BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The wait is over for a Baltimore family who wanted to know who killed their 70-year-old father. Police have a suspect behind bars.       

Gigi Barnett has more.

For months, Tracey Hill waited for a phone call from Baltimore detectives, telling her that a suspect was behind bars for killing her 70-year-old father, Milton Hill, last year.

The months drifted into a year. But Thursday morning, the call came.

“I’m just still in a state of shock to know that they did find somebody,” Tracey Hill said.

The suspect is 18-year-old James Johnson.

Police say Johnson’s motive for shooting Hill several times in August last year was robbery. The teen allegedly wanted Hill’s green scooter.

It happened in an alley behind the Ark Church on North Avenue in East Baltimore. Hill had worked there as a handyman for the congregation.

The question why still haunts the family.

“To leave him out on the street like that…is a senseless murder,” Tracey Hill said.

Last summer, hundreds gathered to remember Hill. Police say they relied heavily on tips from witnesses.

“There was certainly some community intelligence involved in this,” said Det. Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore Police Department spokesman. “This was members of the community working with detectives.”

Hill’s daughter says the arrest brings some closure, but there’s still a trial to attend.

“I don’t have any anger,”  she said. “I don’t want him to get the death penalty. I just want him to serve his time and get maybe life.”

Johnson is behind bars at Central Booking.

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  1. icky city says:

    whre is my comment?

  2. Ickky city says:

    this is the most liberal news station who deletes half of your comments. dont even bother posting. UGGGH. I feel like suing. Its called free speech.

    1. ciara says:

      They don’t post my comments. When I talk about taxes and welfare I never see them.

  3. Kay says:

    I bet he thought he was REAL TOUGH killing an ederly man. Let’s see how tough he is now, throw him in the cell with Bubba. Children are the futre my A**

  4. stationnorth says:

    James Johnson should be put to death or given life in prison with no hope of parole. But this being Baltimore, James Johnson will only get months and be back on the streets robbing and murdering others.

  5. sheriff says:

    Another shinning example of our inspired Black youth to demonstrate their life skills.

    1. Leonard says:

      Uninspired Black Youth! You don’t see stories about ones like my children. Late teens early 20’s School Teachers Students managers my son’s give back to the youth. They mintor, minister, and coach. Everyone has a right to their opinion, so I’m not questioning the validity of yours, but please accept the truth it’s not all Black youth. It some, it’s a hell of allot but not all. Some of us fathers did their job, and only 2 of my 7 children bear my name and they are minors still more of us than you guys give credit for have been and are doing the right thing and not turning out thugs from lazy parenting.

      1. Leonard says:

        pardon the typo, that’s “mentor”

      2. TheRiley says:

        Whoa, wait, wait a sec. sheriff actually has a point (I can’t believe I’m saying this…)
        James Johnson is an example of “uninspired” black youth. sheriff didn’t say “ALL”. Johnson was filled with greed and wanted something he couldn’t afford and he was out to get it, even if it cost the owner his life. He obviously doesn’t care about the value of human life, therefore he deserves the death penalty.
        I mean, come on. HE SHOT AN ELDERLY MAN WHO WORKS AT A CHURCH!! You can’t get much more wrong than that.

      3. TheRiley says:

        Sorry, I meant “STABBED” not “SHOT”

    2. Jack Pollack says:

      I hope you notice that the SHERIFF is ALWAYS the one to play the race card. And dopes like THE RILEY fall into the trap while the SHERIFF laughs at what a bunch of know-nothings fall for his racist comments.

      In the same issue, the link reports of a mother in Washington state stabbed by her son. They found her husband also killed by his son. The killer and his girlfriend then killed a yound man and stole his car. WILL THE DUMB SHERIFF NOW CONDEMN THE ENTIRE WHITE RACE?

      1. TheRiley says:

        If you’ve ever noticed, I’m always arguing with sheriff on issues like this when he plays the race card. But this time, just this ONE TIME, I agree with him. I’m not condemning a race, and neither is he. He is speaking statistically, and if you were able to read thru the racism, you could see that I’m right for siding with him. sheriff rips on all kinds of dumb people. He’s incorrect most of the time for condemning an entire race to stupidity, however, if he narrowed it down into a category, it downgrades his racially charged opinion to just an opinion.
        I”m not a dope, so do not judge me that way.

      2. RDNKKKGRL says:

        wait a minute now sheriff’s only telling the cold hard facts he aint beeing prejudice 99.9 % of the shootings and robbings and raping and killing and drug dealing are committed by black people white peoples just stupid enough to buy there drugs and keep em in business so if it werent for white people keeping black people in business then theyd b robbing stealin nshooting more and the worse part about it is every time 1 of those things up there in the city shoot someone guess who gets blamed the guns i say we take the guy out back and fill him w/buckshot

  6. herman says:

    give this child a chance mr hill would want the same thing people are so fast to judge people without having there day in court

    1. TheRiley says:

      If someone stabbed your father or great grandfather, would you give him a chance? Just asking.

    2. RDNKKKGRL says:

      that little punk ass had his chance he chose to be a hoot so he should get the death penalty he aint gonna straighten up hes just gonna get worse and hes not a child anymore he hasnt been one since he made that adult decision to take someones life. @ the riley hell no i wouldnt give them a chance the only chance theyd b getting from me is staring straight down the barrel of my smith n wesson

  7. Mcclean says:

    Forget gun control, how about amunition control

  8. Chrissy Mad Anderson says:

    A chance? Did he give Mr.Hill a chance? No. He’s acted like an adult, he should be treated like one. Death penalty.

  9. Fear and flee bmore says:

    The typical core demographic to fear and profile. Most of the homicides in this state is committed by persons with that face.

  10. Tracey says:

    Empty souless eyes of the devil. He should get death as well, but thanks to O’Malley he won’t. Another evil thug eating up tax dollars for years on end.

  11. Raquelle says:

    excuse but yall are wrong my uncle has nothing to do with this mans death. They don’t even have no evidence that they do. they just wanted to lock him up because they could not find the person who did it. so watch your comments on how you can talk about someone but only believe what the news say more than likely they are always locking people up for things that didn’t have anything to do with.

    1. billiam says:

      Excuse me, “Raquelle,” but what exactly is “yall?” “They don’t even have no evidence?” Where on earth, or better yet, what hall of finer education did you walk through in your life?

    2. TheRiley says:

      I’m sure they found a reason to connect him with this crime. The police aren’t going to arrest someone and charge them knowing charges wouldn’t stick. Besides, the article doesn’t state there is a lack of evidence. How would you know if there is evidence or not in this case?

    3. Yaspar says:

      Allow me to translate:
      Excuse me, but you all are wrong: my uncle had nothing to do with this man’s death. The police don’t even have any evidence. They just wanted to lock him up because they could not find the person who did it. So watch your comments. Why you believe what the news says? More than likely the police are locking people up for things that they didn’t have anything to do with.
      While it is still a foolish post, it sounds much more credible when the rules of grammer, spelling, syntax, and puncuation are followed.

      1. Yaspar says:

        Punctuation, sorry.

  12. Raquelle says:

    Death penalty really he just a child never been convicted of anything like this before, but yall so quick to judge. they didn’t kill casey anthony and they had all the evidence in the world . I put this on my life me and my family will fight this trial with everything in us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      He’s a child BS. He knew what he was doing when he did it. That’s what’s wrong with this city they get no real justice. FRY HIM.

    2. TheRiley says:

      Actually, they didn’t convict Casey Anthony because they HAD NO EVIDENCE. Raquelle, you might wanna check your facts before you post.

      And he’s not a child. Children don’t take lives just because they want a material item.
      He made an adult decision, he suffers an adult’s consequences, including the Death Penalty. You can fight this trial all you want. Johnson obviously doesn’t care about others…

  13. JO JO DANCER says:

    You are right ickky and ciara, they will post stuff like sheriff, willy joe and harley 121, not constructive comments. I bet you want post this either.

    1. jojo Dancer says:

      JOJO, is it true you’re a fudge packer & have a whistle blowing set of blue lips that would make Louie Armstrong jealous?

  14. JO JO DANCER says:

    Thank you antoinette shorter, well said.

  15. outkast says:

    The City is full of children with no direction.It all started with using people as Commodities.The Damage will continue for the next 2 generations and people will complain about the mess they created !

  16. Roger says:

    My problem with the death penalty is the irresponsible and inconsistent way the states have used it; if this young man is guilty then yes he most certainly deserves to hang.. My problem is that the authorities have proven they can’t be trusted with that much power.
    Prison seems to have lost the punishment element; will I hear about this young man suing for release in 20 years having earned a P.hD. at my expense?
    Amongst the hand wringing I’d like to ask, what about the parenting this alleged killer received, where are the people who raised him. The only way to stop this senselessness is to take our neighborhoods back; by force if necessary.
    The thug culture will not go away of its’ own accord, it must therefore be attacked and killed; or our young people will remain at risk for these senseless outcomes. People band together and beat down the thugs.

  17. T says:

    Just an FYI to all on this site who always scream for the death penalty.

    To have prosecutors ask for the death penalty in MD, the guilty party must have committed/been found guilty in the first degree. THAT is defined as:

    * A deliberate, premeditated, and willful killing.
    * Committed by lying in wait.
    * Committed by poison.
    * Committed in the perpetration of or an attempt to perpetrate arson, burglary, carjacking, escape from prison, kidnapping, mayhem, rape, robbery, sexual offense, sodomy, or bomb-making.
    * If the offender willfully, deliberately, and with premeditation intended the death of a law enforcement officer.

    1. RDNKKKGRL says:

      yeah right he killed the man deliberatly and willingly all because he couldnt have wat he wanted


    burn him

  19. theRiley says:

    Such an angelic looking little bugger. He has the soul of the devil & the brains of a Chimp OBama.

    1. TheRiley says:

      You’re really stealing my name? Really? Get a life. Besides, everyone knows that I, the real TheRiley, would never say anything like that.

      1. theRiley says:

        the riley, Don’t flatter yourself. Nobody knows you except your sorry ass Mother & your parole officer along with your bunk buddy late at night.

      2. TheRiley says:

        I’m sorry. Parole Officer isn’t in my daily vocabulary. Probably because I’ve never had one. Unlike you, faker, I abide by the law.
        Don’t go there with mother jokes. I promise I will own you.
        You talk really big, but i’m sure you’re just another scrawny little prick who likes to pick fights over the internet, playing World of Warcraft on a daily basis.
        Grow up.

  20. Kim says:

    I hope this kid is in for a hard, tough lesson then, maybe in 15 years or so, a chance at rehabilitation.

  21. amanda says:

    Too bad he just looks burnt…I say fry him for real. 🙂

  22. cms827 says:

    Seriously rehabilitation, you should know by reading about the repeated offenders their is no rehabilitaion for someone who can kill another human being, He is an animal and when his grandmamma gets on TV and cries he was such a good boy,,,,,,give me a break they should put a cage around West Baltimore and give them all guns and call it a day!!!

  23. HA HA HA says:

    shorter Seems that you have a little kill er in you

  24. antoinette shorter says:

    No, not at all. Just a tad bit tired of THAT particular persons rhetoric and gave him back what he “spews” all day every day….my point is that I kept my comment on HIM while HE chooses to lump a whole society of people in a box and THAT I HAVE ISSUE WITH. HA HA HA

  25. Lil D says:

    Please people stop pointing out the arce of the offender. Can’t you see peole are tired of constantly being reminded that blacks are doing most of the violent crimes. Stop sounding like a broken record anf just talk about the case at hand. Everyone already knows the race connection, dtop dtop beating it in to the ground. Yeah he’s black yeah he killed another black but remember white people are racist and want us to kill ourselves. We can’t please white no matter what.

    1. moleman says:

      Have you ever seen a more stupid looking black?

    2. RDNKKKGRL says:

      it aint about pleasing white people were stickin to the case and someone pointed out he was black we aint racist we aint the ones who got a holiday named after us we aint the ones living in baltimore city acting like a bunch of porch monkeys on crack and if u wanna kill yourself hey watever floats your boatgo ahead and do it i promise it wont bother us a bit just dont use a gun our guns are getting picked on enough

  26. Lil D says:

    race of the offender

  27. Over it says:

    This man was killed for no reason and this foolishiness has to stop! I’m soo sick of hearing stories like this on the news.Communities need to step up! You wonder why crime is higher in some neighborhoods and not others,the answer is because the homeowners/renters don’t tolerate this B.S.Stop letting these petty thugs and drug dealers rule your neighborhoods.

  28. moleman says:

    They are all loud foul mouthed black animals. Animals travel in a pack just like the tar babies.

  29. H. says:


  30. whitest guy in md says:

    Evil looking man – he and his family are what’s wrong with Baltimore, the family will no doubt claim his innocence, despite his evil murderous look they’ll no doubt claim how sweet he is. I hope they kill him…that would be sweet. In fact they need to eliminate the entire gene pool.