BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore County Police are investigating an armed robbery at a Goodwill store on Joppa Road in Towson and an attempted robbery at the Goodwill on Padonia Road in Cockeysville.

At 11:45 a.m. Friday, officers responded to a call reporting the robbery. Police said a suspect wearing a mask entered the store with a handgun and took an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register and then fled on foot.

At 6:28 p.m., a man targeted the Goodwill on Padonia Road, attacking a store employee. Paramedics responded to the scene but the store employee refused treatment. The perpetrator fled without taking anything.

Police are investigating both incidents but no word yet on whether they are related. They have also not released a description of the suspect.

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  1. B.Co. citizen says:

    Any thoughts on whether this armed robbery is related to the one at the Royal Farm store last month? The two businesses are not very far from each other.

  2. scb says:

    The “local nigga”, wow.

  3. Linney says:

    Racist, ignorant comments aside, I think it is horrible for someone to rob the Goodwill Store! They exist so that people can get necessities on a limited income. Most crimes are committed by ignorant, uneducated people of all races and ethnicities. Ironically, racists comments come from the same types of people!

  4. Deputy says:

    I doubt is was a local “redneck”. Get real people we all know the description.

  5. robertryan says:

    Leigh Erdman, I heard your vagina is the size of a water slide, true?

  6. meee says:

    You must be broke to rob a good will. Or at least brain dead. What a loser. Who robbs a secondbhand store?!? Did they catch the crook knawing on lead painted windows or something. Man they so broke they robbed a goodwill. That’s robbing the ppor so he must have been reaaaalllllly poor. Like naked broke poor. How can anyone get that poor. THat’s like not having any pocket lint pooor. Someone needst to start shooting these losers or giving them the chair. If the best plan to make money is a goodwill, god help our future because this is hopeless. There is no phisycally possible way that this idiot can be a productive member of socitety unless he goes swimming in 32 degree water for about an hour with no thermals on.

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