BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The investigation continues into a sex tape scandal in Baltimore City schools. WJZ first broke the story Wednesday. A 14-year-old student was taped against her knowledge, and it went viral.

Mike Hellgren has more on her dad’s outrage.

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Video of Baltimore City school students as young as 14 years old having sex was recorded on school property. The footage posted on the Internet has led to a police investigation and outrage from the father of the girl seen on that tape, which is so graphic WJZ blurred it.

“She was forced to do this,” her dad said. “She was bullied, harassed to do this. Since then, it’s just spread like wildfire.”

The dad says his 14-year-old daughter never knew a camera was rolling. And he was stunned to see it on several social media sites, where everyone in the world could watch.

“I visit these sites quite often,” he said, “and I didn’t think something like this would even be able to stand for a couple minutes.  If their privacy and protection is so great, then why was this posted and kept there?”

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The students all attended Frederick Douglass High School in Northwest Baltimore. School officials say the sex tape was filmed after school outside a building not used for instructional purposes.

They told WJZ: “Baltimore City Public Schools have received a report of an alleged sexual incident involving city schools students.  An investigation by Baltimore police is currently underway.  In the meantime, city schools are working with the families of the students allegedly involved in the incident to make sure they receive the support they need.”

“I was shocked,” said Mary Jones, of Northwest Baltimore.”I thought it was terrible. I was appalled.”

The girl’s dad says it’s an important reminder for parents to keep close watch over their kids.

“All of her friends will be monitored.  I will know everyone who she speaks with, everyone who she talks to, everyone who talks to her.  These are things that are important for a parent to know,” the father told WJZ.

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Baltimore City police are working with school officials in the ongoing investigation.