BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Overflowing toilets, leaking roofs, even roaches. That’s what some Baltimore City school students say they live with everyday. Now, they are pushing for change.

Andrea Fujii has more on a plan to fix city schools.

The group Transform Baltimore is pushing a plan to modernize all city schools within eight years. But parents, teachers and students say it couldn’t come soon enough.

Gaping holes in the wall.

“The floors are cracked up. They’re old.”

Flooded bathrooms.

“It’s disgusting. The toilets are falling apart.”

And no heat.

“How are we supposed to learn in coats?”

Baltimore City schools students and faculty say they’ve had enough, and want improvements.

“We were able to pay for a Grand Prix race,” Noel Green, principal of the Baltimore Freedom Academy, said. “So you mean to tell me we can’t spend money to fix our schools?”

With $2.8 billion in renovations needed, Transform Baltimore is calling on city leaders for help.

The group plans to send 2,000 postcards to the mayor’s office calling for a new revenue source for school construction.

They also want to adopt a financing plan to modernize schools. It includes leveraging annual construction funds for long-term borrowing, supporting local revenue expansion for school construction and an increase in state funding.

“What we’re pushing for is a really big think outside of the box solution,” said Bebe Verdery of Transform Baltimore.

And lawmakers are listening.

“We need to take one big jump for $2.8 billion, get it done in a short period of time and start in a good place for the future,” Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke of District 14 said.

Students say they won’t stop until that future is brighter for all their classmates.

“The students, we deserve more,” Reonna Hestor, a senior at the Baltimore Freedom Academy, said. “We want more and we’re going to continue to advocate until we get more.”

The financing plan proposed by the group is modeled after a similar one used in Greenville, S.C., where they rebuilt 70 schools in just five years.

According to Transform Baltimore, 70 percent of city schools are in need of major renovations or replacements.

Comments (38)
  1. harley121 says:

    The animals that attend these schools are destroying them daily. Why pump money into them? Think I’m wrong? Just who do you think does all the damage,,,, little Elfs! My Grandparents lived on Ashland Ave, their house was well kept, the steps washed every Saturday. These negros took over that area and it is now a getto!
    SAVE City Money,,, spend it on street and utility repairs.

    1. AD 2536 says:

      You are ignorant and so is Bernard! Yes, you are WRONG! Obviously you are narrow minded! Do you think these kids took over the area and that is the reason it is ghetto? Think about it!
      When you make statements like that back it up! No children should be expected to learn in these schools with these conditions.

      1. sheriff says:

        AD2536, I’ll back them up turd face. No they didn’t ruin the neighborhoods but their daddys & mommys before them did just like they will when the gov. hands out future welfare checks for them to move into another former good neighborhood. It’s a cycle that repeats itself in the black lazy community. Now I hear you all gonna get free diapers for your lil monkeys.

    2. Keep it Real says:

      Well maybe if the adults that are now 50 yrs old wouldn’t have started on crack then our community wouldn’t be called the ghetto. Look around you, all the house that are broaded up use to be home ower who lost there houses to drugs. Next if you do ur history on these schools then u would no that ur grandmother use to go to this school. They been old. It’s been time for new school. How could these children mess up a school that is 30 to 40 years old. Get your head out of your butt. Since your family came from Ashland.

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Spending 2.8 billion on school repairs in Balto city is akin to wiping your butt with one sheet of toilet paper when you have an attack of diarrhea. Better yet, it’s throwing good money away when the people who destroy these schools have no moral values & no respect for anything except what they are wearing on their backs.

  3. common sense says:

    its long overdue for many schools in Baltimore City. Bernard and Harley you are two very ignorant people!! The money needs to be vested where it should be and had the repairs been done when needed it would have been less expensive. Many city school buildings are over 30 years old. All children need a clean and safe environment to get educated in. If something in any of these schools cause a child to become sick or injured then the city and you two dumb taxpayers will pay more. I can not believe the ignorance of racist haters..get a life!!

    1. sheriff says:

      Common sense???? You sure as hell don’t have any.

  4. po po po says:

    How much more money do they need? Allready has one of the highest cost per student in the country. Why doesn’t the principal give back some of overpaid salaries?

    1. AD 2536 says:

      Why don’t you give back you salary and be quiet for a change? Keep your ignorant comments and let us start an educated discussion about this VERY important issue.
      Obviously you have NO CLUE what is going on at these inner city schools! MORON!

  5. LaDasha says:

    We need new schools to mold our future. The crime and violence must stop and the students need to take pride in the schools. Most students want and need an education, but a few of the students are disruptive and ignorant. These few must be eliminated from the system so the others can learn and prosper.

    1. AD 1536 says:

      I agree 100% !

  6. moleman says:

    What’s really needed is for the parent, parent’s of these sperm donors to have their tubes tied, take the pill or have an implant or just close their f…….k legs. They are unfit to raise anything school ready.

  7. bmore1 says:

    Sheriff tlks tough but I guarantee he won’t say that to somebodys face. Just tryna b a internet redneck

    1. AD 2536 says:

      That is right he is a redneck!

      1. AD 2536 says:

        Moleman nobody feel sorry for you except you and it will stay that way forever! Know that! Maybe you should start your own racist blog somewhere else, we don’t care to read it! This article is about city schools and their conditions and the kids, teachers and administrators who try to do something about it! I am making a change in the neighborhoods and my family does the same and it feels 100% right! My own kind? What is that mean? Do you have your own kind? Wait… must have! Anyways!

  8. LaDasha says:

    AD2536……you are so right. These people certainly don’t understand how hard it is to live in the inner city. I’ve said it many times before, if the state and federal government would give the poor more help maybe things would get better. Most of the people on this site are well off and could care less about the poor. Some are even hateful, evil and down right mean.

    1. Jerry says:

      LaDasha, i’m not well off. I’m not raciest but I saw what’s posted in my comment first hand . The school was Northern High School.

  9. moleman says:

    AD2536, What is that the last for numbers of your ID when you were in prison or your rank in class? Obviously you need schooling & may I remind you that until the day I die, I will make it as uncomfortable for every low life no class Nigga in the world.

    1. AD 2536 says:

      To moleman: The answers to your questions are NO and NO! I don’t know who are you trying to call names but as I said it before you should start your racist blogs somewhere else where people actually care. This article was about city schools and their conditions. Trust me I got superb education in Europe. Would you like schooling on where that is? It sounds like you must spend lots of time making others uncomfortable but at the end of the day you are the only one miserable because nobody cares about you!

  10. Jerry says:

    Thank you 13 for once again censoring my comments.

  11. Jerry says:

    Three tries and my comments were blocked. But this is gonna post.

  12. Jerry says:

    My own experience with a city school , saw it with my own eyes while taking our daughter (may she rest in peace) for her first and last day (both the same day). Gambling , security is joke and make sure you have cuffs for the fights.

  13. Jerry says:

    That’s what the city wants to spend money on so they can mess it up again. In case your interested the gambling and fight was by black “students” one from a school 10-15 miles away.

  14. willie joe says:

    They don’t need modern schools to be ruined by the jigaboos. They need walled off concrete bunkers to house these future welfare recipients.

  15. common sense says:

    these comments are hilarious. The same kids that you think should be neglected will be the ones who grow up and continue to be menace’s. it is not just the responsibility of the school’s its the responsibility of the community. however, schools are to be safe havens, clean and healthy enviroments to assist in the development of children, if the schools fail an already failing child then there is no hope anywhere.
    I have 2 children in Baltimore county schools and some of those schools need renovations as well. Education is not a top priority in this Nation but politicians are always screaming we need education to keep the U.S in the running for global expansion. Then lay the foundation and fix the schools and the school system.
    Ignorance is just what it is and those who are spewing ignorant and hateful comments do everyone a favor and kill yourselves. You are not relevant and nobody cares what you think!!

    1. sheriff willie joe says:

      Common cents, SMD….MF.

  16. willie joe says:

    Common sense, I can see by your recent tirade that you are still dumber than a bag of dog s….t……Until the cycleof handouts that continues to keep mostly blacks as cripples & dependent, they will never do for themselves. They love the “Bling to nuch & lose focus on the real fact of life. Education is the key to a good ride in life & not what some dumb azz rapper like Jay-z or Chris Brown tells you it’s an Esclade.Now shut your black pie hole & study.

  17. Sherrif Berenard Willie Moleman McKernan says:

    oh for heaven’s sake. Sherif, Willie, Bernard & Moleman are all the same troll. He is paid by WJZ to make inflammatory comments so that innocent posters check back and “hit” JZ’s site more often. JZ gets paid by their advertisers per hit.

    Now, I know that they are all the same person because he’s admitted it in other forums, as for the troll part…, I could be wrong, but in that case he is just a really weird freak who gets his rox off by picking fights with peoople he has no investment in. People like that have no power in their own lives and spend every moment of their spare time (seriously, check the time stamps on the posts from all of his aliases) spewing the most hateful and inane bile. Don’t you find it hard to believe that in this day and age someone could really be that stupid? I’m just saying…enlightened people just don’t hold on to that kind of rage, nor do they take it out on innocent people making thoughtful and respectful comments.

    So, my dear co-posters, why respond to foolishness…do we give credence to anything the drunk slob in the bar says? No. Let’s not engage the weird little man with the foul mouth.

    1. willie joe says:

      First & foremost, when addressing me schmuck, please spell SHERIFF correctly for it puts you smack in the front of the stupid class. You must have a lot of time on your hands to write such a long post & that tells me you are unemployed, retired or using the prison library. As for me, I am well & have no need to work any longer but to sit & watch the crumbling of the Negro, Nigga society turn on itself. Enjoy.

      1. Unemployed, retired and using the prison library says:

        I rest my case.

  18. willie joe says:

    Ha Ha, Thanks for the comments although way off the mark they only help my campaign against black thug street criminals. Publicity good or bad is always good. The only time I ever puked is when I saw your Mother naked.

  19. willie joe says:

    My game? I have no game. I am merely interested in seeing all blacks earn their own way in life & small people such as yourself who post under different monikers to please be honest with themself.

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