expert, but let’s face it, we weren’t geniuses at 14, either.

      Be a real PARENT. Guide her.

      1. kim says:

        A mom show her how to be a decent human being…..

        Ok having sex as 14 is not a good idea, but why does it make her a less then decent human being? Teach your daughters to respect their bodies, but the last thing you need to teach them is that having sex even at a young ages makes them less then decent, especially when sex is a basic human drive.

      2. Basic Human Drive? says:

        So is pooping, but a 14 year old should know better than to do it on your front porch. What’s your point?

  7. A Mom says:

    …and, by the way, is there a boy in this video? where are his parents? why is he out there recording his conquests and posting them on the internet? Isn’t that creation, possession and distribution of child pornography? isn’t that a felony crime?

    oh, right…. it’s always the girl’s fault.

    1. Rob says:

      Agree wholeheartedly.. That’s distribution of child porn & last I checked, it’s a FELONY.. And EVERYBODY who viewed it & didn’t report it, is guilty.. especially those who shared it!!!

      1. A Mom says:

        Rob, I can’t even tell you how glad I am that there is a real man on here who isn’t placing the blame solely on this little girl’s shoulders.

        Anyone who could A) watch a 14 year old child having intercourse and then, B) think that she “knew what she was doing” or “wanted it like that” is just as sick as any pedophile who believes that a child is capable of having an adult, reciprocal relationship with them. Honestly people, think about what you’re saying!

      2. Heather says:

        His parents aren’t the ones out there blaming everyone except their child and themselves. The Father of this girl is pointing the finger everywhere except at himself and his daughter.
        Don’t get me wrong, this boy is equally to blame for what took place and it was VERY poor judgement to post this online. But again, his parents didn’t contact the media to blame the girls parents. Instead of going to the media this man needed to take a good hard look at his family and take action to help his daughter. Instead he’s chosen to give her the impression that she did nothing wrong and it’s everyone elses fault. BOTH children should be held accountable for their actions.

      3. Heather says:

        “A MOM”
        If you’re saying that the girl didn’t know what she was doing because she’s 14 years old…then the same could be said for all of the CHILDREN involved in this. You can’t have it both ways. Either she is responsible for her actions and the choices she made or she isn’t because she’s a child. But then all of the kids in this incident have the same “excuse.”
        Children are impulsive by nature; they don’t have the brain developement nor life experience. But again, that “excuse” could be use for all of these children; from the girl to the boy and all of their peers who viewed this video.
        If someone is going to be held accountable, then they should all be held accountable.

      4. A Mom says:

        Heather, I wish I could say you have a good point, but you don’t. Your response seems to be an emotional jump, but not a logical one. Sorry. You didn’t prove any particular point. See, there are two obvious crimes here, and if she was oblivious to the camera, she didn’t commit either of them. Someone recorded a minor (or two minors) having sex and someone distributed the child pornography. Which is why I am more interested in holding those who committed the crime accountable for the CRIME. She is guilty of poor judgment, but not a felony. He (whethere we like it or not) will be quietly patted on the back and hailed as a wee stud. She will be labeled (read on and just see it happen before your eyes) a slu+ unless and until real adults who can help her learn to make appropriate adult decisions step up and do so.

        Now, I didn’t see the video (thank God), but I can only assume the person holding the camera didn’t plaster his/her face all over that video…no, just her’s, so– you know, she might have more to lose. But you go ahead, Heather…while you’re at it, why don’t you start calling out the 13 and 14 year old boys who were being taken advantage of by the kid in AA County. By your logic, they knew what they were doing, right?

      5. Heather says:

        “A MOM”
        The one making an “emotional jump” is you. Just look through all of your posts. I am simply stating a fact. If she is guilty of “poor judgment” because she’s a child, then why does the same not hold true for the others involved? And yes, if you want to nit pick, I’m going to guess she is guilty of a crime. I’m guessing, the city of Baltimore has some sort of a law against sex acts in public. Again, that is just a guess. But I bet I’m right.
        However, my point is not to point fingers. My point is simply this, all parties involved are responsible for the outcome of this situation. And all should be held accountable.
        As for, “Heather…while you’re at it, why don’t you start calling out the 13 and 14 year old boys who were being taken advantage of by the kid in AA County. By your logic, they knew what they were doing, right?” I won’t even respond to such an ignorant comment. Typically one resorts to this type of statement when they don’t have a valid argument and lash out with nonsence.

      6. Ha Ha says:

        If you didn’t want to spend to the most important part of her comment to you, you should have left it alone. Typically, people who have no good answer for a reasonable question, tend to shirk it off as unanswerable, or beneath them. At least that is how your comment pointing fingers at A Mom for pointing out that you were pointing fingers at the girl’s parents for pointing fingers at the boy who recorded and posted on the Internet, reads….. but, like you said, you’re not pointing fingers. LOL!

      7. Ha Ha makes a typo...again says:

        *respond, not “spend”

      8. Heather says:

        “HA HA”
        Please re-read your first sentence and retype so it makes sense…I can’t read idiot speak. So until you’re able to have an intelligent conversation, don’t type. You only embarrass yourself.
        At least “A MOM” has a brain and is able to have a decent debate about opposing opinions.

      9. Ha Ha...keep reading, Heather... says:

        Heather, you’re so funny, pretending not to see that I caught the typo too late! Perhaps if you read the next post you wouldn’t look like a doofus, either! Typically, people who have nothing else to offer in an argument resort to calling their adversary out on typos and grammatical errors. LOL!!!!! Anything else, genius?

      10. Heather says:

        “HA HA”
        I wasn’t able to respond to you because your post made no sense. Your fix of your grammer was done AFTER I responded to you. I cannot respond if I cannot read what you wrote.
        And since you have trouble with reading comprehension, I will say it again…I believe all parties involved in this are equally guilty. I believe no one person is any more responsible than the other. All parties made poor choices.
        I’m confused as to your comment, “Typically, people who have nothing else to offer in an argument resort to calling their adversary out on typos and grammatical errors.” So far neither of your posts have not offered anything to debate about. Your posts are immature and laughable as you have added nothing of substance to the debate.

      11. Ha Ha says:

        Do you just completely ignore things like time stamps on the posts? …and sweetie, I’m just responding to your inane and empty posts. It’s fun! Like watching a dog chase its tail. LOL. I got your point, I just disagree. Sorry you find that offensive. But hey, Heather, you have been nothing if not amusing. Cheers, brainiac.

      12. Heather says:

        “HA HA”
        I would imagine I was typing while you were correcting your spelling so that it was readable.
        See again, nothing other than name calling. You’re acting like a child. I see trying to have a “debate” with you is pointless as you are unable to do so. Now we’re at your third post with nothing of substance. Not one time have you even said what your take is on this story or what your view is. You’re riding on the coat tails of “A MOM” but are not doing anything for her argument.
        This was the most mind numbing conversation I’ve had in a long while.

      13. Ha Ha...keep reading, Heather says:

        Love your last comment, heather, just chocked full of relevant content. do you not get that I am baiting you and you keep answering me? now your intelligence is REALLY shining. LOL! want more?

    2. Jeanette Brown says:


  8. Tom says:




    Child-rearing: the experiences, skills, qualities, and responsibilities involved in being a parent and in teaching and caring for a child.

    1. A Mom says:

      Exactly, Tom. Nowhere in that definition does it say, “run away”, “berate”, “blame”, “shame” or “injure physically/emotionally”. No. “Teaching and caring for a child”. So far, you are the only other person here behaving like a parent. You’re a good man, Tom.

  9. Father of the year "NOT" says:

    Someone one wants a free ride on his daughters misfortune. Real classy dad.

    1. Jeanette Brown says:


  10. TheRiley says:

    Bullied… lol that’s funny. No, she wasn’t bullied, she knew what she was doing. Dad, time to move away from baltimore. Everyone is going to recognize her.

    1. Dee says:

      Its not just baltimore, I heard about this yesterday morning but I didn’t even know this happened here until this morning, people in other states are talking about this too…

    2. kizzy86love says:

      not only people in baltimore will know her.. im all the way in ohio and it was on the news out here

      1. Jeanette Brown says:


    3. JQP says:

      TheRiley!!!! I am SHOCKED! I usually agree with you, but honestly! Do you really believe that a 14 year old child is emotionally capable of accurately gauging the consequences of this type of behavior? Clearly she has NO proper guidance in her life. My goodness! What are you thinking???? You sound like a guy that has been on the other side of this behavior…”she knew what she was doing”…. holy moly!

      1. kizzy86love says:

        I agree!!! she is just a child… you never know what someone said to her to make her do that! I had a guy tell me when i was 15 that if i didnt sleep with him he was going to burn my house down, but i told on him… if people stop talking about it and get it off the new she could start to regain some kind of life..

      2. TheRiley says:

        Kizzy, your logic didn’t help at all.
        JQP, yes, I believe that she is capable of gauging the consequences of her actions. Why? Because she’s 14, not 4. She knows right from wrong.

      3. JQP says:

        The Riley, are you saying you would have no problem allowing children at the age of 14 to marry men your age? Do you have a 14 year old daughter? I think you might feel a little differently if you had to listen to the thought process of a 14 year old girl… You might cringe a little… and maybe change your mind about what they are capable of grasping.

        We don’t let them drive, or drink or carry a loaded gun because they can not make decisions appropriately. You are way too smart (I’ve read most of your comments in other articles) to hang on to the theory that a 14 year old is as smart as you are out of a desire to avoid being wrong. Come on, TheRiley…admit it, you’re better at decision making than a 14 year old.

      4. Ihmari says:

        JQP .. most of the world does NOT think it is wrong for a young woman of 14 to marry a man who is already making a living. Indeed, it is the norm in arranged marriages to do exactly that. It is you and your country that is strange .. you Christians have the highest divorce rates.

    4. est 1988 says:

      @ TheRiley I definitely agree with you.I don’t understand how anyone can be bullied into having sex…that doesn’t even make sense.If she was forced to do it…then technically wouldn’t that be rape? The father is just trying to preserve the non existent innocence of his daughter.Baltimore is soo small everybody knows somebody that knows you,so basically her name is tarnished and theres nothing daddy can do about it.#OhWell

      1. JQP says:

        @est1988, if you honestly care to know how a 14 year-old girl can be bullied into a sex act, perhaps you could visit a shelter for battered women or a sanctuary for sexually abused children. Just because you can’t relate to it, doesn’t mean it can’t happen (we don’t all share the same experiences, families, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.). I am not bashing your comment, I am merely pointing out an impoprtant flaw in your logic. If you and I stand on opposite sides of a mountain and we are asked to describe the mountain, you will not know what my side looks like, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  11. Joelly Sixx says:

    Wow, what a bunch of ignorant people on here. It just takes comments like these to remind you that there is no compassion in the world anymore. First of all kids can be bullied into doing things that they never would do normally. It’s called peer pressure. They may be willing to do it but only because they want to be accepted. Secondly yes the boy with the camera should get in trouble. It’s called Child Pornography and it is against the law. Just because he is under 18 doesn’t mean anything. He still made and distributed child pornography willingly. If he gets by with it because he is under 18 then you have no right to convict someone over the age of 18. Illegal is illegal.

    Also, maybe try some compassion in your life. It would make you feel better and you wouldn’t be such bitter and ignorant human beings. That girl is only 14 and she probably wanted to be accepted so participated. God, I hope nothing like this happens to you but if it does, I hope the same comments are made about you or your loved one. Karma is a nasty, nasty thing and it will come back to bite you.

    I will be praying for this family and this little girl.

    1. Mata says:

      I agree with everything you said….except the bit about hoping other people suffer…that part sounds exactly like those folks at whom you were pointing your finger. As I understand Karma, it doesn’t need help or an announcement.

    2. kizzy86love says:

      at 14 kids do a lot of things that are not to smart.. Amber is still a child and needs someone to be on her side… the boy who taped it and who ever knew it was being taped is just wrong. someone sent we it in a link and the first thing u notices is that she doesnt kno she is being taped. This child needs love not negative comments. there are so many kids who are doing the same things its just that they didnt get cought on camara. and i bet most of the people who have something meant o say about this young lady kids are problly doing worst. u never kno what your kids are doing, so y is everyone trying to judge is child..

    3. Devin says:

      You are are truly naive…I live here and know what goes on, that girl wasnt bullied, she did exactly what she felt she was big and bad enough to do, and she knew that she was being recorded, she doesnt deserve compassion, she deserves a consequence, her father is probably a deadbeat and never has time for her, hence the reason she did what she did.

      1. Your Mom Is Watching says:

        …and you know this, how, Devin?

      2. dawg says:

        Because Devin lives in the real world , unlike a mom,your mom is watching and the rest of you who useful idiots.

    4. Becky Gray says:

      Everyone involved was underage. Shouldn’t they all get the “I did it because of peer pressure” label? Wasn’t every child involved trying to be accepted? Every child involved made a stupid decision and it should be treated as such. We live in the digital age where everyone is quick to pull out their camera phones and tape everything. Wanting to punish the boy with a felony such as child pornography is excessive and ridiculous. This isn’t the same type of situation where someone acts with all intents and purposes to contrive and make an underage person commit a sex act just to tape and distribute it. He didn’t make any money or profit in any way. This was simply a child who happened to be where the action was happening and recorded it. He probably wasn’t the only one who did. It was foolish of him to distribute it, but a label as a sex offendor against children while he himself is a child for the rest of his life is plain silly. He should be punished but not in such an extreme way.

      1. Becky knows too much says:

        Wow, you have a lot of facts not in evidence, here. Where does it identify all three participants’ ages, including the camera person? …and what if the girl had been, say, 10 years old? how would you feel about a 16 year old boy, for instance, recording a willing 10 year old (if there can be such a thing) engaged in this activity. Do we know for sure that the boy involved knew that the camera was there? I mean, the only thing we know for sure is that she is under age and someone recorded her having intercourse and distributing it on the Internet. A CRIME.

      2. Becky Gray says:

        @Becky knows too much.
        You are right it doesn’t identify ages, but we do know that all involved were children because the posting states they were all children. Also the comparasion you stated involving a 16 year old and a 10 year old is silly, way out in left field and is in no way comparable to this situation. Nice try though. Everyone involved is in high school, they are peers. The mentality of a 10 year and a 14 yr old is totally different. Elementary and High School are worlds apart. Yes what happened to her is wrong, I never said it wasn’t, however she shouldn’t be painted a total victim. She must take some responsibility. Whether you or anyone on here wants to acknowledge it or not, this couldn’t have been this young lady’s first time having sex. Only a person with a severe learning ability would have sex the first time at school around a bunch of people and allow them to watch. No where does it state this young lady was learning disabled. She may have been naive in regards to the “consequences” of her actions, but she wasn’t naive about what she was doing. Otherwise she wouldn’t have went to an area of the school that wasn’t policed by teachers and other administrators. I also never said the person that video taped shouldn’t be punished, just not to the severity that most commentors are suggesting. Use common sense, every single situation isn’t black and white. Most kids (people) carry camera phones and we all know that if something happens that’s shocking it will be taped by someone if possible. To give her the benefit of the doubt and say she didn’t know the consequences is unfair if you don’t give everyone involved that same benefit. This wasn’t a case of her having sex on school property and thinking it was just her and the guy and she was secretly video taped. This was her having sex on school property in front of a lot of other kids and not caring, only to find out it was a larger audience than she intended it to be. If he, a child, should be charged with child pornography; then she, a child, should be charged with child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a child since she had sex in front of other children. My point is that they are all children and to tell one it’s ok you didn’t know what you were you doing and not extend that courtesy to the rest is unfair.

      3. Oh for heaven's sake says:

        Becky, I’ll try and make this as easy and simple as I can, because you’re babbling and I don’t have the energy to read the same message written in 18 different ways: What she did was dumb. What the boy with her did was dumb. What the person holding the camera and distributing the contents thereof did was ILLEGAL… as in “against the law”. Dumb…..ILLEGAL…..grounded (and publicly humiliated by something that could follow her for the rest of her life)…..ARRESTED (and publicly humiliated by something that could follow him for the rest of his life)…Even Steven, just like you wanted it.

      4. Becky Boo says:

        @oh for heavens sake

        This attitude that young girls don’t know any better because they were tricked and can’t think for themselves and young boys should be punished no matter what is dangerous. Labeling a 14-16 yr old boy as a high-risk sex offender for the rest of his life because he taped a classmate that consented to having sex in front of him and several others is stupid. If you don’t want the world to see you having sex, then you shouldn’t pick a freaking audience to do it in front of in the first place. If you go outside and have sex in broad daylight in your front yard, yes your neighbors are going to see it. If you are naive enough to think one of your neighbors wouldn’t tape it and it won’t end up on the the net then that’s your dumb azz.

      5. Done says:

        Ok beckarino, you win….zzzzzzzzz…….

    5. Tired of Excuses says:

      @ Joelly Sixx, It’s funny that you seem to be more outraged about the girl being “supposedly” bullied, than her father is. His complaint doesn’t appear to be against the child that she was having sex with, it doesn’t appear to be about the fact that the girl was at school and no one saw it, it doesn’t even appear to be about the child who recorded it, but it was about YouTube, FB & Twitter keeping it on their sites for four days. His comment wasn’t reflective of a father who’s daughter was just “bullied” into having sex, (which in other words, she was raped) he made the comment that “she didn’t know she was being taped and wants to know how the social networking sites could allow this to happen.

      Believe me, I have compassion for the little girl who’s self-esteem is so low that she thought it was ok to have sex and then to have it at school. My compassion goes out to this same little girl because she has a father who seems to have such misplaced priorities that rather than being outraged about the act itself, he’s more outraged about people SEEING it. But my compassion is also extened to the silly little kid who made a bad “teen-aged” choice by recording & posting the video? I’m not sure about you, but it makes me wonder if the video had not “gone viral” would the dad still be outraged; Hmmm!!!

      1. Jeanette Brown says:

        I’M WITH YOU!

  12. Khandi says:

    I am Shocked by the comments on here. Girls can be bullied into doing things they dont want to, its been happening since the beginning of time. But , whoever recorded it, and forwarded it, should be jailed for child porn distribution

    1. Becky Gray says:

      What I am shocked at is the attitude that only girls can be bullied into doing things they don’t want to do. That only the girl should be given some compassion. Double standard and totally ridiculous. Most of you are saying she made a mistake, it was peer pressure, she had no idea of the consequences. Pretty sure peer pressure was running rampant all over the place when this happened. The person who video taped it is underaged also. He just happens to be a boy, but what if it was a girl? Would she get more compassion? The boy who videotaped should be punished but not to the level that most of you are suggesting.
      We live in a day and age where everyone has camera phones and at any time you can be taped. Especially teenagers they love to chronicle every single thing. I have 2 teenage daughters and an young son.
      We all know this, and to assume that this young lady had no inkling that she could possibly be taped is naive. Note: I am not saying she knew in fact that she was taped, I am simply saying she knew there was a chance that it could happen. I agree kids live in the moment, never thinking what the consequences may be tomorrow but it extends to all the kids involved not just the young lady. The boy who taped was not a child predator who forced the young lady to have sex on tape so that he could profit from it. He was merely a young stupid child just like the girl in this story who did something and didn’t think it through entirely. Think about it, how is it fair for him to be labelled a child pornographer, sex offender and be on the sex offender registry indefinitely and he may only be 14 himself? Is it fair for him to graduate school only to not be able to find a good job and then have to worry about people/cops coming to his home everytime something bad happens in his neighborhood to see if he had anything to do with it. Yes it victimized her further, but in the end she still put herself in the situation in the first place. He didn’t make her have sex with a guy in public in front of several other children. Committing a sex act in front of children is abuse also and punishable. She had sex in front of other children also and isn’t being charged for that because she is a child. How can you in turn feel it is ok to charge another child with such an extreme felony when we all know that what he did is not the same as a child predator taking a child and forcing them to do something against their will and taping it? The double standard is plain and simply wrong. Yes I understand everyone is outraged because the stupid mistake this girl made is now out for the world to see. However when you foolishly have sex in public, those are the chances you take.

      1. Just sayin' says:

        Why not? Isn’t she going to be followed by this mistake for the rest of her life? Becky, let’s face facts, here kiddo, you must be related to the pornographer. I’ve never seen someone stand up for someone who did something so malicious with such tenacity.

    2. Lisa says:

      i was a girl and i was never bullied into doing a damn thing! don’t get me wrong, I’ve done stupid things as a teenager, but the moment it was something that could cause total embarrassment or cause me to disrespect myself; I DID NOT DO IT!!!!! and if she was bullied into this, it’s called sexual harrassment. she could have told someone. if she didn’t because she was afraid to be teased by her classmates, I’d rather be teased for making sure I was safe in school instead of being teased by all of America because I let some little boys disrespect me like this!

      1. Wouldn't Trust You says:

        Yay for Lisa!!! You must be so proud of yourself for having such a strong personality.

        You know why little girls don’t tell when they’re being “harassed” or abused or raped? Because of people just like you. Go ahead, read your post. I wouldn’t tell you my middle name, much less that I was being hurt by someone.

  13. It`s sad to read some of these commits that you suppose to be grown ups calling the child out of her name is so young ya`ll need to grow up , i hate to hear that a young child has to go threw this but what happened happened even though it did they made their choices and it was bad choices but if parents get involved with their children know their every move to where they are going things like this i believe would not happen get these children involved into a afterschool program something contructive to keep them occupied , those who were involved with airing it on the internet should go down for it (the children , the internet , youtube ) whatever

    Parents please save our children , if we don`t no 1 will

  14. 1uniquemonique says:

    The father is just upset to discover his daughter is a S*!#@ I live behind FD high school and this goes on all the time. It’s no surprise to us!! Daddy is looking for some money. He probably doesn’t even have anything to do with his child. But as usual, the guys will be painted as some kind of animals.

    I wonder if this is the same girl standing on the corner of West North Avenue and McCulllough with a billboard saying “honk if you feel I should respect my body.”

  15. First and foremost people are so damn mean and so evil dis days i feel like dis ok she did what she did but at the end of the day no one can read her mind and her thoughts on y she did what she did partents lead and guide your child never let negative come between ur family because sumthing that was misleading or tookin the wrong way like i said She knew she was getting recored but y try and kill urself after it was ur choice im praying for this family cuz this ricdiliociuc im tried of hearing it..

    1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      WHAT?! Ever heard of grammar and spellchecking? I don’t pray, but if I did I would pray for your literacy!

  16. Cathy says:

    Parent I agree,being on the internet would be the least of worries,I would wonder why my child was doing that in the first place, know what I think,She wanted it like that,why out in the open, 14yrs old ,she knew that would happen
    .The father and daughter just want publicity and when they find out they will sue,no matter his daughter was having sex out in the open.These girls these days are not as innocent as peolple think,

    1. Cathy, not so nice says:

      Really? “She wanted it like that”? Are you serious? …and what about the boy? I don’t see anything in your comment shining a light on his responsibility. What’s up, Cathy? You seem to be laboring under the impression that only girls are responsible for incidents like this and boys are, what? Just going along with it because they’re stupid and slaves to their hormones? What is wrong with you?

      Here’s an idea, dig up your little garden of negativity and sew something positive….or is that metaphor too complex for you, genius?

    2. Look in the mirror says:

      WHAT???!?? Is this how you feel about the 13 and 14 year old little boys that were being molested by the 22 year old guy in AA county?

      Or is it only boys that can be victims? Or maybe because the offender in that case was of age? An offender (or group of them) can’t be offenders and responsible for their actions because they are under the age of 18?

      WOW! Do you think you could have a relationship with a 14 year old? No? Why not? You seem to think that she is old enough to make informed decisions. “She wanted it like that”…. sick-O…

  17. Working Poor says:

    The boy: whoever filmed this should be prosecuted for filming and distribution of child porn.

    The girl: whether she was willing or not, the shame of having to live with this for the rest of her life is punishment enough. Once something goes on the internet, its next to impossible to remove it, so in 50 years, her grandkids will be able to find her sex video. The fact of the matter is that middle schoolers and high schoolers have sex, and they have a lot of sex. If you are a parent and think that your post pubescent teen isn’t capable of having sex, then you are as naieve as this girl’s dad. Believe it or not, teens have the same sexual urges and desires that grown adults do; the only difference is that adults supposedly have more experience in controlling those urges.

    Anyone else involved with this: let their parents handle it, for whatever good it will do. I am sure as soon as a bunch of middle and high schoolers found out about this, they didnt even stop to think of the criminal consequences. That’s why our criminal justice system distinguishes between adults and juveniles. If you want to go after everyone who viewed this or passed it onto a friend, you’ll probably have half of Frederick Douglas behind bars.

    The dad: “father of the 14-year-old girl involved was so upset he contacted WJZ”. He was so upset about social media spreading his daughter’s video, that HE CALLED THE NEWS MEDIA so he could tell the whole world. Does anyone else see the irony, idiocy, or hypocrisy in that?

    1. TheRiley says:

      I totally agree with you.

    2. Becky Boo says:

      I see it! The father is just as much to blame now as the young man who taped it. He called to complain and all he did was make more people start a search for it. It’s sad what happened to her but to make everyone else a scapegoat and to push for the young man to be labelled a sex offender and child pornographer is ridiculous. If anything the fathers’ actions are making his daughter more visible. He basically advertised his daughter by going the route he has gone yet for some reason it’s now all a bystander’s fault.

  18. notenoughloveformechubbylovers says:

    hahaha…..can’t we cover real news anymore…….blah blah blah….boring…..

    who cares, get a life, drink a Coke, and relax.

    1. Al says:

      We’ll be needing a new adjective for you! I’m afraid that “disgusting” just doesn’t quite make it!

  19. Reader says:

    I read this story and my first thought was “Thank goodness, the father WANTS to be involved!” Had he not gone to the media and you (the public) found out through other means, almost all of you would be on here assuming she didn’t have a father figure and that’s why she did it. How do you know he’s not punished her at home? How do you know he’s not enrolled in her counseling? How can you jump to conclusions on the few statements the media decided to report? I agree with dad. SOMEONE should be held responsible. His daughter too; she should learn that there’s consequences for her actions… But as a parent, I would be doing the same thing… Face it.. his daughter will now have this video hanging over her head for years to come while (w/ out his going to the media) these boys would’ve walked away ‘heroes’ in the eyes of their peers. I think it’s ridiculous so many of you assume she’s gone w/out punishment just b/c the media didn’t report it so. Or that dad is only trying to gain a dime or point fingers. Maybe he’s truly trying EVERYTHING he can to ensure his daughter learns and grows from this… AND that it doesn’t happen again to anyone else’s kid. And maybe I’m wrong… maybe he didn’t punish her and he does just want a dime. But my point is.. YOU DON’T KNOW… So stop assuming.

    1. Lilly says:

      “The father of the 14-year-old girl involved was so upset he contacted WJZ.”
      In my opinion, his best bet was to keep her out of the lime light. Yes, she will have this video hanging over her head but now she will also have the news reports as those will forever be found on the internet as well.

      I think it’s ridiculous the amount of people on here assuming that only teenage girls experience “pressure” in regards to sex. Boys experience the same. So maybe you should stop “assuming” as well. The amount of ignorance that goes around on this topic astounds me. Girls are portrayed as weak and vulnerable while boys are projected as preditors. Both kids were wrong, period, end of story.

      1. Reader says:

        Your statement “In my opinion” says it all. Just as your are entitled to your opinion, so is everyone else.. but what is astounding to me is that so many assume the father did nothing to his daughter, that he wants to make money on a law suit and that this girl deserved (or asked for) this. It is just fine that you think he went about it wrong by contacting the media. I however, think there could be a chance that this guy is a decent person and is contacting the media (out of anger/wanting punishment, sure) but also b/c he wishes to shine the light on this topic-so that it doesn’t reoccur. Just b/c the story didn’t print that, doesn’t meant it wasn’t a motive.
        As far as assuming that boys are not pressured.. where did I assume that? I am a social worker and know far too well boys are peer pressured.. Just b/c I didn’t point that out in my comment doesn’t mean that I “assume” the boys weren’t. Just b/c I didn’t say it… doesn’t mean I assumed the boy(s) were the perpetrators. I just happen to think the backlash against the father and talk of how he must be a horrible father is judgmental and unfair. I also happen to know (in my kid’s middle school-and even when I was in school) that boys who ‘get some’ are not viewed as negatively as the girls who “give it up”.
        We’re not the parent of this child. We cannot say our child would “know better” b/c as any honest parent of a teenager would admit–they’ve all done something we would’ve thought they would never do.. Maybe not to this extreme, but reality is what it is. I talk to my kids often about this type of thing. I preach about this stuff. Does that mean that I think 100% that when I turn my back, my kids aren’t doing “wrong”. Of course not. They’re teens. I KNOW they’re doing wrong. I just haven’t caught them yet.

      2. Lilly says:

        This man may be a wondeful Father, who knows I have no idea what kind of parent he is. He may be a wonderful Father. However, from this article, he is portraying his daughter as a victim and pointing the finger at everyone else. If he truley wanted to shed light on this issue it wouldn’t have been a blame game. Instead of doing that, he could have (and I am assuming he didn’t based on his comments in the article) taught his daughter a valuble lesson. Your pay the price for your actions. Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m in NO way justifying what this boy did. He was wrong! There are no if’s and’s or but’s about that point. And he too should be held accountable for his actions and the choices he made.

    2. Becky Boo says:

      The father didn’t have to prove to us or anyone that he was in her life. By going to the media and complaining about the video tape, he made the situation more visible. Some people didn’t know there was a tape, but dang, they know now and because of what he did more are looking for the video. He made it worse and he should be help responsible for that. His job is to help his daughter and if I was in his situation the last thing I would have done was call the media and complain about a video tape getting out because common sense would tell me nosy folks would want to see it.

      1. Becky Boo is Boring says:

        AGAIN! Come On Becky! We didn’t hear you the first 42 times you said exactly the same thing!!!!!! SAY IT AGAIN AND USE ALL CAPS!!!! geesh

  20. jfincp says:

    Saw the video. No need to worry about pregnancy – wasn’t that type of sex. She didn’t appear to be being “forced” to do anything and seemed to be rather experienced at what she was doing.

    1. Good Lord! says:

      …and how fast did you turnit off and pick up the phone to call the police?

      1. TheRiley says:

        Why call the police? They can’t do anything about internet videos.

      2. Good Lord! says:

        Oh now you’re just being obtuse. Of course they can: they can contact the webhosts and expedite the removal of the offensive material.

      3. jfincp says:

        My teenage son brought it to my attention after seeing it on Facebook. He was appauled and neither of us watched more than a few seconds of the video. We tried to find out where it came from, but weren’t able to do so. Calling the police where I live would have done nothing more than caused me to get a lecture from the officer.

    2. Good Lord! says:

      wow…your comments containing “a few seconds” and “…seemed to be rather experienced…” appear to be at odds with each other. I just saw a commercial with a child holding a book for “a few seconds”… but I don’t know whether or not that child is an experienced reader. hm. convenient change in description of your viewing experience.

  21. G Modlin says:

    Its all of the kids faults and certainly, the girl is old enough to know better. The problem is she wasnt taught better. The internet should ban all porn and people who watch it are sick.

    1. Becky Boo says:

      All porn shouldn’t be banned. GTFOH with that. If you don’t like porn you don’t have to watch it. As long as I am not masturbating in your home on front of you why should you care what I watch in my own home. I am pretty sure you have plenty of family members who watch porn and just don’t know it.

      1. Blah Blah Becky Boop says:

        ew… TMI

  22. Patrick Leahey says:

    There are strong laws against participating in paedophilia, paedophilia pornography and statutory rape. The full power of the law should be used against all involved. Those here that want to make excuses for the paedophiliacs involved should be watched carefully because they are closet sexual offenders.

    1. Dan says:

      [count] : a person who has a sexual interest in children

      You obviously aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      The pedophiles you speak of are children as well. You cannot be a pedophile when you’re in the same age category. And until they post the age of the boy, you’re claim of statutory rape is unfounded as well.

      1. Becky Boo says:

        Thanks Dan,
        I thought I was the only one with sense here. Everyone involved was immature and stupid and I can’t believe most of the commentors are advocating for a child to be labelled a high risk sex offender for life. It would be hard for him to get a job, let alone one that could provide any real income and not to mention being harassed for the rest of his life. Anytime anything happened someone would be at his door checking him out first and the real perpetrator could be out harming someone else’s child. Just like these kids didn’t think of the consequences of their actions these adults aren’t thinking right now.

      2. Becky Boo Tells Too Much says:

        …or the consequences of, say, telling people on line about your pornography use when you have already used your real name (Becky Boo using exactly the same verbiage to express exactly the same opinion as Becky Gray a bit of a coincidence). If I ever meet Becky Grey, I’ll know way too much about her masturb8ion habits. Yuck, Becky.

  23. Reader says:

    Your statement “In my opinion” says it all. Just as your are entitled to your opinion, so is everyone else.. but what is astounding to me is that so many assume the father did nothing to his daughter, that he wants to make money on a law suit and that this girl deserved (or asked for) this. It is just fine that you think he went about it wrong by contacting the media. I however, think there could be a chance that this guy is a decent person and is contacting the media (out of anger/wanting punishment, sure) but also b/c he wishes to shine the light on this topic-so that it doesn’t reoccur. Just b/c the story didn’t print that, doesn’t meant it wasn’t a motive.
    As far as assuming that boys are not pressured.. where did I assume that? I am a social worker and know far too well boys are peer pressured.. Just b/c I didn’t point that out in my comment doesn’t mean that I “assume” the boys weren’t. Just b/c I didn’t say it… doesn’t mean I assumed the boy(s) were the perpetrators. I just happen to think the backlash against the father and talk of how he must be a horrible father is judgmental and unfair. I also happen to know (in my kid’s middle school-and even when I was in school) that boys who ‘get some’ are not viewed as negatively as the girls who “give it up”.
    We’re not the parent of this child. We cannot say our child would “know better” b/c as any honest parent of a teenager would admit–they’ve all done something we would’ve thought they would never do.. Maybe not to this extreme, but reality is what it is. I talk to my kids often about this type of thing. I preach about this stuff. Does that mean that I think 100% that when I turn my back, my kids aren’t doing “wrong”. Of course not. They’re teens. I KNOW they’re doing wrong. I just haven’t caught them yet.

    1. Reader says:

      Apologies, did not mean to post twice, but cannot figure out how to remove.

  24. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    This is a sad commentary indeed. Lot’s of blame to go around & easy for a lot of the folks on here to bash & condem others when there’s no skin in the game off of their backs. For one, the boy who posted this & was trying to look like the next new big porno star, should be exposed & dealt with severely. The fourteen yr old I believe was just trying to fit in & be accepted into a group. Silly children have no concept that those photo’s & video will be with her forever & this is a typical display of a child not mature enough to make decisions on her own. This could be any one of your daughters, granddaughters so STFU & be grateful it wasn’t. Let the authorities work this out. Dad & daughter both need to be in counseling.

    1. What the heII just happened? says:

      I can’t believe I’m saying this… *gag*….*choke*… I agree with sheriff bernie.

  25. rara says:

    This should be a wake up call, the fact is it happen and more than this is going on in the black community and we know it..I don’t care about another race and problems, we have more than enough to concern ourselves and until we no longer see pourselves as victims we will never change the violence, the destruction to neighborhoods, drugs, poor schools, profanity, loudness and rudeness, I’m waiting, what will get you up and angry enough to change…Society as a whole has given back your problems to solve yourself, we see!!

  26. Supermom says:

    Not that my 2cents matter but I am a mother of two kids, one boy and one girl. I don’t know the details behind this nor do I want to. I pray for the girl and the kids that took part in this but mostly I pray for the adults, parents and what seems to be kids on here posting messages about a girl being trash, etc… I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have my daughter lashed at in such a manner for something she may or may have not consented to. In high school we all have our “group” people/friends and we believe what they say when in reality the only ones who really know what happened are the ones that were there when this took place. With that being said, don’t judge cause the only one who can judge is God and everyone’s judgment day will come sooner or later. I hope this girl can find peace at her new school although it is doubtful seeing as how so many people in your community is biased. To everyone with negative talk on here….you all have your skeletons they just aren’t out of your closet…YET. We live in a world now where your personal business can become everyone’s business at any given moment in time.

  27. Amanda says:

    Sounds like daddy’s just burrying his head in the sand. He’s a horrible parent and should be the one placed in jail- for sheer stupidity. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not and should not have to monitor your 14 year old for you. Perhaps if you spent more time parenting and less time blaming people for your daughter’s bad decisions your daughter woud have made better decisions regarding her sex life. I’d also like to add, on the off chance that the father of the teen girl reads this, that the average age kids are having sex is 14 so there’s no shocker that your daugher is average.

  28. larry says:

    I don’t know what century some of you live in. ANYONE can tape you without your consent and post it anywhere on line. If you are ever in public you ARE being taped without your consent. If you ever go to the mall you are on tape, in the bank, every convenience store, every trafic light in Baltimore. Anyone can pull up traffic lights, cruise ship video and thousansd of other locations at home. Whatever you are doing at the time can be posted on line. Your home is off limits ONLY if you have your curtains closed. If not, a neighbor with a telescope can post your butt on line as long as they are not on your property. Your privacy diaspperared with the creation of homeland security. The law prohibits distribution of this particular material because all of them were under age commiting a sex act.

  29. PARENT says:

    Well thats why you raise your daughter better then letting her turn in to a degenerate that gets taken over in a by a bunch of guys!
    bullied into sex? really thats stupid, this girl knew what she was doing and got what she deserved. I raised my daughter better then this guy. maybe he should have not let her watch MTV or listen to all those whorish female singers .
    now this daughter is the laughing stock of the whole nation.

    1. Donna says:

      This girl was his ex-girlfriend. She lost her virginity to him. He broke up with her. She wanted him back. He told her that giving him head was the only way he would take her back. At 14 she probably thought she was in deep deep love. She just wanted him to love her back and if giving him head would accomplish that so be it. You’re thinking as an adult; not a 14 yr old girl who thinks she’s in love. She doesn’t have our maturity and experiences yet. Just because you teach kids about sex and morals doesn’t mean they are ALWAYS going to make the right decision. Yeah, you say you raised your daughter better than this; but do you know EVERYTHING your daughter has done? You don’t know what your kid did when you weren’t around. The rumors may not have reached you is all. Until you know for a fact what this man did or didn’t do regarding raising his daughter; don’t throw stones as nobody, including your daughter, is perfect.

      1. Becky Boo says:

        Exactly DONNA!! Kids will be kids and you can teach them right and wrong and be there for them through everything but it does not mean they will always stay on the right path. They will make stupid decisions that Mom and Dad may not agree with but it doesn’t make you a bad parent. It just means your child isn’t perfect. As I understand it, no one is perfect.

      2. Becky Boo Knows It All! says:

        No one but you, Becky Boo! HA!!! It rhymes this time! Double HA!!!

  30. ANGELA MILES says:


    1. Part of the Problem says:

      So you watched it, too, and did nothing. No, wait, you did blame her. That’s great. You are a terrific person. Part of the problem much? Goodness, what are you thinking? You should be ashamed of yourself, watching a little girl having intercourse on the internet, what a perv!

  31. t says:

    yep.. dad blaming everytbody except his stupid daughter. Where’s his daughter being held accountable at?????

  32. We are working to have copies of the video removed. Join us:

  33. Angel says:

    This girl was being bullied, for how long? Why didn’t she tell someone WHY? No because she knew what she was doing, and OK she did not know she was being taped. Why was she doing it, because she was bullied. No, she should have told someone and she is old enough to speak up. Here is the problem, she was caught bottom line, and now she feel guilty that she is all over the net. Stop playing games with this young people, they are not stupid. The problem is they are OUT OF CONTROL AND THAT’S BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL. START RAISING YOUR DAMN KIDS, AND STOP THINKING EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD RAISE THEM. EVERY ONE THAT WAS INVOLVED NEED TO BE JACKED UP PERIOD. HERE IS A SOLUTION, BUILD A SCHOOL WAY AWAY FROM KIDS THAT ARE TRYING TO DO RIGHT. KEEP THEM THERE FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKE FOR THEM TO GET IT RIGHT PERIOD. STOP ALL THIS STUPID AND CRAZY FOOLISH MESS!!!

    1. ashley says:

      At the end of the day kids will do what they want regardless of what you teach your kids because they have their own mines and need to learn from there mistakes

    2. Kids Don't Trust You says:

      I’m sure that your strong opinions about what YOU would do and how YOU think she should behave will be great for your daughter, one day. I am sure that if she feels threatened she will run right to you because of your warm compassion and focus on her fears and shame. I just know that she will trust you because you would never judge her or be ashamed to be her Mom, even if she makes mistakes or “allows herself” to be bullied. What a great Mom you will be, one day.

  34. Amber Cole says:

    Bullied into giving head? Oh okay. The father needs to have the sex talk with his kids.

    1. Donna says:

      Yes it could be considered bullying when she was told the only way he would take her back was to give him head. Just saying. She was 14 yr girl and probably thought she was in love and wanted him back so bad she did what he asked. Sounds like being bullied to me.

  35. Koatz says:

    I don’t think “we” should criminalize the sexual aspects of this case. In other words, teens are going to be teens, and do this type of stuff. They are immature – obviously – and, in general, lack the discipline and judgement to know where to draw the line.

    As for distributing the video on the internet, that is an entirely different matter. It is criminal and should be punished. Perhaps, community service will teach all those involved that there are consequences for misbehavior.

    1. Becky Boo says:

      Exactly community service! No one should bear a label for life for stupidity.

      1. Becky Boo Big Sister of Porn Poster says:

        Becky Boo is a little too concerned with the welfare of the one person who may actually be guilty of a crime, and she is spouting off about her own usage of pornography to masterb8. Who are you related to in this situation, Becky? Why so adamant that he not suffer public humiliation, too?

  36. Donna says:

    “They did nothing to protect my daughter and I’m furious. I mean, any parent would be,” he said.”

    Dad…I think this is a very very horrible thing that has happened to your daughter, but WHAT DID YOU DO TO PROTECT THIS FROM HAPPENING TO YOUR DAUGHTER IN THE FIRST PLACE? My heart goes out to Amber over this and I pray she can get over this someday. But to blame Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube is placing blame where it’s not due. You need to have a very serious heart to heart with your daughter and find out why she allowed this to happen. What is she missing in her family life that she felt the needed to go out and do this. Take a real look at yourself and your family. I hope you all are able to heal from this. I just can’t imagine what Amber is going through. Good luck to all of you!

  37. Ralph M says:

    I can understand the father being upset. Maybe he should have taken the time to teach his daughter self respect and self restraint instead of how to point fingers.

  38. max says:

    Black society rushes towards self destruction and the Jesse’s, Al’s and Naacp’ers sit back and blame whitey.

    My ancestors would not understand why they sacrificed so much.

  39. Truth Detector says:

    Parent: I looked in the mirror, but the face staring back certainly isn’t responsible for what my minor child does. I’ll blame someone/everyone else…

  40. James says:

    PARENTS are solely responsible for each and every incident of this type. PARENTS are the ones who have “hit their knees” for the marketers who made cell phones, YouTube, Facebook, et al “essential” parts of our lives. PARENTS are the ones who provide these devices to kids who are NOT capable of using them properly. That’s why you’ve got countless video clips all over the internet of kids fighting on school grounds, bullying each other and – yes, having sex – or stripping off their clothes for strangers on places like Stickam and Omegle. This is what you wanted, PARENTS: for your offspring to have all the latest gadgetry. And this is what you GET for being such milquetoasts.

    1. Larry says:

      Don’t forget the other electronic parents—Wii, x-box, I pod. Cell phones should be banned from all schools. If found, they should be destroyed. Schools are for learning! Get a grip on your children. Be a parent!

  41. Whitney says:

    I don’t know why there is an assumption that something is missing from this girl’s life or that all the father cares about is how the video was handled. 14 year olds are famous for not having the best judgment. Part of growing up is making mistakes (sometimes epic ones). We only know what the article tells us about the father’s take on this. Approximately one minute of his conversation is reported here. Just because it doesn’t mention how he feels about his daughter’s well-being doesn’t mean he hasn’t been articulating it. Journalists are paid for sensationalism not thorough coverage. The kid did what kids do. There is no normal for a 14 year old. For all we know, she’s days from being 15 or 13 – who knows?. We don’t know much. We know just enough to skewer these people and it just isn’t fair. I hope that if all the mistakes, poor judgment calls, and down right stupid s**t I did as a kid come to light, my parents are spared this criticism. As much as they worked to give us everything we needed and then some – and to think my actions could reflect on them so terribly would break my heart. Something a 14 year old doesn’t think about. Wisdom is earned and this kid just got a big dose of it.

  42. Bob says:

    No, its the parents and kids that have no morals or self control. I’m in my 30s and I believe in waiting for marriage to have sex. Shame on her.

  43. josetoyou says:

    Yep, looks like they are black, like most folks in “baltamore”.

    I think the father should have been furious with his daughter, rather than the tape that exposed her.

    I think “dad” is looking for some financial reward, for what his daughter was caught doing! It smells like a lawsuit…

  44. rv says:

    as lomg as the dominate(hip-hop) culture keeps treating women like “whoes”, the daughter of America will fall victims of these ferks.

  45. Peter says:

    These types of people never do anything but grow up to spread their sickness they are like a cancer that needs to be carved from society, filth raised by filth.

  46. choosethehighroad says:

    1) more likely thousands of pedophiles downloaded this video and forwarded to other pedophiles who probably posted the video on their websites. What pedophiles do with themselves and/or discuss amongst themselves while watching videos ought to cause any decent person to have emotional and physical reactions. The posting of this video may possibly cause pedophiles who prefer voyeurism, kidnappers, and/or murderers to seek out where the young teen lives to fulfill their lust.

    2) Bullying: “if you don’t do this sex request on me while videotaping, I (and possibly other names) will not date you;” or “if you…videotaping, I will tell your dad (or mom or parents) you are going around having various sexual acts on me and every person regardless their gender.”

    3) From the children’s birth, parents should be encouraging and guiding their children to find their talents (arts, music, sports, etc.); teach as well as show their children self-worth; how to handle rejection; how to handle being bullied; how to respect others, their properties and their opinions; how to be independent and able to take care of themselves once the children are out on their own with abilities to manage finances, write intelligent resumes, have a clean home, and share the chores; and how to remain calm when approached by chaos, attacks (verbal and physical), or avoid committing a crime such as shoplifting, especially when children are in middle school to beyond high school graduation.

    4) the most outrageous contributions in these comments are the misspelling, poor grammar, insults, and holier-than-thou and wanna-be important attitudes made by many of the posters. It is so embarrassing as a US citizen to read these remarks and we wonder why our children are struggling in school.

    I commend the posters who chose common sense in their remarks.

    BTW, I hope this 14 year old girl does not choose self-harm leading to suicide as a result of the video on the Internet. Her father can discuss the sexual act and her age at a later time. What is important is her safety and how she is emotionally responding to this incident whether or not she knew the video would be aired on the Internet. Talking about uploading a file and actually uploading a file to multiple Internet sites successfully is still shocking to anyone. Or have you forgotten about the young, gay college male who committed suicide as a result of being secretly videotaped while he was having sex with a partner?

    1. eh...pot, meet kettle says:

      Quote: “4) the most outrageous contributions in these comments are the misspelling, poor grammar, insults, and holier-than-thou and wanna-be important attitudes made by many of the posters.”……

      ….thank you for pointing out the holier-than-thou and wanna-be important attitudes… I can spell “irony”. LOL!

    2. Urma says:

      Um, why is it any of your business what people choose to do with themselves while watching this video? By the way, the video would hold no interest for a pedophile .. the teens here were post-pubescent .. and being African-American were basically equivalent to an average 17 year old white kid.

  47. J says:

    the father needs to be upset with his daughter just as much as with the other. I would have a hard time beleiveing that this girl did not know what was going on untill her father found out then she lost all memory of being excited to do what she did. I see were he is upset this is his little girl but again she is to blame as well so don`t forget when the guy with the camera is being charged they need to all be there with him including the fathers daughter awaiting her sentencing fate.

  48. joe says:

    anyone got a link to it ???

  49. Mike Alright says:

    What a bunch of feminized idiots Americans are. Your daughter is a who re, plain and simple. You are all morons. Get ready freaks, you are all about ready to lose any “freedoms” you think you still have. Thank you baby boomers for creating such as wonderfully “advanced” country. Too bad for you that your golden years are not going to be so wonderful.

  50. its time to do better says:

    I consider myself a good parent,but this could have been my daughter.While some would blame her parents.I say we all are accountable.Look at some of the reality shows,music,movies,clothing,etc that influences our children today. Yes we are all to blame in some way.When will we as adults stand up to those in the entertainment industry and say ok some of this music and shows have gone too far.We hide behind freedom of speech,but look at the results.I challenge those who are blaming her parents to put yourself in the place of her parents.This child needs help. It takes a village to raise a child.It is easy to criticize someone else’s child,but what if this was your child. I too was critical at first,but this is a part of a larger problem in this country.This is just my opinion and I respect your right to disagree.

  51. Sally says:

    They should charge them for distributing child pornography. My husband is a teacher and this is what they do at his school because so many kids were texting nake pictures.

  52. Christy Burton Hudson says:

    Just because there isn’t an age difference DOES NOT mean it wasn’t rape! But I wonder if the child is really that upset or is it the parent embarrassed??

    1. Bob says:

      The parent is embarrassed (and on the hunt to cash in on a lawsuit)

  53. hammsgrl says:

    Why were all these people watching a video with underage people on it in the first place? Someone had to “find” it. Gross.

  54. JoeMich says:

    Zero surprise that the rapists are black. The “Guess the Race” game is getting too predictable.

  55. Guest says:

    what the heck 14 year olds having sex for. I blame all parties involved. The boy , the gilr the one who took teh visdeao adn the the school for having these building open after school with no supervision!!!!

  56. Jane Fonda says:

    Will this film be showing somewhere this evening so that everyone can see it. Sounds like she” has been the featured attraction in other episodes.

    Where can we see them ?

  57. Billy says:

    “They did nothing to protect my daughter and I’m furious”

    Maybe you should have been more involved in protecting your daughter yourself….maybe you’re blaming the wrong people when the blame goes to the person looking at the mirror every morning.

  58. Adam says:

    That guys should consider getting a new baseball cap.

  59. AZdude says:

    Larry says “Reporters don’t ususlly leave out important FACTS.” Uh, what planet are you on, Larry. “Reporters” have been leaving out facts for years. When a story does not suit their bias, they leave out facts. You have just shown you have no credibility. As for this incident, what competent sub would let this happen? I work in public schools. Any sub who would let this happen is guilty of criminal negligence.

  60. Jeff Campbell says:

    I don’t know why the Father is so upset about his Daughter being filmed while having sex, after all she did do it in public and it’s really her and the Boys fault because back in my day this used to be called incecent exposure.

  61. V.Garcia says:

    Look on the bright side, in this culture she’ll soon be a celebrity, star in her own reality tv show and maybe have her own line of purfume.

  62. George says:

    “The girl’s father hopes someone pays for this.”

    He should have taught her to demand payment in advance…

  63. tams says:

    omg-ness, dad dosent want to take responsibility for sure, blame everyone already. complain enuff and get a settlement of some kind, then she makes money off her bad desision and what do they call that? money for sex is prostitution, she should learn from this and get her life together. how long have we warned our kids? any online can come back to haunt you. this was a verry grown up mistake, but learn from it and go on.

  64. Franlko says:

    so wheres the dam viideo, I cant find it any where

  65. Linda Green says:

    Lots of people think that at 14 you get a dree pass. That’s just as bad as the dad blaming everyone else. At 14 I understood right from wrong. That’s why kids sneak around and keep things from their parents. They may not be old enough to vote, drive or buy booze but that is a right after you go through those terrible teens and learn right from wrong. Seems the dad is the victim just like a lot of other parents. Kids will always push the envelope as far as they can. Parents can expect their kids to do things that are wrong. That’s how they learn from their mistakes and finally grow up to vote, drive and buy booze. They are all in the wrong until you can prove rape. Let this be a lesson to parents. Stay on top of every situation concerning your kids. They will make mistakes. Help them through it and understand where they went wrong. A good grounding for a couple of months couldn’t hurt either. Worked wonders on me.

  66. dennis says:

    The Supreme Court ruled that when someone is ourside there is “no expectaition of privacy” so taking photographs or videos of people in public is not illegal.

  67. Bill Mitchell says:

    What am I missing here?

    Committing the actual sex act? No problem – kids will be kids.
    Video-taping the sex act? Deserves serious prison time.

    Have the days of personal responsibility gone forever?

  68. David Dean O'Keefe says:

    “Challenging Peter to do more…” is an unfortunate commercial choice The guy who poste dthis should be arrested for child porn, why not?

  69. madashell says:

    Father outraged??? Haa What a joke. He should be tried and convicted for raising a daughter with no morals, who cares little about who sees it and is now made out to be a the victim who blames the person who video taped it. Long time ago everyone was taught to never do anything in public that could come back to you in shame, but I guess that does not apply to teens today, with the blessings of their parents to ignore all rules. Kick this so called unconcerned father in the butt, thank the person who video taped it and find out why these schools are left open after closing with no guards or anyone on guard to be sure no one comes in there. This girl and boy have no MORALS and should be expelled from all public schools immediately. The schools today spend more taxpayers money per student than any other country in the world and are the worst in the world. Can you imagine if this happened in any other country? Thanks to the teachers and the so called administration and the unions, we now have children who are the dumbest and most sexually active than any other country in the world. FIRE THEM ALL!

  70. dump28usn says:

    I don’t believe characterizing her as a “young lady” is quite accurate. She apparently participated willingly in this and so she and the boy should be punished!

  71. ConnMan says:

    The father wants the videographer to go to jail??? Really that is what he thinks the problem is? OMG. How about getting your 14 years YOUNG daughter schooled up on what is “right” and “not right”. 14 years YOUNG children should not be having sex!!!!!! What the heck is wrong with you people, control your kids!!!

  72. dominigo says:

    whah whah whah , craybabyies all over the web unite! Who cares, some kids had sex, some kid recorded it, wow, big deal. I cant comprehend how many comments this story has for being such a stupid story. can anyone say “people with way to much time on their hands that want their opinion to be heard because no one in real life listens to it much”?… Hah, man the internet has become a melting pot for complete idiots whos opinions are pretty much worthless… Commence with the worthless posting that will do nothing for anyone.

  73. Brian Peppers says:

    Wasn’t Juliet only thirteen? Does that make Shakespeare a pedophile?

  74. cjk says:

    Dope brings up a ho and he’s furious?

  75. David says:

    The fact that this girl was willing to engage in sexual activity in a room full of other kids makes it pretty obvious that she has no shame. I’m quite certain she wasn’t concerned at all about it being taped and put online. Clearly her fathers faux outrage is nothing more than an attempt to deflect attention away from his failed parenting.

    1. Renee Grayson says:

      I agree with you on this one. The father cannot blame just the boys and the person behind the camera, he also has to blame his daughter. Sounds like she was there on her own accord. Now if she had a gun to her head or said they threatened her with violence, then I would tend to think she was forced, but none of that was mentioned.

  76. Joseph McLinden says:

    Does anyone believe this was a crime? The only time it gets coverage is when someone gets stupid and records the act. Otherwise in most of these schools it goes on day in and day out. In most schools the penalty for being caught by a teacher would be to first censure the teacher and then tell the student to do it elsewhere. Alcohol, drugs, sex, stolen property is as common as crabgrass.

  77. Dot says:

    You know I’ll bet they had just got out of the sex education class that’s being forced on kids now and they couldn’t help themselves! Does it occur to anyone that all the kids should be held accountable?

    1. Renee Grayson says:

      Yes, all the children involved in this situation were wrong and should be punished in some way. No slaps on the wrists, but then you have parents out there that believe their children are perfect and can do no wrong. My son is a good boy, he has good grades, he stays out of trouble, but I know that there going to be a time when he decides to do something that he knows is wrong but believes no one will find out about it. I will still be there for him, but I will also punish him for doing wrong because he needs that consistent discipline in order to grow into a good man.

  78. Bigbob says:

    What’s the big deal here, it was only a blow job.

  79. harold says:

    So, all of you dumb pricks on here have perfect children eh? If you are of teen years ya’ll STFU, that girl one day could be the mother of your children.

  80. Renee Grayson says:

    If she participated willing in this act, then the father should not only be angry at the person for making the video viral, but he should be extremely PO’d at his daughter for putting herself in that situation. This is going to be a hard lesson for her to learn. If you are young and immature but want to try to act like a grown up and do grown up things, then you’re gonna pay for it one way or another and you’re gonna find yourself in situations like these or worse. I agree that those who posted the video should be punished for violating her privacy, but as for the part about her being forced into it, I don’t believe that part. If she is not claiming that they raped her, then the father needs to accept the fact that “Yes, she is sexually active and probably been doing it for quite a while” it’s just that she got caught this time and in a big way. So he needs to sit down with her and try to figure out what he can do as a father to prevent this from happening again. Apparently she has too much time on her hands for these types of activities. If it was my daughter, I would angry at the guys responsible for posting it to the Internet, but I would also be disappointed and angry at my daughter. This is her fault too.

  81. Renee Grayson says:

    And if it were my son who was responsible for this, there is no way he would get out of trouble with this one because he WILL tell me who it was that recorded it so that I can give that information to law enforcement. And then my son may be too big for me to whip his behind, but he’s gonna suffer. He’s goin’ on lock down until trust is gained back.

  82. Richard Porter says:

    There is the media side of the story and the real story untold in this i suspect. A 14yr old girl has oral sex with another teen age guy on school property and one of his or her homies thought it would be cool to tape it and what be even cooler than that would be to put the video on the net where nothing ever dies. Only thing was no one was supposed to know which is where the bullying from classmates came in. Rape i doubt it unless the guy was 18 or older. But kudos to dad for taking charge to defend your daughter’s honor however not so much in exposing yourself to the news media. Because this is what you just did when you put yourself on TV: 1. Every student at your child’s former school now knows who she is even if they didn’t before. 2. Now all of the teachers and administrators know too. 3. The kids go home and get grilled by their parents because they want the details not in the media so know they know who she is too. 4. And so now guess what? Your national news now. 5. And since we are on the subject that “nothing” ever dies on the internet chances are pretty good now as disgusting as it is that some of these people have seen this video because you brought it to their attention: your neighbors, co workers and members of your church not to mention the guy you buy your coffee from every morning on the way to work as well as the pervs you may or may not know about in your own neighborhood (Unfortunately we all have them). if you didn’t want your child persecuted any further congratulations. FAIL! You were better off letting the authorities handle it quietly. Just saying.

  83. Live life 2 the fullest says:

    Well first of all I personallty think that every1 involved with this situation is wrong . But 1st & foremost you can’t tell that the 14th old girl did not know that she was being filmed & 2nd i feel that was not something that she was bullied into for the simple fact is that she was too experienced @ what she was doing. For the dad to be speaking like he’s so outraged @ the media, baby its only the media. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, or any other media site dont sit there & view every video thats being posted. Thats why the have a report button under every video. So if the 14yr old girl seen her own video why didn’t she report it herself for it to be removed from the websites but no she let it remained there for 4 days. Ok dont get me wrong i was furious when it was brought to me attention bcus i was like who would do such a thing? But then i thought about it” ok she knew there was an audience there when she started, so she should’ve expected some consequences from it because it would not have gotten

  84. Live life 2 the fullest says:

    continued: video believe it would’ve been told through word of mouth. So really whats the difference? Kids can be cruel to eachother by doing things like that. They don’t think about the consequences before they do, they do before they think thats just why we call them kids. And for the young girls today they really need to think about the things that they do before they do it because the burden weighs heavy on the girls & the boys walk away with high praise. And as parents we need to be more involved with our kids because if its the attention that their craving & we as parents aren’t giving it their gonna go find it in all the wrong places.. My heart goes out to all of the kids involved & I hope & pray that this experience have thought them a major lesson….

  85. xten says:

    man i dont want to hear that she was bully ish she could have said no and report them but guess what she sat there and did it at school she should get the same treatment everyone get she anit no damn victim she knew what she was doing

  86. woodNfish says:

    “I wanted to know what’s going on with the young lady,” said Mary Jones.”

    Well for starters, she is not a “lady”. A lady would not do what she was doing (whatever it was – I have not seen the video.) Stop thinking every female is a “lady” simply because she is female! Same thing for “gentlemen”. The words actually mean something. Get a clue.

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