As I tweeted yesterday (@Jen_Royle), it looks as if Peter Angelos will be calling “Little Big League” to interview for Andy MacPhail’s replacement as Orioles GM. Not only has Mr. Angelos called upon everyone under the sun to interview for this position, it looks as if they’ll not only be searching for the right fit, but they’ll be searching for somebody to say, “I accept.”

This has now become a national topic of discussion in the world of Major League Baseball. And by “this” I mean the dysfunctional ownership that is the Angelos Family and why, though a GM job for a major sports team is respectable, people may be turning down what others would call a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Without getting into the candidates and who may or may be interviewing, my opinion on this matter is simple. After 14 losing seasons, if this position isn’t coveted by suits looking to upgrade from Ast. GM to GM, there has to be some serious issues in the Orioles front office. But more important, is ownership not giving the candidates (Tony LaCava) full control over who is signed and for how much?

Regardless, the only people who are suffering from this debauchery are the fans. Paging Mr. Angelos. If there’s every a good time for Mr. Angelos to address the fan base that so desperately longs for a winning season or at least a winning product on the field, it is now. In my opinion, ownership has forced fans, who might I add pay good money, to watch their team lose more than they win. A couple of question that come to mind: What is Mr. Angelos looking for in a GM and how much is he willing to spend on free-agent signings this offseason?

The fans deserve answers. The fans deserve an explanation. The fans deserve more. Period.

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  1. Tom Walker says:

    It will be difficult to get an O’s GM because of the following:

    1) Ownership will not let him make the decisions
    2) The GM will have to answer to Buck
    3) The excellent baseball executives do not want to work for Mr. A. The O’s have had several excellents GMs in the past, but they all left for some reason (probably Mr A): 1) Roland Hemond, who now in the HOF as a baseball executive; 2) Pat Gillick, who is in the HOF; and 3) Andy MacPhail, who will probably be in the HOF)

    The GM that the O’s will finally hire will only be a YES man to both Mr A and Buck.

    PS. Jen, I miss reading your blogs on MASN sports. Where have you been writing?

  2. twalker919 says:


    We certainly hate for you to leave the Baltimore area. I have always enjoyed your comments with regard to Balt sports.

    Good luck in the future and hope for the best for your family.

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