By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Big money and a big name. That combination might just bring slots to downtown Baltimore.

Alex DeMetrick reports Caesars Entertainment is making its pitch Monday to build and operate a casino.

A lot of expensive footwear made its way through the weeds and rubble of what might finally be Baltimore’s slots casino. The lottery commission that will make that decision toured the site on Russell Street, just down from M&T Bank Stadium. It was led by the people who want to build it.

“I think you’ll find us to be very good citizens and colleagues here in Baltimore. We’ll have a facility that everyone can be proud of,” said Gary Loveman, Caesars Entertainment.

The proposal from Caesars Entertainment is a casino called Harrah’s Baltimore.

“This will give us an overview of what you would envision, how you see things in place physically,” said commission chairman Donald Fry.

The plan is for a $310 million casino and restaurant complex. It would house more than 3,700 slot machines and create 1,200 full-time jobs, and potentially generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the city and state.

“This is certainly going to be a proposal that we want to give serious consideration to,” Fry said.

Unlike other bids, this one comes with the full $22 million entrance fee and a big reputation.

“We’ve had an awful lot of years of experience building and managing these facilities. We think that we can bring a very successful venture here in a relatively brief period of time,” Loveman said.

Although the commission is under no deadline to make a decision, right now Caesars’ proposal is the only real game in town.

If it is selected quickly, Caesars says the casino could be up and running by the end of 2013.

Alex DeMetrick

Comments (15)
  1. crazyldy says:

    Lets just totally destroy balto. Now not only will drugs and crime take the city down, but you can thrust senoirs and low wage earners into abject poverty. And more kids will suffer and more people will be robbed and murdered for a “cheap” thrill! NO to slots they rot every place they end up.

    1. joe says:

      HA! You really think slots are going to make things worse?! Have you been downtown lately? It can only get better…..

  2. robertryan says:

    The final nail in the casket of Baltimore. Low class Black lEADERSHIP or should I say not leadership is largely responsibile for this morass. You have a city population that is welfare bunnies that take & contribute nothing in return. Over fifty percent of the males 16-35 are convicted felons & can’t find work or lack the basic skills to do anything but sweep a floor or flip a burger….Gambling downstown?? Better double the police force & the same for the taser guns & fire that dumb azz Bealfeld.

  3. C'mon son!!!!! says:

    Robert, why is race the issue here. I disagree with the decision to bring slots into Maryland and into downtown, but this is not a BLACK issue. This is an issue in the entire state.
    Also, why do you attach shame to people who are sweeping floors or flipping burgers? At least they are trying to work! What would you rather them do?

  4. robertryan says:

    C’mon son!!!, I stipulated black simply because the city is 70% black & therefore it’s blacks who are affected by any activity & it’s blacks that commit over 80% of the crime in the city. In reference to your question about sweeping floors or flipping burgers, they are honest jobs but one cannot sustain a family or lifes necessities on those wages & besides, the young thug blacks are hip hop guys & would resent that.

    1. mango says:

      Most educated people of color left the city with the rest of the population.You only have the worst of the worst in Baltimore.

  5. robertryan says:

    The convention center would be a logical place to turn into gambling. The convention business has dropped off due to the economy & besides, who the hell wants to come to Balto & get shot or raped? That location is dying for many reason & parking is one of them. The whole building design was nothing but a money grab for developers & they hoodwinked the local azzhole govt.

  6. Nobody says:

    Slots are not really a bad thing, how ever the money that they make from the slots will just go in their pockets and the city will still be in the hole.

  7. amandy says:

    The city need to do what like Boston did rebuild. Lot of building in the city need a major upgrade & clean the water ways. All the old building that are in the city more like it that where all the bad guys are hideing at just take it down then they will have no place to hide but ther own homes or a friend house. Then they will have a room to put a new race track & other things. We need to do our part in the countys by keeping trash & other things that go in streams, rivers, sewer or anywhere it may turn up. All of it end up in the harbor, bay then to the ocean.

  8. John Holmes says:

    tell no one but this was the plan all along. the city demolished the property that was there over a year ago just for this reason…

  9. mango says:

    The inner harbor should be all business and entertainment.The once good paying jobs are gone and may never return.Build race tracks ,casinos and anything that will bring jobs to the city.Casinos will bring no more crime than the those dirty carry out food stores on the corners.

  10. tylerjake says:

    No one is going to go downtown to Ghettoland to be attacked. If you don’t believe me, see Detroit. They have three casinos and most are bankrupt!

  11. robertryan says:

    The chickens have come home to roost. The Black fullfilling prophecy has been fulfilled. Baltimore is a shell of itself. Black thugs run the city, the inner harbor is a cesspool with loud foul mouthed undisciplined blacks menacing & threatening tourists. I caution all of my relatives to not visit the harbor. Ok, Moolie tree jumpers, you have it, lets see how much further you can take it back to the stone age N*****R’S.

  12. Kathy says:

    What about Pimlico??

  13. Shut up willie joe says:

    Hey robertryan or shall I say tylerjake/willie joe/moleman/myafroitches/bernard/sheriff, you must live in the hood.You seem to know all about the activities that go on there.So what if the thugs threaten tourists,I’m sure those people have seen the show “the wire” they should know what to expect coming to Baltimore.You should caution all of your pickaninny relatives not to visit the dump you call a home on mondays and wednesdays because you will be entertaining willie joe’s azzhole with you wanger

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