BROOKLYN PARK, Md. (AP) — Anne Arundel County authorities say they are looking for a man who robbed a person in Brooklyn Park while posing as a police officer.

Police were called to Kramme and Doris avenues early Tuesday morning for a report of police impersonator. A 19-year-old man told police that he and his girlfriend were walking down the street when a man inside a Ford Crown Victoria pulled up and shined a spotlight on them.

The Capital of Annapolis newspaper reports the driver, who wore a silver badge around his neck, put the man in plastic handcuffs and said he had violated a curfew. Police say the man took cash and other personal property from the victim before fleeing. Authorities say the man also was armed with a Taser.

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  1. Buffalo Soldier says:

    Sheriff I see you still have you night job.

  2. cms827 says:

    Please get this right, this is Brooklyn not Brooklyn Park such a huge difference

  3. willie joe says:

    cm827, Brook park, Brooklyn, what’s the diff, they’re both s…..t holes like the rest of N. Anne Arundel co.

  4. crzylady says:

    My gmom lives in brooklyn around 1990 things started to go downhill fast! DRUGS ARE KEY to the problem with baltimore. They breed crime and appathy for life in general. Then throw in a nanny state where you have a back up program to help you be tottally worthless.It is a recipe for disaster in maryland. And it is spreading into the burbs and rural areas alike.

  5. willie joe says:

    Crazylady, Thanks for your truthful comments & let’s add the section 8 exodus allowed by state government during a time when people can’t afford homes but they move these tree jumpers from the city to the burbs & the light rail. Just drive by all the apts in G.Burnie & see the filth of the coon peoples & the trash they drop in the street……Worse than animals.

  6. Sharon says:

    Black people are not the only people living in Brooklyn or Brooklyn Park. You see the white girls with their mixed babies walking the streets. You see the white drug addicts begging on the streets with their cardboard signs begging for money. All the folks on the streets of Brooklyn arel ALL white, homeless and/or drug addicts. OPEN YOUR EYES. Those are your people out there mostly. There are black, hispanic and asian people in that area too but I have yet to sign one black person. Drug addicts, homeless & uneducated people come in all colors not just black.

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