BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A celebratory dance lands one high school soccer team in hot water and costs them the chance to play in the championship game.

Gigi Barnett explains parents are outraged.

It’s called “The Bernie”– an on-the-field victory dance after a game-changing sack, score or point.

So when the Perry Hall boys soccer team did it this week after kicking a winning goal against Dulaney High School, parents from the opposing team complained, calling the dance lewd, inappropriate and unsportsmanlike behavior.

Perry Hall’s principal George Roberts quickly suspended the varsity team, shutting down the season and blocking all chances for a trip to the championship.

“Two more games and they’re state finalists, two more games,” Roberts said.

Now Perry Hall parents and students are outraged. Students say they’ve done the dance before.

“We done it against Sherwood and it has not been a problem until now against Dulaney,” said Christopher Winter, a Perry Hall soccer player.

Roberts says “The Bernie” may be allowed on the NFL field, but it’s the wrong gesture for high schoolers.

“Engaging in those celebratory dances that they see Ravens players doing, professional soccer players doing, that’s just not something that we consider,” he said.

But Perry Hall parents hope an e-mail from Dulaney High’s coach could have changed the principal’s mind.

In it, the coach says that some of his parents may have wanted retaliation because they lost, that he saw the dance on YouTube after the game and found that “The Bernie” may have been misconstrued.

“They made a mistake and thank you Dulaney coach for sending the e-mail and stepping up and admitting that you’re wrong,” Vinnie Magliano, a Perry Hall student’s parent, said. “The man said it the right way.”

But Perry Hall’s principal isn’t budging. He said he considered other punishment options like community service and Saturday school. None of those will do and he stands by the suspension. What’s more, the school headquarters does too.

The regional semi-final game is Friday afternoon.

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  1. angela says:

    If they were told not to do it previously and they chose to disregard those rules, then they should be reprimanded in some way. However, if the kids had no idea that they shouldn’t be doing it then you can’t punish them. I am so tired of encouraging our kids to reach their potential just to be shot down.. IT happens all the time w/ academics too. Come on Principle Roberts… get a life. Reprimand them or talk to them but don’t be this extreme. What is it getting you other than a team that could now care less about their school.. how pathetic

  2. angela says:

    NOTE- I purposely spelled ‘Principal” incorrectly.. Our’s always told us that we should remember how to spell the word b/c we always had a ‘pal’ in “principal”.. clearly this team doesn’t

  3. Ajd says:

    The dance isn’t lewd. It’s a spoof od the dead guy in the movie Weekend at Bernie’s. The principal need to get a clue and let kids be kids and have a little fun. The Dulaney parents need some thicker skin, realize that they got beat and forget about it. What happened to childhood fun. Way to take the fun out of life. It would be different if the kids were truly being disrespectful and unsportsmanlike. I just don’t see it.

  4. John Cottrell says:

    Principal Roberts wow i guess that just shows that you have no sense of humor or a life that you have to take it away from some kids that have worked hard for there achievements. Way to go to kill the school spirit. Neither of my kids went to this school but some of there parents i did go to school with and I’m sure you will here from them as well as other parents. Get over it have some fun and let the kids do the same.

  5. Tim says:

    This principal is a dud. If my son was a senior and this was his last chance to play, I would be furious. This principal needs to see the conduct of other sports teams and compare them to Perry Hall. The dance isn’t lewd and suspending the remaining season, which happens to be state playoffs is ridiculous. The team should show up and play anyway. The principal can’t stop them from playing.

  6. Carla Hettinger says:

    I graduated from Perry Hall and I am so disappointed in the reaction of the current principal! I have several friends that are school teachers and I hear of actions and behaviors that warrant severe punishment. Now, here we have a soccer team, who is doing well, and have a celebratory dance for their accomplishments and are being treated as if they robbed someone. YOU, Mr. Principal should hang your head low, because as I see it, you are the disappointment in this situation, not any of those kids who played hard and deserved to celebrate. I hope you can sleep at night knowing what was stripped from some of these kids (last game of HS, scholarships, a championship win) Shame on You!

    1. Sonia Carreras says:

      Excellent comment. Shame on you Mr. Principal. If I were a senior I would not want to receive my diploma from your hand nor with your signature. I salute the boys varsity soccer team of Perry Hall High for their tremendous team work and school spirit. You should hold your heads high. You are champions in my book.

  7. kidding me says:

    Wow I was going to send mu kids there. This has made me change my mind, I don’t want them to get mixed up with some uptight headmaster with an unreasonable outlook on life. …….OK GCS you win thanks for helping us make up our minds

  8. Bonnie says:

    That is the Most Ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Sounds to me like the Dulaney Parents that complained were just a bunch of Sour Grapes. The boys were just celebrating a job well done. I have seen this , and see nothing lewd or wrong with it. Perry Hall is my Alma Mater, but right now I’m ashamed of it. I just know one thing; James Bowerman, may he rest in peace; would Never have made suchan assnine decision like that. Come on, Mr. Roberts, stop trying to be TOO Politically Correct. It’s not very becoming..

    1. RLD says:

      I also attended Perry Hall Senior and had many behavioral “issues” while there. Mr. Bowerman and Mr. Sakolski (VP) handled each with professionalism and the appropriate level of punishment. I am now a senior level executive and damn proud of my time and activities at PHHS. I love PHHS for the education I received and the athletic opportunities.
      This gentleman sounds like one of those guys who was always selected last in elementary school for a sports activity and now it’s his time to payback all of those more athletic than he.
      Shame on you.. Mr. Roberts! YOU ARE A PATHETIC MAN and a poor excuse for an admnistrator. LET KIDS BE KIDS !

  9. Jenny Schaum says:

    The students were excited and they danced so what the Delaney Valley parents should not have started something and a big plus the Perry Hall High School Principal
    should have stood up for his students not for some up tight parents that their children had lost a game. I think that principal needs to consider changing his mind and stop being so uptight himself. I had graduated from Perry Hall and I am very upset that the principal acted in such nonsense.

  10. Karen Mantell says:

    These students should be commended for their efforts. This team has worked hard to have the opportunity to play. Now this opportunity is being taken from them. Principal Roberts may not keep his job. Not a very wise decision on Principal Robert’s part. This principal should strongly reconsider his decision and admit it was not the best or brightest decision he has made.

  11. Dave says:

    What in the world is going on? I think the principal needs to be suspended. It’s completely appalling the severe stance he took. I agree with others, he needs to get a life. I mean really, even if you think what they did is wrong, is this the correct punishment? Of course it’s not. He should embarrassed and he should apologize for what he has done. It’s too bad there is no one to over rule his foolish actions.

  12. Mike Barnstein says:

    What Mr. Roberts did is un-American and he could at least let them play but don’t have the game count.

  13. Richard Sheffler says:

    Dulaney’s had their way in the county for 40 years, maybe the principal is looking for a promotion to Dulaney. This is BS

  14. Ruth Scheeler says:

    @ Richard Sheffler….I am not affiliated with either of these schools, but I thought the same thing…that the principal is looking for a promotion. Principal Robets is a pathetic example for the students. And those from Dulaney that complained….you are a poor example of a parent. I hope that the principal decides to stand up for HIS students and do what is right…let them play!

  15. Lauren says:

    This is what happens when minority rules and when people in a losing situation are defended and are given a more favorable situation. The few parents of Dulaney got what they wanted when a whole team, school and parents lost what they rightfully earned. We wonder why young people have a hard time dealing with situations that do not favor them, its because parents are constantly defending their kids, whether they are right or wrong, and do not allow them to deal with difficult situations on their own. The few parents from Dulaney who commented on the “lewd” act, are an example of this. The bottom line is, its a soccer game that most people will forget about in a few years, its really not that big of a deal. What is the big deal, is these kids will think they are entitled when things do not go their way and will not have the skills to cope with unfavorable situations. Let kids be kids (to a certain extent) and allow them to enjoy high school while they still have it.
    At least the coach from Dulaney has some sense and nerve enough to say that parents, especially ones who have kids in an unfortunate outcome, are not always right and reasonable.
    On another note, apparently during other sporting events that involve both noted schools, Dunlaney has been doing the “Bernie” towards the Perry Hall teams. “Surprisingly”, this has not been covered and there has not been any repercussions for these actions. In my humble opinion, this is unsportsmanlike conduct and unacceptable. It is funny how this situation has become a “double standard”.
    And thank you Principal Roberts for fueling the fire in regards to an already criticized educational system and poorly talked about faculty and staff (this comment is a general statement and not directed towards any specific school or system).
    I am a graduate of Perry Hall and my brother is currently a Senior at the school. I am proud of the area and proud of the education i received from a school that is stellar in many different aspects and areas.

    1. RLD says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! Great post!

      1. Lauren says:

        Thank you, I am a proud Alumna and still have roots in the PH area (including PHHS). I feel that this “controversy” goes deeper than just a game and I couldn’t help myself! 🙂
        I am also a Teacher and know that our educational system sees enough of this stuff…this was not needed.

  16. Ritchie says:

    If all you all parents was the principal, the students wuold have much more fun,,

  17. Matt says:

    I’m pretty sure there is no rule indicating the suspension of students for over celebrating. Baltimore co high school football rules state that over celebrating is a personal foul punishable by a 15 yard penalty but not a suspension. This is the last season for some of these kids and quite possibly the last competitive sports they will ever play. Bottom line is a dynasty was beaten and people are upset, but clearly, this year, the better team won. Let the kids have their victory, and leave the suspensions for students who break actual laws.

  18. Daniel says:

    Get a life!

    It did not look lewd or unsportsman like conduct. Why don’t you turn them inito robots.

  19. PH Alumni says:

    Sounds to me like a team with an inflated ego. What’s next? Taking some of the income back from the Ravens for them doing the ‘dance?’ Get real. I think the punishment is too harsh, especially with the double standard (that Lauren mentioned) that it has NOT been publicized that it’s ok for Dulaney to do this. Give me a break. I think these parents need to accept that PH is a much better team…ALL around.

  20. Sandy says:

    Mr.Roberts your students should look up to you not look down upon you. Should these students be suspended for an innocent victory dance? Their intentions were not to be harmful, but a well earned action of a victorious emotion.Should these students have a permanent mark put on school record? Should they not have the opportunity to finish playing out the year? Maybe, an apology would have been welcomed by Dulaney since these students were following by example from previous sporting events that Dulaney had played. Is this the example you want your students to follow Mr. Roberts.? It’s not to late to do the right thing and show your students that we all make mistakes including yourself.

  21. John says:

    What is the ;esson learned? That losing is not okay and if you complain you can get your way? Poor decision by the principal. Com”on Man!

  22. marty says:

    The Perry Hall soccer team was wrong to do a victory dance, however they because of a lack of adult suppervision did not know any better. The fact is that they should have been stopped the first time they did this dance. Where were the parents? where were the coaches? where were the officials? and yes where was the Perry Hall Principal? The more these kids did this victory dance the more they believed it was o.k.. Now they are going to loose something that they could have cherrished for the rest of their lives, because the so called adults failed them. The fact is Mr. Pricipal you are making the kids suffer for your mistake. The fact that your ego will not allow you to do what is right simply because the student’s dared to as Cartman would say “question your Authoriti”, shows that you are not living in reality. I think that the superintendant of the county schools give you a lesson in “AUTHORITI” and overrule you. I would suggest to all those student, parents, and anyone who wants to do what is right call, email, or pay a visit to the county school superintendants, their county councilman, and the county executive. DO NOT LET THESE YOUNG PEOPLE MISS OUT ON SUCH A GREAT EVENT BECAUSE THE ADULTS FAILED TO DO THEIR JOBS.

    1. Don says:

      Donot blame the coach he was sweeping the track because the AD from Dul told him to sweep it because the PH players tracked dirt on the track during half time.So he may not have seen it.You are questioning PH but failed to report that Dul parents lied to thier AD and coach.

    2. moleman says:

      Hey Marty, These 16-18 yrs old kids know the difference between right & wrong. Stop making excuses for them. That’s the real problem with kids today…..Parents!!

      1. Lauren says:

        What is the excuse for the Dulaney parents? If you are going to call out one group, you need to call out the other. I agree to an extent that the victory dance could have been different or delayed, but the controversy is that these kids had no warning that it was inappropriate and it wasn’t deemed inappropriate until someone complained. That complaint was then followed by an extreme punishment.
        This situation could have been dealt with differently; have a meeting with parents and kids to discuss that the victory dance could be toned down some or done differently, but don’t suspend a team without some type of warning. Everyone is entitled to that, that is how we learn.
        Kids don’t know right from wrong or whats inappropriate unless they are taught it (believe me, I do this for a living). All that was needed was a brief comment on appropriate conduct and this whole situation could have been avoided.
        I still support the PHH soccer team and wish them the best of luck. I hope the boys along with fellow classmates can walk away from this incident with some new knowledge.

    3. Big Ron says:

      What’s wrong with a VICTORY dance? Maybe it will hurt the ‘SELF ESTEEM” of their opponents. Grow up. If you can’t learn from your losses you will be a loser all your life….

  23. the truth says:

    Who gives a rat’s azz what any of you parents think. Most of you are too lazy & just throw money at the problems of kids today. You’re all to busy getting your hair, nails & Lexus serviced than to really teach your kids manners & respect. The kids are doing what they see other adults doing. Be a real role model for them & not some air heads.

    1. you can't handle the TRUTH says:

      I find it amusing and amazing that you make such a sweeping generalization of the parents who have commented on this story. The TRUTH here is that these kids are being punished in a manner that does not fit the offense. The principal is putting his own principles ahead of the good of his own students. These kids deserve to play. They have gone through all of the rigors of preparing for a season, winning during a season and then defeating a team which is a powerhouse!! The TRUTH is that the principal is making more of a lewd display than the kids did with the dance!! The truth… YOU CAN”T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

    2. Who does? I do. says:

      On this subject and any other subject you have commented on in the past, you have not spoken one syllable of truth; you come on here with the rantings and ravings of a lunatic who feels you are so far above everyone else when in fact, you’re no better than anyone else who has an opinion. So, troll all you want on this blog; most of the people who comment and/or read this and other comments know you well enough to pay little or no attention to anything you have to say.

      1. the truth says:

        Who does???Me a troll? I got your troll & it’s up your hole so wiggle your azz if you wanna save your soul…….Go kill yourself & Oh, If I wanted to listen to an azzhole, I’d fart.

  24. Debbie says:

    There obviously wasn’t a rule against this and now have to suffer for the opinion of parents who obviously saw them as a threat to their own team moving forward. I hope Dulaney loses every game they play. These parents should be ashamed of themselves and the principal should have egnored their whining.

  25. Sarah says:

    Thats not right! They shouldn’t have been suspended!

  26. Gman says:

    That guy is a candya$$ and most likely never played any sport when he was a kid…. grow a set will you


    When a student gets out of line in class, a teacher may send him to the principal’s office to restore order in the classroom. Well since so many of us think that this principal is out of line, maybe we should “go to the Principal’s office”. We should call the school (410-887-5108) and email principal Roberts!! Maybe hearing from concerned parents and citizens will cause Principal Roberts to reconsider! GO TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE!!!

  28. Rachel Haynie says:

    The tragic thing is that these kids will never get this back. If this horrible desicion isn’t overturned then those kids, especailly the seniors who spent 4 years getting to this point will never get this back. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime, they didn’t hurt anyone, and to forfit the whole season is terrible. The parents at Dulaney need to be ashamed of themselves, your kids lost fair and square and this is how you take it! Who is being unsportsmanlike now? And the principal should’ve backed up his kids. You need to really man up and admit you were wrong and let those kids play.

  29. Sally says:

    The kids behavior was classless! Don’t necessarily agree with the punishment, but the parents need to step up and say that they way their sons acted was wrong. How about teaching your kids sportsmanship?

    1. One sided says:

      Sally, there is nothing wrong with what they did. They played this game, won fair and square and chose to celebrate their “dance” as a team would and should. There was no intent to “show up” Dulaney; they didn’t direct the dance at them. How about teaching the Dulaney kids sportsmanship and have them admit they lost fair and square to a better team that to cry about the dance the Perry Hall team did?

      1. RemembersRightFromWrong says:

        Certainly there was something wrong. In this day in age, it show that most people can’t distinguish between right and wrong. Poor sportsmanship used to be a serious thing. Now it’s considered the right thing, by many, to do when winning. Definitely this was an extreme action that the principal took. He probably should have taken a different action. However, the fault isn’t all one sided. The winners should act like winners. The glory should be in the win and the work taken to get to that win. The glory shouldn’t be to act like a loser who has never seen a win and make a cute little dance. Very childish of the children as well as pro athletes to act like this. It was the winners right to win and win hard; not act out like this. Our society has turned into a bunch of whiny, mocking, sniveling babies on all parts; Dulaney, Perry Hall, and the principal.

  30. Louise says:

    How long was the celebratory dance? A mere 3-5 seconds?? Come on, there are worse things that kids in schools do nowadays. Let them play. They deserve it. Next time make more specific and clear rules about ‘celebratory dances’ and then they’ll know what to do or not to do!

  31. christopher spence says:

    A celebratory dance does NOT bad sportsmanship make – if you ever played a competitive sport you’d know that. Instead you lambast kids that are jovial from a win engaging in a very traditionally post game show of dominance – I am a U.S. Marine combat veteran thrice over and know all about discipline and work ethic, adversity and pride… but most of all, commitment. These kids are champions and you do not get to that stage without all of the former attributes. Furthermore there is nothing lude or especially graphic about “the bernie” unless you think a puppeted dead man is sexy. These kids deserved what they’ve worked hard for and if you took one second to realize they never did anything that was specifically outlined in school charter conduct how can they be punished for a dance before their defeated? The punishment doesn’t suit the crime and if I were Mr. Roberts I’d be a bit more wary everywhere I went now that I’ve sufficiently perturbed whats right and good (and the likes of me) with inane pedantry from a pu$$y pedagogue

  32. Kurt says:

    What kind of a sissified nation have we become? We can’t even celebrate a win with a dance? Really? This Principal needs a lesson in being human. In a game there are always going to be winners and losers. You can’t have one without the other (well unless it’s a tie but that’s no fun).

    Youngins should be learning how to win and how to lose and be a good sport about it. I bet if you went to work and got a big raise you would be excited, jump for joy and maybe do a little dance of your own. It’s life!

  33. Geoff says:

    The fact of the matter is that the referees have the ability to give yellow or red cards to players for unsportsmanlike conduct or other infractions. The fact that the referees did not intervene speaks volumes that what the PH kids did was nothing more than a silly celebration. Further more the fact that the principal Roberts who was not even in attendance decided to drop a nuclear bomb on the teams based on complaints from Dulaney is ludicrous. This guy should clearly not be in charge of a school if he is going to make such over the top rash decisions. Let the kids play.

  34. How about Cheerleaders??? says:

    I’m not at all familiar with PH cheerleaders, but some of their moves have got to be more lewd than the bernie…

    1. Leah says:

      You are most definitely correct on that! I attended a high school football game recently and was quite shocked at the “moves” of the cheerleaders.

  35. Destiny Joy Monks says:

    Freaking Pathetic. The unsportsman like action was the parents of the other team being sore losers and wining like little babies!

  36. Doesn't seem right says:

    42 comments and counting. Not 1 agrees with the punishment. As a graduate of Perry Hall and member of the Dulaney school district community I am apalled and embarrased by this behavior. That is … the behavior of the Dulaney parents and Perry Hall principal. This is clearly a knee jerk reaction by both. I’ve coached soccer for 23 years and continue to do so in the local rec program (which happens to be a feeder program for Dulaney). During that time I’ve seen MUCH worse behavior on and off the field by parents, referees and coaches. This was a celebration. I’d be willing to bet that after the celebration was over, the young men lined up, shook each other’s hands and congratulated each other on having played such a well fought contest. Perhaps there is more to this but it certainly doesn’t seem like it from the information provided to us here. Come on Principal Roberts. Lets hear from you. Get it right or provide us some additional information so that we can understand why such a strict punishment is in order.

  37. charlie says:

    the games is back on they play tomorrow

    1. Leah says:

      Is this a definite? Where did you hear this? Only asking, because if it is I am going out to support PHHS. No longer have a child there, but my daughter graduated and these kids deserve to play!

      1. charlie says:

        i work at blake the team they were supposed to play and they told us the game is back on and will be tomorrow not sure the time but it is back on

  38. Tish says:

    Great Win Guys!!! It’s sad when you punish a team of young men that you Mr. Robert’s as a Educator should be fostering into adulthood, a simple talking to on how you wish PHHS seniors to repersent and to be an example for your upcoming seniors would have been the right way to handle this situation. These students are a great example of what I’m sure if you were to ask any teacher in Baltimore County they would love half of their student to be like yet you treating them as if they are no different then the kids whom you see in your office on the weekly basis for behavior problems. They are good kids and you should treat them as such and retract your poor decision and let the play Soccer. At their age they could be doing a lot worse the playing Soccer and a Dance on the field after a win. Let’s get real. Parents at Dulaney I bet you wouldn’t have complained had it been some other school you probably would have thought that the dance was intertaining not to mention for fear of retaliation had it been LHS, WHS, RHS you would have tucked your tails and went home.

    1. shawn says:

      they are playing the game tomorrow against blake. princeable must have changed his mind and let them play

  39. Academics says:

    First of all. There should not be any type of sports untill all academics have been completed. Sports is too overrated. It should just be learn, learn, learn, books, books, homework, homework, homework. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and they are doing it with sports.

    1. Leah says:

      Sports “is” too over-rated….wow, maybe you should take your own advice!!

    2. teb0504 says:

      Most athletes get better grades than kids who do not pariticpate in sports. My daughter plays sports and she gets straight A’s. Unfortunately, do to pro sports, these kids do not get the credit they deserve for all their hard work and dedication.

  40. Shameful says:

    This is a shameful move on the Principals part. He should be suspended for making this horrific decision. He has lost that entire team for good now. He’ll NEVER have the respect of the players, coaches or parents. But from reading the comments it looks like he overturned his decision. I hope it’s true.

    1. Leah says:

      He won’t get suspended, he’ll get a promotion…that’s the good old Baltimore County Public Schools way!!

  41. Vball Player says:

    Our team has been doing it all season and we are in high school. No one has said it is wrong. The principal is over reacting.

  42. ME says:

    What this principal has done is far more shameful than that dance.

    The principal has today to make it right. If not, if I were a Perry High soccer player or supporter, I’d protest this thing til graduation. The principal and district are living an absurdity right now and after making such a ridiculous decision are engaged in the familiar and stupid game of CYA.

    Maybe a few sit-down demonstrations or a sick-out would get these goobers’ attention?

    If I were the team that was supposed to play Perry High, I wouldn’t take the forfeit.

  43. Bill Stevens says:

    Ran across a site that want to get people to submit videos and pics of themselves doing the bernie- hilarious.

  44. kelly says:

    How is that dance lewd? I bet if there is an actual school dance, there is actual lewdness going on. This is a case of a Principal being an idiot and sour grapes from the opposing team? Unless they had been told to never do a celebration dance, this is just ridiculous.

    1. Robby Douglas says:

      Yes…the sandwich dance is worse, and most high schools are doing that at every dance. But i have no problem w it because it’s what they do in this generation. This is no different than a dance after a TD in football. If the refs didn’t say anything, why did the schools and parents get involved?

  45. Robby Douglas says:

    This is just another example of unfair expectations put on today’s high school kids. If this happened in the inner city, everyone would be estatic that enough kids participated in a high school sporting event and would be praised for their effort and accomplishment. The dance would never had made a fuss w anyone…i guess it’s all relative. But, i guess a school like Dulaney going against a school like Perry Hall… It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, and lower yourself to nit picking and unreasonable thinking. Maybe Dulaney kids and parents are just use to getting their way. I just heard they were reinstated…so all i can say at this point is…. Boo Hoo Dulaney!

  46. Cassie Vera Alt says:

    Seem to me that that dance was not in any way lewd. And I fnd that the principal’s decissin was far beyond what should have been done. But apparently the pincipal changed his mnd and is now allowing the students to play.

  47. robertryan says:

    I find this all so amusing. Strung out soccer moms & wannabe jock Dad’s. Remember, tomorrow they get a chance to kiss & make up all over again.

  48. Kathryn says:

    What happened on the field during the game should be left for the game officials to handle and then the team coach after that. This was not a fight or anything dangerous or violent, but I do think it was in poor unsportsmanlike fashion. It was a bunch of teenage kids, that’s pretty normal behavior for most of them. It was nothing the principal should have suspended them for. Rescinding it just made him look even more like a buffoon. As for the kids involved, they have not yet learned to be gracious in both victory and defeat.

  49. sheriff says:

    Lauren, …..Go kill yourself.

  50. moleman says:

    If I wanted to listen to azzholes, I’d fart.

  51. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Something out of character happened here. How many of you bloggers on this site were actually at the game? I believe that there is blame on both sides. Parents who want to only win & look the other way while kids are being disrespectful & a principal who perhaps judged to harshly.

  52. RESPECT says:

    I vote to evict the principal and send him to redemption island. You lost the trust of the students, parents and “we the people”. Your services are no longer required.

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