By Mike Hellgren

CLARKSBURG, Md. (WJZ) — There’s shock and sadness over the discovery of William McQuain’s body, as prosecutors focus on the surveillance video that will be key evidence against his stepfather.

Mike Hellgren investigates several new developments. 

According to new published reports, Curtis Lopez had taken a trip to Ocean City with his estranged wife, Jane McQuain. The two began arguing. She told a friend she was scared for her life.

Two days later, police believe Lopez killed McQuain in her home, and then murdered her 11-year-old son William, his stepson, and dumped the boy in the woods near Interstate 270 in Montgomery County, where dog teams found him Tuesday after an exhaustive search.

WJZ has now learned detectives used Lopez’s cell phone signal to track his whereabouts.

Family friend Charles Barnes made the cross that’s now the cornerstone for a larger memorial at the scene.

“We know what has happened to William and that he can be with his mother,” Barnes said. “When we have a service we can have them both together, hopefully. Not have this hanging over our head—worrying, waiting, looking and not having an answer.” 

“Putting flowers just adds a connection,” said Marion Northern. “It’s just tragic. It’s really touched my heart.”

Flowers and pictures line the memorial to McQuain, along with notes and gifts from his classmates.

“William was the greatest, most beautiful, wonderful child in the entire world. In the entire world. There is no reason this should ever happen to him,” said Tamera Seonarian, William’s former coach.

“Who could do this to William? He’s just a little kid. Who could do this to some kid? Who could do it?” said Blake Seonarian, William’s friend.

Police say they uncovered video of William and his stepdad at a nearby storage shed just hours before they say the sixth- grader was murdered. They say William was playing, unaware of the horror that was about to come. They found more footage of him at a gas station, one that’s close to where they found his body.

“It did not appear there was any distress between the two in the footage,” said Chief Tom Manger, Montgomery County Police. “He appeared to be running around as you would expect a boy that age to do.” 

Lopez has a violent past.  He’s headed back to Maryland to face murder charges for Jane McQuain. Police say charges are pending for the murder of young William.

Police say Lopez has refused to cooperate with them. They say he has refused to answer any questions about what happened to William McQuain. They say they will charge Lopez with McQuain’s murder once he is back in Maryland.

Lopez was convicted of attempted murder in 1987 after stabbing a man in Pennsylvania.

Comments (6)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    What this woman ever saw in a convicted felon is beside me. She must have been desperate for a relationship while this fool was just begining his demented ways using this new identity. Life without the possibility of parole. Death would be too quick & easy. Solitary will be torture.

    1. PO PO PO says:

      Wrong as long as a animal is alive there is a chance of his release .We are in MD.

  2. SMC says:

    Women and their poor relationship decisions is what cost this woman and son their lives. Some women are so pressed to be in a relationship that they will select anyone just to say they have a man. Women have got to stop defining their happiness and success in life based on whether they have a man. This whole case sickens me, but unfortunately we will see more case like this as long as females continous to make poor choices in the men that they are involved with. I guess it is better to have a man that is a loser then no man at all.

    1. caw says:

      share that will you!!!!

  3. billiam says:

    While the comments posted can be agreed to, is there any reason to believe the man divulged the fact he was (is) a felon, and why would she have had reason or cause to think he was and would she really have asked this question in the first place? Between this very unfortunate crime and the one involving the 12-year old girl (from Montgomery County I think), why is Maryland so “liberal” that it can’t get out of its own way and re-instate the process of the death penalty. Why should this “man” get life and live (even if its in jail), while the mother and son are gone from this life and can now only be memories?

  4. Jw Woodliff says:

    Sure; go ahead and blame Jane for the bad choice in men, but why can’t we hold men up to the standards of being good partners and exmaples for children and stepchildren to follow? He wasn’t even part of Jane’s life anymore, and it looks to me like her big mistake here was failure to divorce. But even if she had, he might have shown up on her doorstep, realized that whatever he had with her during the eighties was long over, blamed her child, and still done the same thing. It’s HIS fault he’s a jerk, not anyone else’s.