BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The Occupy Wall Street movement causes chaos from Baltimore to the West Coast. In downtown Seattle, police use pepper spray to break up a rowdy protest, injuring an 84-year-old woman and a pregnant woman. It’s one of many violent confrontations around the country as protesters take over public parks and busy streets.

Mike Hellgren explains how some disrupted a high-profile speaking event at Johns Hopkins.

Minutes into his speech at Johns Hopkins University, Occupy movement protesters heckled Karl Rove.

And he fired back.

“If you don’t have the courage to stand here and then ask a question, you’re just showing your moral cowardice,” Rove said.

“Do not be so arrogant and presumptive to think that you’re the only person who has a First Amendment right that needs to be heard,” Rove continued. “Who gave you the right to occupy America? Nobody.” 

Hopkins removed 15 people from the auditorium. No one was arrested.

The university says they were not students and that Hopkins was warned about this. But did they tell Rove?

“It was what we called an organized disturbance,” said Tracey A. Reeves, Johns Hopkins University.“We let security know.  We were prepared for what might happen.” 

Rove’s speech was open to the public. Some students became fed up with the disruption.

“You are not only disrespecting Mr. Rove,” said one student, “you are disrespecting us and the rest of the student body.” 

Now a conservative commentator, Rove was senior advisor to President George W. Bush.

“I was honored to be invited to speak at Hopkins,” Rove told WJZ. “And recognize that outbursts did not come from Hopkins students. It’s ironic that people who supposedly stand for free speech would attempt –ineffectually— to deny it to others.”

“I can do this all night long,” Rove told the hecklers. “You want to keep jumping up and yelling you’re the 99 percent? How presumptuous and arrogant can you think you are?” 

It didn’t end inside. Protesters chanted “shame,” as Rove left Hopkins’ campus in a black Lincoln.

The university says Rove was able to finish his speech. They said the protesters never tried to go back inside the lecture hall once they were removed.

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  1. It's time again says:

    Keep it up 99%! We demand a greater share of the pie! If not, it’s again time for Revolution!

    1. Dave says:

      So you want to steal money from the rich and give it to the poor? How sick of you.

      1. bill says:

        No, don’t be silly … but that is what the rich are doing to YOU!

        What we want is a political realm, FREE of corporate influence and corruption.

      2. Diego says:

        Then pester the politicians. All of them. The lobbying firms, all of them. If you want political change, remove the politicians.

      3. Forrest Watkins says:

        don’t let a bunch of spoiled brats that don’t want to take responsibility for themselves bother you. this shows how immature we have become as a nation. by demanding their rights(sic) they are denying those same rights to others. I was taught your rights end when those rights deny other people their rights.

      4. Shane Ramey says:

        Diego’s right, the ONLY thing people should be mad about is the profits made in closed-door meetings between the corporations and the politicians.

      5. Tim says:

        @ Bill So you will not be voting for Obama. Because he has given more paybacks, lobbyists kickbacks and backroom deals then all the other Presidents combined.

      6. Z2 says:

        Its called this country has seem to lost its way. We need some solutions

      7. Red Bill says:

        Bill, I have the solution for you. MOVE TO CUBA OR NORTH KOREA YOU IDI0T!!! Those places probably have less corporate influence than any other place on earth and you see what god-awful places they are to live!!!! Go to your worker’s pardise you commie-pinko bottom dweller.

      8. anb says:

        ha ha ha–Bill, you buffoon, you are the socialist 1%. What WE want is a corporate realm free of political influence and corruption.

    2. abt4u says:

      Well then get out there an earn it like the 50% of us who actually pay income taxes.

      1. Tom Walter says:

        Well Said abt4u

      2. Lou says:

        The 50 percent of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs that pay enough, you mean.? Yeah, we’re the oppressed, all right.

      3. You earned this?... really? says:

        Agreed Lou.

        The only thing worse than these supposed OWS freeloaders is the the people who think they’ve actually somehow earned what they got.

        What little relative effort you have put into your life is insignificant to the disparity WORLD WIDE between the rich and poor, and we don’t have the worst of it, not even close… sorry.

        The delusion in this country is thick, that somehow we have earned the right to consume on the level we do. As if the “American dream” is ours to take from others.

        If it is our right to consume, it is other’s rights to confront us about it.

        And you may have guns. But the have-nots outnumber the haves by more than enough to make guns a moot issue in the long run. This won’t and can’t be solved by conflict.

      4. speedstan says:

        Yes, I earned it, a-hole. I didn’t take it out of the mouths of poor people, if that’s what you are suggesting.

      5. Alfred Newman says:

        No one should pay taxes to this corrupt, criminal, would be de facto so-called government.

    3. Me says:

      Or else what?

      1. Max17 says:

        Or sit there in your puddle of poop and pee, whining that you want something for nothing.

      2. TheChairman says:

        Or else you Bolsheviks will end up in proletarian hell for 50+ years like the USSR.

        Your uber-rich elite Leftist masters are using you as dupes, to make you a prole.

    4. George says:

      Try earning rather than demanding.

    5. David Christianson says:

      What do you think you deserve and why? You contribute nothing, but expect everything handed to you. You want revolution so everyone can be equally as miserable as you.
      You are not 99%, you are less than 1%.

      1. Dan M says:

        The “Everybody gets a trophy” generation coming of age

    6. caligula says:

      bring on your revolution, you fleabagger. we REAL 99%-ers are ready for you to come try and take our stuff. you won’t get far.

      1. Tom Walter says:

        I get the first shot

      2. caligula says:

        we’ll flip for it. if he lands on the back of his head you get it, if he lands on his face i get it.

    7. reno says:

      Get a job you TOOL

    8. Brett says:

      These are not the 99%. The 99% are either working or taking care of their families. Take a bath, look for a job, stop deficating and masturbating in public and f’gawds sake, do something about those fleas.

    9. run26mi says:

      Revolution??? There will be no “revolution”, now if you want to have a civil war, the 99% who don’t support you, or your socialist, communist, anarchist friends would be only to happy to oblige you!!! So before you get to full of yourself, you better think it over very carefully!!!! The vast majority of us would love to get rid of you leeches!!!!!

    10. John Piotrowski says:

      Why is all I ask .Why do you deserve anything ,What did you do to desreve anything .Being born in a country does not entitle you to anything at all other than the oppurtunity to earn what you get

      1. poorhardworker says:

        Thank you, John!!

    11. elizabethrc says:

      Your pathetic 99% is growing smaller since some 63% of the population is now against your movement. You’ve shot yourselves in the foot and your wrongheaded ideas are against what true Americans want.
      Keep your Marxist swill to yourselves. We’re not buying into it.
      You can demand all you want, but just stay out of our way as wel go to work, support our families and don’t expect others to pay our way.
      You are parasites who deserve to be sent to the former Soviet Union or some South American dictatorship. Then you’ll be crying to come back to America asap. Warts and all, America is the best place to live in the world and you clowns can’t see it.
      You deserve what you’re going to get and you’ll be so surprised when we rise up against you.

      1. Tracy says:

        Amen!! Well said!! I have always said if they want socialism move to Europe. Look how well all of their countries are doing with socialism.

    12. UFOCprez says:

      Nothing says freedom like demanding a greater share of the pie. Fail.

    13. horseshrink says:

      No problem. Let me write you a check.

      What are you going to give me in return … that’s of value to me?

    14. ufocprez says:

      You are not the 99%. You are a very tiny group compared to the hundreds of millions in this country not protesting. I started a political movement today called the 100%. Members of my group are 100% human. So therefore, we are the 100%. So dumb. You can’t speak for others. Idiots. All of you.

    15. jwden123 says:

      If you want a bigger share, try getting a jb you moron.

    16. capitalist says:

      yea…how about trying work for your share….not gonna give you what I worked for

      1. think for yourself says:

        This is the CORE lie that the right-wing is perpetuating: That these people don’t work, don’t pay taxes, are demanding handouts, and that they’re trying to dig into your pockets. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. I pay my taxes smart guy, and everyone I know that supports Occupy pays theirs.

      2. akw says:

        Why don’t YOU think for yourself! This country wasn’t founded on GIVING anyone a slice of the pie. People in this country are supposed to MAKE THEIR OWN DAMN PIE! If you want more, make it yourself. idiots

      3. William says:

        Hey “stink for yourself” cigarette and liquor taxes don’t count. And last time I checked, drug dealers didn’t pay income tax.

      4. great thinker says:

        Hey Can’t Think for Yourself —- how are the occupy people paying taxes when all they do is sit around all day in the park? And even if their minimum wage jobs did lead to some tax revenune, it was all used up trying to keep you idi0ts from trespassing, harming little kids, starting fires, vandalizing property, cleaning after you slimeballs, etc. Net result – YOU OWE THE GOVERNMENT FOR TAKING CARE OF YOU LIKE THE LITTLE ADULT-BABIES YOU ARE.

    17. MarcM says:

      Why not get a job and earn a greater share?

      If you learn a skill that is in demand you earn more money.

      It REALLYis that simple.

    18. Bohge says:

      you are not entitled to a share of the pie, you have to earn it. In this country we earn things not demand them. Besides you wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, that is why you are a 99%er.

    19. Happy to be in the 99% says:

      Get a job.

    20. Bess Byers says:

      You DEMAND a greater share of the pie!?

      Here’s a novel concept, why don’t you work hard to EARN a greater share of the pie? Sick of the entitlement attitude…

      Btw, I’m 24, employed, live within my means and do NOT want my hard earned money going to someone who DEMANDS something.

      1. think for yourself says:

        Who’s demanding ANYTHING other than accountability? There are no calls for entitlements. There are calls to get corporations out of politics, and to properly regulate Wall Street, banks and the Federal Reserve. Who would be against that other than Wall Street, banks, and the Federal Reserve? BTW, I’m employed, pay my taxes, live within my means too. Nice to meet you.

      2. Mike Maine says:

        To “Think” – Try thinking sometime. It was government regulation of the banks that forced them to make home loans to the 99% when they did not earn nor deserve a loan. The loans were called NINJA (No Income No Justifiable Assets).

        It was government regulation after Enron (under Clinton) that hurt the securities industry and caused more economic regulation.

        It was Dodd / Frank that caused the banks to charge $5 debit card fees.

        It is all the government regulations and taxes that force the businesses to go to other countries for labor.

        Wake up, take a shower and smell where the real corruption is coming from.

      3. occupiers go home says:

        OWS isn’t demanding ANYTHING, stinky? REALLY?

        The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters have listed 13 proposed demands from their website.

        Demand #1: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.

        Demand #2: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system.

        Demand #3: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

        Demand #4: Free college education.

        Demand #5: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

        Demand #6: One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

        Demand #7: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

        Demand #8: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

        Demand #9: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

        Demand #10: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

        Demand #11: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all.

        Demand #12: Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

        Demand #13: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

        These demands sound awfully close to 0bama’s list of broken campaign promises…

      4. poor says:

        God love ya, Bess! You and my daughter (27) give me hope for the future. I can only trust that there are more of you out there.

    21. Mark says:

      Do you honestly think any of these people would hold up in a “revolution”? I walked by the Occupy DC “camp” today. It’s nothing but mentally disturbed, homeless and a few idealistic college kids. Is that really the cross-section you want representing yourself in “revolution”?

      These people are a joke. I’m all for protest and revolution, but as you see in foreign countries, violence is unfortunately required to bring about major change. That’s a line none of these folks are willing to cross.

    22. len says:

      we demand?” funny.

    23. John In Michigan says:

      Bake your own pie. Economics is not a zero sum game. The economy expands when people produce goods and services. Demanding someone else’s money is merely theft. If that is all you’re good for you’ll never succeed at anything.

      1. Fartknocker in NY says:

        I don’t know how to bake a pie. That is why I want you to bake one for me, feed me, and change my liberal diapers when I poooop in them.

        Is that so hard to understand.

      2. Popeye Doyle says:

        you talking about Geitner and the Banks? you fukhole.

      3. Big Tina says:

        The lazy liberal americans don’t understand economics. They just understand, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. Fuking losers.

    24. Sam says:

      You demand a greater share? What have you done for it, other than use up our oxygen? What about the rights of those you are demanding government give you a license to steal from? Are rights now only granted to society’s leaches? I guess this is the lesson of electing the Community 0rganzier in Chief.

    25. bruno says:

      You want a bigger piece of the pie?? Get off your rear end and find a job like normal folks. Where do you folks get off thinking that someone owes you something. No one owes you a damn thing. I work for my money and you sit screaming 99%. Its a joke.

    26. Marlinda says:

      It’s time again (no, it’s really not),
      Your demand for a greater share of the pie is nothing but immaturity, laziness and narcisissm. If you want pie, go earn it yourself. Go bake your own pie. Stop lusting after other people’s pies. And no, it is not time for a revolution. You people seeking revolution are a menace to the rest of us. Go to some foreign country and have a revolution and take over that country. Maybe some island in the ocean somewhere. Leave the rest of us sensible people the heck alone.

    27. Junie says:

      These clowns are not the 99%. only fools would believe such utter stupidity. You can scream it till the cows come home, but that doesn’t make anything about it true. Here is what you are 99% of, George Soros useful idiots. He played these idiots like the parasite he is.

    28. Damion Blackthorn says:

      make your own money, you lazy Bum !!! Occupy a job and stay away from my earnings, or, you’ll get more of a revolution than you bargained for !!

    29. TRUSPEEK says:

      Go work for what you want. Don’t expect us taxpayers to hand it ovber.

      I would tell the police – SHOOT THEM!

    30. Phil Ridge says:

      So get out and work for it. The pie’s out there for the taking. All you have to do is work for it…. but no! Lazy ass Americans today would rather have it handed to them

    31. TechDel says:

      Welll then get out there and work for it, or risk everything you’ve got to start a business you lazy, greedy pig. You are not entitled to what I have – just becuase you want it – until you too have busted your butt for 35 years. You are pathetic and represent the dumbing down of America and the results of our president’s class warfare. What you DO have a right and obligation to do is help get rid of the parasite occupying the oval office who is systematically destroying the engine that has provided the opportunities for middle class people like me to earn a decent living.

    32. Lee says:

      If you want a greater share of the pie, get a job and earn it. You’re not entitled to it just because you want it.

    33. NY9Solyndra says:

      You do not represent the 99%. Nobody does. You reveal your arrogance.

      It’s more likely that you represent 0.99%.

    34. maryjane says:

      great, then why don’t you get on out there and apply yourself somewhere to “earn” a greater share of the pie. that’s the great thing about america. you have the ability to earn. some of you have been taught nothing that is useful, but that your life is to be fair and you have a right to what you want. you’re prideful and greedy, not thankful and hardworking

    35. go make your own pie, it’s not a single pie, its my pie.

    36. ster says:

      So, you want free stuff others pay for? Did your Mom take away your allowance? Go earn it.
      Out of a job, start a business. I was laid off in January. Started a business in March.

      And no…. less than 40% support you. you are the minority, NOT 99% fool,.

    37. Superpower says:

      …because working to earn your own money is simply too hard for you.

    38. sein says:

      rove is a fat-presumptuous prick, -who gave you the right (lol) what an ass. Of course the protesters would stand on the stage and speak- but they were kicked out as usual- he cannot even take a little heat

    39. Lily says:

      Your pathetic. What instrument are you using to send your emails, created by those evil corporations.!!! Why aren’t you protesting the person who lent all these bailouts..Obuma!! It is he and his cronies who are using tax payers as their bottomless bank accounts. Of course you idiot, there is a motive for Obama giving all these bailouts. 1. he is paying back all those people who donated to his campaign, and who will back him financially during this campaign. It’s called quid pro quo!!! Stop bothering the real hard working 99% who try and go to work every day to feed their families. They don’t have the luxury of you OWS not working, or protesting aimlessly, and certainly protesting in the wrong location. Most of the real 99% are upstanding hard working citizens not being supported by mommy and daddy, or the government!!! All of you need to go to the root of these bail outs, and it is OBUMA!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee, or in your case, the shyte!!!

      1. JK says:

        OWs is so stupid they havent done the math. Even if we took all the net worth from the so called 1% and gave it to the so called 99% it would only equal a one time 0 .34% increase in their net worth. Man that will really help wont it?

    40. Lily says:

      Your pathetic. What instrument are you using to send your emails, created by those evil corporations.!!! Why aren’t you protesting the person who lent all these bailouts..Obuma!! It is he and his cronies who are using tax payers as their bottomless bank accounts. Of course you idiot, there is a motive for Obama giving all these bailouts. 1. he is paying back all those people who donated to his campaign, and who will back him financially during this campaign. It’s called quid pro quo!!! Stop bothering the real hard working 99% who try and go to work every day to feed their families. They don’t have the luxury of you OWS not working, or protesting aimlessly, and certainly protesting in the wrong location. Most of the real 99% are upstanding hard working citizens not being supported by mommy and daddy, or the government!!! All of you need to go to the root of these bail outs, and it is OBUMA!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee, or in your case, the shyte!!!!!

    41. ASR says:

      Then get up off of your a$$, get away from the porn on your computer and EARN it yourself! Catchy phrase – “99 percent”…. you people are so devoid of sense… public schools taught you well….. all you know is soundbites and the man you elected is the king of them…..Bring your “revolution” with your weak-a$$ girly men, burned out hippies and complete bums….. The real revolution will come when the people you elect push us freedom-lovers a bit too far…. that day is coming my friend, and I look forward to seeing you then.

    42. Antonio Binggot Talisic says:

      You are a stupid moocher , Bring on the revolution I have a round with your name on it

    43. Wilson says:


      There is no pie!. The country is technically bankrupt..

      And you are attacking the pie bakers?

    44. Red White Blue says:

      Come to my house and try it. You will not like that you get.

    45. J McLain says:

      You want a bigger piece of the pie? EARN IT like the rest of us.

    46. T.Jefferson says:

      Yes and I will gladly fight against the 99%…just glad they are a bunch of pansy liberals that have thrown their right to bear arms out the window…Ill be ready for you when you come to steal my property…hope you like buckshot.

    47. Vic says:

      Or he will lie on the floor, kick his feet and stuff beans up his nose.

    48. notickienowashie says:

      go make your own pie like i did. enlarge the pie and you’ll have plenty

      contribute nothing and you will receive nothing. you can only beg.

  2. Kenneth Pinkerton says:

    @it’s time if u want a greater share of the pie work harder save money and u’ll have more of the pie, it’s funny how these people complain about not having jobs but this is how the left wants it so they can have their socialist utopia where everything bubble gum and lollipops

    1. bill says:

      Funny, … Work hard, try top save, … yet the system is designed to make you loose it all. How much of your 401K took a dive lately? How much is the rights so called competition (monopoly’s) keep raising prices on you,

      Example, … How much were you paying to watch TV 20 years ago?

      Between cell phones, TV, internet, and a house phone, … most of us pay about $300.00 per month for those services, … How about 15 years ago?

      Now don’t say we’re the best country in the world, … you and I both know, … the only thing the US is better in, … is Killing and Corruption.

      After all, … the US government, … is the best that money CAN BUY!

      1. David Christianson says:

        bill, you need to get a clue. Dont want to pay $300 for services?? THEN DON’T USE THE SERVICE. Do you want it for free or should rich people pay for everything for you.

        Don’t have enough money, then go to school and get a better job.

      2. David says:


        Shut up and move. You are clueless.

      3. John Fox says:

        Bill chooses to use nonsensical questions hoping that his fellow drones won’t pay attention.

        Here are my answers Bill .. prepare to be disappointed in your cause…

        My 401K is fine thank you very much, it’s only those that did nothing that got hurt. In fact, I’ve made quite a bit over the last couple of months because I take charge of my retirement instead of letting someone else do it.

        I choose whether to watch cable or get it free over the air. You want lots of channels with digital high def delivered via cable or satellite, you gotta pay for it.

        If you are paying $300/month for a phone, you are an idiot. I pay $25/month for Vonage and get FREE long distance, caller ID and such. All that cost a lot more 15 years ago.

        Oh .. you want a portable phone with email and web surfing?? Guess what .. you gotta pay for that. Most plans are far lower than $300 though, I pay $250 for FIVE phones.

        Sorry Bill, but the truth hurts your cause more than helps it.

      4. Michael says:

        Compared to what? The US form of government is the worst in the world, except for every other type of government.

      5. Sam E Moore Jr says:

        PSSSSSST There is no charge to watch regular TV and a Phone to your home is under $ 20.00
        20 years ago few had internet , cell phones , cable Satellite TV play stations or 3 cars in a Drive way .

        Our poor in America are the lower upper class in 141 countries .
        none of which have food stamps , baby payments , SUB DIZED Housing or paid not to work .
        The fed is 257 times larger that it was only 20 years ago .

      6. kbernatovich says:

        The 401K is fine…becuase I’ve been saving my whole life. If I didn’t have to support the dregs of this country like you, I’d be even better off. I still say there is no way the OWS believes what comes out of their mouths. Even with the pathetic education system we have, they cannot be this dumb. They just want to have a 60’s revival party…probelm is they don’t realize how bad that was on our country either.

      7. Mike A. says:

        20 years ago I was paying about $50 per month for cable with fewer than 100 channels on a TV that cost about 3 times what they do today. VCrs cost about 10 times as much as DVD players (my first VCR was a bargain at $2,000 1980’s dollars).

        15 years ago not many people even had cell phones (too expensive, too little coverage). Nobody I knew had internet at home, except for a dial up service for about $40 bucks a month. Remember when you couldn’t make a phone call when you wer on the ‘net and vice versa? Home phone was about $30 a month back then (plus per minute charges for long distance, remember when long distance wasn’t “free” like it is now?). If you are paying more than $150 for high speed internet access, phone and cable TV you must not shop around much or bargain with your carrier (they respond nicely when you call up to cancel your service because a competitor has a cheap introductory rate).

        You’ve got it incredibly good tofday and your whining is pathetic. Could it be better, yes. But it will never be as good as your imaginary past.

      8. godsmotive says:

        20 years ago…1991..paying for TV…40 years three channels. Guess what the world owes you nothing for having managed to be born. Everyone manages that…not speciial. grow up. Life’s not fair…no news at 11.

      9. Ronny says:

        Oh, the inanity!

        Bill, you are so gullible. You don’t have to invest in stocks, genius. There was once a time when people invested in their savings account and earned interest on it. Society has bred that out of people over the past couple decades. The truth is that you invest in stocks because you’re a member of the herd. Change the investment strategy in your 401k to a conservative portfolio of bonds and short term government money market instruments and you’ll lose nothing — at least, once the Fed stops manipulating rates near 0%.

        The price increases you describe are largely the result of inflation. That is not a corporate greed issue — that is a monetary concern resulting from misguided Federal Reserve policy.

        Gee whiz, man. If you’re going to lament economics, you might as well start with an understanding of the concepts.

      10. caligula says:

        i see your problem, bill. you’re a blithering idiot, so you’ll never be successful. you don’t even know how to spell “lose”. good grief.

        and lol…complaining about the prices of luxuries shows what a boob you really are. and good god, you don;t even understand inflation. the word hopeless comes to mind.

      11. James Sexton says:

        If you are so unhappy here, go to N. Korea, where they are eating each other or starving to death.
        Or try China, or one of the middle east hiel holes, and open you mouth there, and they remove your head from your shoulds.
        Well, it would be one way to get rid of a lot of you fools, lice infested scuzz buckets that are to lazy to work.

      12. Silhouette says:

        Bill….you’re being funny right…no one who has a lick of sense would believe what you’ve stated. 401K…no problem…yes I’m making less intrest than I was…but that’s because 6 months BEFORE the bubble burst, I switched it to a lower interest, yet guaranteed minimum account. I also bought gold…not a lot, but enough to TRIPLE my expenditure. As to your phone and cable service…wow…someone saw you coming…you’re getting soaked. Who’s fault is that? Certainly not Wall Street or Congress. YOU made that deal without shopping around.
        Like so many have said before me…if you can’t afford it…don’t do it! It’s just that simple. I’d love to have an L7 Corvette, some really cool people I know drive them, as well as Jaguars and Beemers….but guess what? I CAN’T AFFORD TO DRIVE ONE SO I DIDN’T TRY TO BUY ONE! My life isn’t over because I don’t live as lavishly as some other people, but I’m very happy with my lot in life. I work hard, I pay taxes and I give to charity when I can. Get real and get to work.

      13. philly says:

        bill, you sound like my five year old, crying like a baby because that bad man wouldn’t give him an ice cream for free. I explained to him that if he wanted something that he had to pay for it; nobody is required to give him something for nothing. His parents would support him and help him get his education and then what he made out of his life would be up to him. My retirement is up 700% from 20 years ago. I have a plan for my employees where I match the first 3% of what they put into their 401k. Less then half of them take me up on it, they are more concerned about having nice cars and living for today. My car is a 6-year old Toyota and my wife drives a 3-year old Toyota SUV. There are at least 3 Escalades in our employee parking lot along with one corvette and 2 or 3 Lexus. Just about everyone has a smart phone and most have iPads. You can watch TV for free you moron and don’t need all of the cable stuff. Do you know that if your bank charges you a fee to use your debit card you can change banks. I have been using the local credit union for personal and business accounts for 20 years. This is a pretty good country; but the government is set up to protect people from fraud, not from being an idiot.

      14. Marlinda says:

        Bill’s an idiot. Go to some foreign country, Bill. Try North Korea or China or Cuba or Venezuela. Then come back and tell us about your experience. Or rather, just stay there.

      15. Mike in Murrieta says:

        Bill, stop watching TV, stop putting your money in a 401K. That’s called FREEDOM! I don’t keep my money in a 401 K, I invested in my own business so i don’t have to work for some corporation i don’t agree with. All you OWS punks should get together and start companies that operate the way you want others to act. Leave the 95% of the country that works hard, plays by the rules and appreciates the corporations that provide a good living.

  3. larry26 says:

    The public was invited to the lecture. That doesn’t mean that the idiots had a right to come and and disrupt a legitimate lectures. Who do they think that they are? I agree with Karl, they are not the only ones with first amendment rights. Their actions dictate they are intolerant of any opinion except their own. When they were removed, they should have been arrested for disrupting a lecture at a major university and not even being student at that universeity. They need to start packing the entire bunch of them out of the City of Baltimore and other cities.

    1. bill says:

      Really, … WHAT was the TEA-Liban party doing over the summer with healthcare?

      Hypocritical on your part isn’t it!

      1. David says:

        Bill, another moronic comment…..please.

      2. David Christianson says:

        How many lectures did they shut down? Zero. My gad, you are clueless. The tea party held their own protests, their own gatherings, and cleaned up after themselves. Take a look at the disease ridden mongrels you support at OWS.

        If you want to see a real hypocrit, look in the mirror.

      3. jaline says:

        Those were town hall meetings called by the politicians…NOT speeches given to an invited audience. There was NO trash left behind at the rallies, no one “camping out” in the parks…and no defecating in public, either. Typical uneducated liberal (total years spent in school don’t mean anything…it’s what you LEARN).

      4. caligula says:

        with every post bill shows what a failure in life he is. no drive to become successful, only envy for those who are.

  4. inmyopinion says:

    I support the OCCUPY movements. Why you ask? They are protesting the fact that corporate america will layoff workers because they only made one million dollar profit instead of five million dollars. They are also protesting the fact that, even though corporate America fires their workers to make up for lost profits, corporate America will give the CEOs and management million dollar bonuses. The protesters are also protesting the fact that if a corporate files for bankruptcy and fires most of the employees, the CEOs still receive their golden parachutes and bonuses.

    1. John Bryan says:

      Then don’t buy their product. Form a competing company. These are PRIVATE businesses who are in business to make as much of a profit as they can. It’s called capitalism! As opposed to giving handouts to every bum than doesn’t want to EARN their keep…

    2. Paul says:

      I don’t support the occupy movement because it’s become akin to an anarchist movement. However, I completely sympathize with folks who’ve been burned by corporate greed and artificial profit margins. I was laid off by an incredibly profitable and successful company that dumped me and many other loyal employees just to satisfy the board of directors and shareholders. It had NOTHING to do with them being near financial collapse.

      1. SomeOneThatThinks says:

        So what exactly are the results the Occupiers are looking for? Tell me after what action (specifically) will they say “Ok, now things are correct” All I hear is screaming and not one idea. Please do not say “make things fair” how exactly would you make things fair? Don’t allow corporations to make more than 3% on investments? I hope you pick that one cause I will come back with “so you are going to trash everyones 401k then? I am anxiously waiting to hear your IDEAS , not ideologue.

      2. Carl says:

        Hey Paul have you ever left a job for a higher paying job … if you have you are guilty of the exact same greed. You enter into a contract (at which either party can leave at any time) in which you sell your labor. Companies owe you nothing other than what was agreed upon when you where hired.

    3. pillbug says:

      blame unions, not wall street.

      unions have made it too difficult to employ people here in america. this is why jobs leave the country. just look at boeing and the 787 and you’ll see the poster child of a company trying to innovate and unions crushing them for it.

      corporations behave like water, but it’s congress and it’s union puppet masters that define the terrain it flows over.

      1. caligula says:

        oh god. you’re asking a lot of these morons to understand what unions have done to the country. they’re drones man. that’s all. the left tells them what to do and they do it. end of story.

      2. James Sexton says:

        And remember who passed all those bills to level the playing fields for all the third wolrd spots, now we is one.

    4. Jake says:

      Yeh….lets just get rid of all the corporations…yeh….D U M B A S S then it will look like North Korea….man some folks are DUMB!!!!! Show me a SINGLE country that redistributes effort…which is what you are actually talking about…that is better???

    5. Jered says:

      Well, if you don’t like how they run their business then open your own and pay your workers what ever you want. Of course I guess it is easier to just get yur friends together and lay in the street until the “cooperation” gives you some of theirs.

    6. yeahthatsyouropinion says:

      So what difference does that make to you. If a company can make more profit and do it with less labor cost, good for them. You should be applauding such efficiency instead of whining about it. So what if a CEO gets a million dollar bonus…as long as that company wasn’t bailed out with my tax dollars. Read my lips: “IT’S THE GOVERNMENT STUPID!”.

    7. jeff says:

      If you had one wish, what would you wish for? What would you change from the current way things are done?

    8. jwden123 says:

      Hey inmyopinion, here is a news flash for you. Companies will hire (or keep) enough employees to do the work. They are not responsible for providing you or anyone else a job if they don’t need you. Don’t like that? Then start your own company and figure out how to run it profitably. Until then, sit down and shut up you moron. .

    9. NY9Solyndra says:

      Go start your own company and run it the way you want.

  5. Eddie Lang says:

    I must have missed Rove’s disruption of some “health case” forum. Must have been a hoot.

  6. paperpushermj says:

    Mr Rove you asked a good Question about Arrogance. The answer is the protesters have exceeded way beyond the Arrogance meter and are now in uncharted waters.

  7. Marantaz says:

    blah blah blah… Rove was a private citizen giving a lecture he was invited to give… health care forums were purely political, staged events to put forth the promises of national healthcare, which many (most0 do not want… therefore very appropriate to voice your disdain and disgust with those trying to force it upon us.

    furthermore, no one has the right to ‘occupy’ any place… they have a right to speak freely to address grievances with the government… not occupy a park to complain about corporate greed or beg for a handout, which, for these fools, is the same thing.

  8. celador2 says:

    OWS is a shill and apologia for Obama, and his reelction and attack a GOP advisor not the head of government as a legitimate protest would do.

  9. caligula says:

    blah, blah, blah, your name suits you. you are an idiot with nothing to substantive to say. seems like you forget that others have the right to free speech too. not just you libs with nothing but boring slogans.

    and opposition to the disastrous Obamacare isn’t impeding freedom of speech, knucklehead. besides, you don’t even know what’s in the health care bill. there’s a reason there has NEVER been a single poll taken where Americans do not oppose it (with the majority of opposition coming from…gasp…independents. yeah, that’s right, idiot.). find one poll in favor of Obamacare. i dare you. i challenge you. LULZ, you won’t even try, i know.

    ok, now go back to your basement and play some video games.

  10. craig eliot says:

    I love all the anti-occupy haters on here … I just can’t WAIT till they lose their 401K and retirement funds by the super-rich who are in the process of looting them. Morons! They always wake up too late—when they’re living on food stamps or on the streets. (Then again,, that’s why they DESERVE what they get.)

    1. Tom Walter says:

      Hey Craig, ever hear of hard work? I bought my house at 26 years of age, with no help from anyone. paid cash for it. Spent 6 years in the Army and got a job busting my ass. I won’t be living in the streets. I planned for my future early and saved. Get a job.

    2. sedorr says:

      craig eliot – idiot

      you want people you disagree with to lose their 401ks. Brilliant. Talk about a moron

    3. OBOZOSUX says:

      I am totally confidant that you maggot infested ignorant dirt bag , will find your anti American filthy ass behind bars before I will lose 1 dime of my stock portfolio. Why you ask. Because you are are an useful idiot being lead by the elitist element of a revolution that has zero chance of succeeding. You see, mindless puppet, we are armed and itching to defend our property, so bring it on lowlife. You know where we live!

    4. Craig's Teacher says:

      Craig, honey, I know this is difficult to understand, but when you sleep in a tent in a public park, you are living on the street. And when your meals are “donated” to you, that’s a lot like (better than) food stamps. Does that make sense to you, or do you need to borrow another $100,000 for another 6 years of college?

    5. Jerry Confer says:

      Craig, I was laid off three years ago and was forced into a chapter 13. I lost everything- 401K, Roth, savings. I am starting over at 58 years old – you know what? You’re an idiot! I live in the greatest country in the world, and I am free to earn and rebuild my life. I don’t blame the company who laid me off – they were in trouble, and are in trouble still. I have less than one third my former income – but I am starting a business while working for someone else. Stop whining. OWS is a bunch of losers who covet other people’s stuff. They think they are owed something. They are wrong – more, they are unworthy of the title “American.” Anyone who believes the national motto is “GIMME” is a twit and should be deported to Venezuela – if Chavez would even take them!

    6. jwden123 says:

      Criag, you should learn that making silly comments makes you look like a fool.
      I doubt that you have a clue about 401K’s or retirement funds. However you probably do have a detailed knowledge of food stamps and welfare. Moronic Jackwagon.

  11. Bob says:

    The protesters have dog krap for brains.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      That’s insulting to dog krap.

  12. jclark says:

    What is wrong with someone being successful in their career?? I love the saying–, annoy a liberal, work hard, succeed and be happy. If the OCCUPY people are so unhappy DO SOMETHING with your life. Don’t expect handouts – you have no right to what I have worked hard for. Quit being so judgmental – life is not fair – get over it.

  13. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    It seems as if they want to attack only conservatives. Capitalism is for everyone and Obama has collected more campaign dollars than all the GOP candidates combined. Why aren’t they attacking liberal millionaires and billionaires because their wealth is acceptable if it is wrapped in a liberal package. They are hypocrites all of them and not too bright.

  14. Tom Walter says:

    If you want your piece of the pie, go earn it. You’re not going to get it off the hard work and sweat of me. You idiot’s should have stayed in school or went into the military and made something of yourself.

    1. Popeye Doyle says:

      The problem with idiots like you is, you think the OWS want a handout?
      How about putting the Criminal Govt. and Bankers in prison? I know you
      were Brainwashed by the Army and think your a real American, but what you really are is a low-level imbecile.

      1. Carl says:

        Well Popeye when the fleabaggers stopped getting free food they vandalized the merchants that were providing it for them. Thats what make me and 99% of us on this thread think that!!!!!

      2. jwden123 says:

        Popeye, you have a hell of a nerve calling anyone an imbecile. If he was in the military, he is a patriot. You on the other hand are probably a marxist loser that wants everything handed to him. Did your parents have any children that actually work for a living? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are also on welfate.

  15. caligula says:

    Obama is the biggest recipient of Wall Street money in history. but these fleabagger morons don’t know that because they’re drugged out brain dead idiots.

    they’re just paid drones who have been indoctrinated to say “Republican bad, Democrat good”

    1. Popeye Doyle says:

      You have no life, you’re gay as Caligula was, corrupt, and mult- post on stupid websites all day because you lack normal human interaction. I need to pickup my kids from school now.. You need to see a Medical Doctor..

      1. celador2 says:

        OWS are shills and apologists for Obama, Wall Sreet’s favorite candidate.Thank you for the bailouts, Mr Pres,investment banks, say. Only patrisan Democrats attack GOP advisors when a Dem is in WH!

        Rove has no power as a pres sdvisor, why does OWS not protest the head of government? Why do they protest rivals of Dems?
        OWS are Democrats and very partisan.

  16. Brad Parker says:

    I wish Rove would run for president. I would vote for him in a minute.

  17. Midge Morton Masters says:

    Rove the degenerate? Is that mentally decrepit fool out on a day pass?

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      Just wait until you communists are kicked out of the White House and Congress a year from now. It’s going to be sweet!

  18. fulredy says:

    Good on Karl Rove!!!

  19. Popeye Doyle says:

    Rove would be Beaten to Death if it weren’t for his body guards. And he will need them his entire life, even if he remains out of Government.

    1. Tom Walter says:

      Thats why we have the 2nd Ammendment, for clueless wonders like you.

      1. Popeye Doyle says:

        Rove is a Criminal and you are a brainwashed nut.

      2. caligula says:

        with every post popeye shows what a failure in life he is. no drive to become successful, only envy for those who are.

      3. Carl says:

        and he’s late picking up his kids from school. Maybe he could have the government do that for him also.

    2. jwden123 says:

      Popeye, you talk really big. I suspect you are a yellow bellied coward that talks big when he is hiding behind a computer. You keep making vield threats and someone is going to punch your lights out. I hope you don’t have kids, it would be a shame to pass on those damaged genes to some poor child.

      1. think for yourself says:

        Why don’t you take a look at all the Conservative Drudgers on here spouting off that they would like to shoot and kill the “flea-baggers” before you make such a comment. I hope you’d advocate both ways. Violence is not the answer, period.

      2. Kill Fleas with Hartz says:

        Hey fleabagger, if violence is not the answer then why are there so many murder and rapes at your fleabag camps? Why are you attacking old ladies and pushing them down stairs?

      3. fleabag violence says:

    3. NY9Solyndra says:

      That’s because liberals and progressives are very intolerant and dangerous people – and should be treated appropriately.

  20. Tank says:

    Dems get rich of the backs of the poor, Repubs get rich by the sweat of their work!! Why are the rich Dems giving the poor people more of their money??? John Corzine former New Jersey Gov, just ripped off $6 BILLION from investors!!!

  21. freetexas says:

    I’d settle for a government more like Jefferson and less like Mussolini.

  22. the Dude says:

    Clearly it is time for citizens to take action against these flea baggers. Next one I encounter will be sorry they got out of bed today.

    1. Dave says:

      Typical OWS dirt ball. Advocates violence to get his point across. You are a sad person.

    2. think for yourself says:

      That’s a very un-dude-like thing for you to do, dude

  23. Ken Thompson says:

    I’m not necessarily a fan of Rove, but that’s not the point. I applaud Karl Rove for giving it right back at them.

    “Organized disturbance”?

    No, it is people who are looking for meaning in life. They/You are angry? We’re all angry at something, but these people are only costing taxpayers money and serving as pawns.

    So, some of you are angry because corporations lay people off? Corporations work to maximize profits?

    Well… so what?

    I’m 54. Have worked my entire life. I’ve been laid off 3 times from 07-09. But I started my own business. I work from home and support myself. It’s not easy but that is all right.

    The occupy ‘movement’ people need to grow up and take responsibility for their own lives.

    You are not entitled to anything in life. Nothing. Take action for your own life and remember this is not a nation of socialism and never will be. If you want a hand-out, move to Europe.

    Ken Thompson

    1. mrunpc says:

      No, Ken, what they need is “two in the hat”. End of story. And they will get it once they begin coming into suburban neighborhoods looking for “freebies”. There are 94 million of us gun owners just chomping at the bit.

  24. George says:

    Karl Rove is a fat disgusting pig. Worse than that he’s a hypocrite. Who gave him the right to f$&K up OUR country with lies.

    1. mrunpc says:

      Spoken like a true brainwashed Flea Bagging, vomit spewing, Obama rump licker.

    2. caligula says:

      bill clinton

    3. caligula says:

      …and Georgie boy, it’s his country too. if you want to become successful enough to speak at a forum such as Johns Hopkins, why don’t you actually put in some hard work and gain a following that wants to hear you speak. or why don’t you apply for a job consulting with politicians including presidents like he did? then you could try to have the influence you believe he has. you won’t. me thinks you have no drive to be successful, only envy of those who are.

      1. Popeye Doyle says:

        Gay comment dude.. real gay.

    4. caligula says:

      you have exposed yourself as a failure in life with one simple post.

      1. Popeye Doyle says:

        butt plug in your azz still?

  25. Jamie1958 says:

    GOOD FOR KARL ROVE!!!!!! Those protestors could never make it through Hopkins or amy other college or university with high standards. They want the government to take care of them as they are lazy. They should be looking for jobs and any potential employer that saw them would never hire any of those trouble makers. No wonder they can’t find jobs!!!!!!!!!

  26. David Christianson says:

    Fact: OWS crowd is rife with communists, socialists and anarchits – the exact type of people who murdered millions the last 100 years on this planet.
    Fact: OWS crowd is violent and calling for a violent overthrow of government. If you’re not with them, you’re against them.
    Fact: OWS crowd spreads lies about anyone they dislike. Every conservative is a target and many liberals.
    Fact: OWS crowd still support many democrats that got them into their PERCEIVED problems.

  27. Brian says:

    “Who gave you the right to occupy America?” He’s absolutely right. Americans have the right to petition and protest, but not to disrupt the lives of others in the process.

    Rove also put the protesters in a position they did not want, mostly due to the fact they would be squashed intellectually and exposed as the morons they are – “If you don’t have the courage to stand here and then ask a question, you’re just showing your moral cowardice.” Again, right on the money.

    And to you out there who support this “movement” and blame the corporations, let me ask you this – Since when do you have the right to decide how any corporation operates financially. Who are you to tell any business who to hire, fire, or give bonuses to? That kind of “wah, they fired people and got bonuses” mentality shows you have NO idea how businesses operate. If you hate business so much, start your own and see if you really have the strength and determination to “show them how it should be done”. Otherwise, get a plot of land and farm your way to prosperity with none of those pesky modern conveniences that corporations made possible, like that web browser or computer you use to complain.

    Every single one of these occupy losers should be in D.C. protesting the government, not the corporations. They are the ones that have caused the mess we’re in. But I guess since Bush isn’t in the White House you have to turn the other way and place the blame elsewhere. The liberal mindset works on the same fanatical basis as that of a rabid sports fan – “Even if my team is losing because of incompetence, I will find a way to blame the other team for cheating.”

    Be glad you live in a country that allows you to collectively spew your nonsense, even if that means you’re getting laughed at. There are lots of places in the world where you would have been shot or imprisoned before the word “injustice” even began to crawl from your lips.

    1. Lily says:

      Well said Brian!!!!

  28. Holly Wilson says:

    According to the Daily Rash, while Rove was arguing with protesters Vice President Biden was at a Jr high school in Indiana warning students they could enc up beaten and sodomized like Gaddafi if Obama’s jobs bill isn’t passed.

  29. dongle says:

    Arrogance… not ALL liberals have it but they’re certainly the best at it.

  30. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    “Who gave you the right to occupy America? Nobody.”

    I have no problems believing Rove made such a statement. Considering Rove has made it his life’s work to Mexicanize the US over the vehement objections of the American people, it is obvious he doesn’t understand the concepts of either citizenship or a republic. Mr. Rove, the word republic comes from two Latin words, res and publica, meaning thing of its people. In other words, this country belongs to its citizens. So, despite my misgivings about the OWS movement, they don’t need permission from you to express their views. OWS doesn’t need permission to occupy America any more than I need permission to occupy my house.

    Karl Rove may be a US citizen, but he’s no American. It’s quite obvious Rove knows as much about the American people as he does the ninth dimension.

  31. Kevin Groenhagen says:

    “The founding father’s also gave him and all of the right to speak.”

    You’re an ignoramus. Our rights did not come from the founders. If men can give rights, then they can take them away as well. Read the Declaration of Independence to see where our rights come from.

    1. Mikey says:

      Kevin, since he won’t read the Declaration of Independence, I’ll clue him in. The answer is God.

  32. David M says:

    In short, the soldiers who fought and died to secure this nation gave me the right to occupy America. Given the fact that I too am a veteran, I have an implicit right to occupy protect and preserve my country, The United States of America, a Democratic Republic not a socialist oligarchy.

    1. jwden123 says:

      I doubt you are a veteran. If you are, you are sorely misguided. You do not have the right to occupy anything. Solders did not die to secue the “right” to occupy. That is not a right. You have a right to peaceful protest. You have the right to look for work but I doubt you have exercised that right. You do not have the right to a job. This isn’t Russia. You have the right to go to your job if you have one and work without being harrassed by unwashed, mindless goons. Grow up moron.

  33. Mikey says:

    I heard about a protester getting a bit bloodied up by a cop. He was supposedly screaming, “the whole world is watching!” I thought if I were there, I’d reply, “yeah! and they’d see all you occupiers are fools and tools!”

  34. Al Gore says:

    Corporate Greed? Ok 99%ers, put down your Iphones, Ipads and Ipods and go protest outside a Apple store. They make BILLIONS off the backs of cheap CHICOM labor. See you there.

    1. leader says:

      Well Said.

      1. Popeye Doyle says:

        Leader of what.. the Gay Battallion of Fudge Packers.

  35. Chili Boots says:

    “Who gave the right”?

    Almighty God, and the Constitution.

  36. Black Talon says:

    Love the Cracker-Jack advice from many of the posters, “Get a Job” and you call the Occupiers “clueless” With real unemployment in the 20% range ? Or how about the poster who says quit complaining and go back to school and get a better job. With hundreds of thousands of college grads who can’t find a job ? Or the “clueless” fool who said my house is paid for and I planned for my retirement. Read the articles about banks seizing homes that were already paid for or the retirement accounts being pirated. This is a rigged game folks. Sooner or later we all are going to get a ride on the “fun train”, OWS didn’t create this mess. Bush/Obama/theFed/Wall Street/ corporate facism, that’s where you need to look. And oh yeah “F” Karl Rove !

    1. leader says:

      How about the clueless idiots that votes for Obama and said, “He’s gonna pay for my mortgage and my car.” Or the idiot protestor that says, “Pay for my student loan. Or the moron like you that doesn’t undestand personal responsibility.

      1. Black Talon says:

        Stick to the facts debate the unemployment rate, the national debt, the floundering economy. And read my post again Nowhere does it say I voted for the war criminal Obama or the war criminal Bush. I blame Bush/Obama and a multitude of others for what has happened to America. As for the individual who thought Obama was going to pay for their car. They got suckered by campaign promises, plain and simple. Like the folks who got suckered by Bush seniors “Read my lips, no new taxes” or bush Jr’s “Jesus is my role model” BS. Don’t try and make this a right/left paradigm “leader”, it proves that you are a follower and just as clueless as those who thought Obama was going to buy them a new ride. Wake the F up. As for my personal responsibility. It isnt my right ,it is my duty to be at all times armed to defend the constitution against threats both foreign and DOMESTIC. How’s that for personal responsibility?

    2. fel121 says:

      You are never going to get anyone on this board to argue facts, they came here via the Drudge-report which means they are right wing mouth breathers and have sworn loyalty to anything any republican says no matter how insane.

      1. leader says:

        You and Black Talon are a bunch of Left Wing Lieberals. I stated facts to Black Talon and he ignores them like a good little liberal.

        You idiots forgot that it was Klinton, Pelosi, Barney Frank, and other dimwit Democrats that pushed the banks to allow more loans for idiot that couldn’t afford them.

        They new what they were getting into, and now want a free ride. That’s the fact jack.

        Why don’t you go back to your Huffinton Post and cuddle with all the marxists there. I bettchya you have a poster of Bill Maher in your bedroom, office, and care, with a “I heart you Bill!”

        How about Solyndra, Evergreen, and Government Motors.

        What say you to those pathetic facts.

    3. jwden123 says:

      Hate to burst your bubble, but the unemployment rate for people with college degrees is around 4 percent. I won’t even comment on the rest of your rant. You are a fool.

    4. Big Tina says:

      Really? Hundreds of thousands of college grads that can’t find a job. Man, you must have data that other people don’t. As a matter of fact, there were hundreds of thousands of college students employed this year. There are every year. Not all of them get jobs their first year. Losers that party the entire 4 years, and end up with a C- average and a communications or business degree, probably the ones you are talking about. How about we give them all high paying engineering, or IT, or medecine jobs? Not because they deserve it. But because you feel it is the right thing to do. Do you seriously hear yourself? You sound the like welfare lady that lives with her mom, who also collects welfare, who lives with her grandma, who also collects welfare, and has her home paid for by the workers on Wallstreet, has all the food in the world, it overweight, has 3 plasma TV’s, and screams, “Life is so unfair. “F” you and all the Rove haters like her that would rather sit on your a$$ then try and get up and actually accomplish something.

      1. leader says:

        Black Talon and the other Dumocrat Trolls here are all upset that the conservatives from Drudge have come to their little leftwing CBS poo poo spot to have an actuall debate.

        They can’t handle actual debates with facts.

  37. leader says:

    Losers. Only way these idiotic morons know to do anything. Bunch of moronic losers.

  38. Curly Bill says:

    Was the specific mention that Rove left the campus “in a black Lincoln” intended to show us that he is a rich fat cat? Nimrods, the taxi service in my town uses Lincolns because they are one of the few non-SUVs that are big enough to serve as taxicabs and are relatively inexpensive for that purpose. .

  39. Popeye Doyle says:

    The right to petition the govt. and assemble is a Constitutional Right. Calling Rove a pathetic criminal is in no way supporting Obama. These occupier haters
    think the OWS people want a handout? or socialism? how about a level playing field for everyone? How about corrupt bankers, lobbiests and politicians sent to prison for the Collapse…

    1. Big Tina says:

      The right to stick my big black boy up your chocolate starfish. And I bet you would love it. We wait for weak little boyeez like you to come to prison.

  40. David H says:

    The “1%” own the water cannons, you pathetic, masturbating dolts! But please, do keep it up! You are handing next year’s election to Newt on a silver platter, and that would be a beautiful thing! Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself on your IPad2, that you bought with dad’s platinum credit card. So please, do everyone a favor, go home to Mom’s basement, and do what a normal 16 year should be doing in private, take a nice warm shower, and you will feel better about yourselves afterwards. 2 months of lice and scabies hasn’t raised anyone’s “awareness” other than your own delusional selves, nor has it moved the country one millimeter forward toward your Marxist utopian wet dream.

    1. Popeye Doyle says:

      Newt.. that soft pansy that supported Freddy and Fanny? LOL

  41. Autoamerican says:

    What part of Free Market Capitalism + Constitutional Republic = Strongest, Richest, Most Powerful, Cleanest, Safest, Most Benevolent Country on Earth do these morons not understand?

  42. Leader says:

    I recommend we give all these OCW protestors great jobs, and then after 2 years on the job, take 50% of their income and see what they say.

  43. Adam Summers says:

    I have worked hard and do save. I am 25 and own a house well within my means because I know how much I can afford to have.

    I pay $150 for my phone plan. Why? Because I “Wanted” internet, texting, unlimited minutes ect. If I would not have been able to pay for it.. I would not have, same as I did when I was 20 and didn’t have the spare income.

    The United States is an amazing place and I am so lucky to have been born and raised here. I travel a lot in my job and have seen quite a few other countries. Most of which are considered “developed” and not “3rd world” and even then I can see a massive difference.

    You don’t speak for me. You never will.. My vote is mine and my voice is my own. You will not take from me what is mine because you feel entitled.

    1. Big Tina says:

      Sorry Charlie. There is a guy down the street that is same age as you, probably has the same job, degree, and car. Unfortunately, he doesn’t own a home because he parties a lot, blows his money on stupid stuff, and has to rent since he has already over $10k in debt.

      But he’s Ok. Because he has Pelosi and Homeo Barney Frank to fight for his cause and make sure that the more money you make, goes to help him.

      Since someone like him deserves to get more of the money you make from working hard and getttin all those increased pay and promotions.

      God Bless America, and God bless the Liberal Dumocrats

  44. LtCol says:

    I notice several discussions about getting a piece of the pie. To many people forgets or can not understand that the United States and its capitalism form of economy is all about baking your own pie…and as many as you want

  45. Popeye Doyle says:

    The OWS Haters are OK with: Losing their retirements, homes, jobs, paying for banker bailouts. Love The Big Banks, Big Govt. insider trading, lobbyests, The Federal Reserve and will one day lose everything. They think that someone who objects to Rove, supports Obama, which is not true.

    1. leader says:

      go su ck on a fart coverd d i ck… liberal Hom oe !

      1. Popeye Doyle says:

        I bet you have tried it?

      2. Big Tina says:

        I know Popey would be all over it like fly on s h it. I have a big black surprise waiting for his liberal panzy a s s.

  46. David says:

    “You want to keep jumping up and yelling you’re the 99 percent? How presumptuous and arrogant can you think you are?”

    What a great response! It pretty much sums up how self-important and narcissistic liberals really are. If 99% of people felt as these people do, why has there only been 2 Democrat Presidents in the last 30 years? And why did Democrats get handed the worst mid-term election defeat in history in 2010?

  47. Curly Bill says:

    I love the opening of this article: “The Occupy Wall Street movement causes chaos from Baltimore to the West Coast. In downtown Seattle, police use pepper spray to break up a rowdy protest, injuring an 84-year-old woman and a pregnant woman. It’s one of many violent confrontations around the country as protesters take over public parks and busy streets.” The only mention of injury is what the cops did. Nothing about the rapes, assaults, etc. by the OWSers. No, only that the cops are injuring old ladies and pregnat women. Look, I know that as the CBS outlet in beautiful Baltimore you are required to follow the democrat party line but C’MON MAN, try to at least pretend to be a little balanced.

    1. Emily Tarson says:

      there are so many rapes not reported by our fellow ows patriots god I can’t even put those two words together without barfing ….

  48. NWBill says:

    This is what Rove needs to do to one of the hecklers (Rove would be the guy in the white and red trunks):

    1. Amer!ca1st says:


  49. TheBellCurve says:

    Who gives a cr@p what of radical leftist bums think? If the law wont take care of it, then bring it on, the sooner we get this over with the better. Hint: Not everybody is going to get a trophy.

  50. Jeff G says:

    This country is so sad. If you don’t agree with someone you call them names. This country was set up so everyone can have their say. It is called free speech. I would defend Tea Party protests and these OWS. They are excercising their RIGHTS! If you don’t agree then don’t vote for their candidates. If we started respecting each others opinions we may find that middle ground which is usually the correct course. Both the Left and Right are extremeists who want to experiment with our lives.

  51. Skippy says:

    Liberal booger eating useful idiots.

  52. deejak says:

    Where are the jobs? Can someone tell me please? Just waiit till you loose your job, retirement, 401k just wait. I’m so sick of folks commeting negatively about the protesters. So it is ok to protest in Egypt and when you do we will give your new leaders money! But you protest here you get called lazy and have your head cracked open. Just wait till everything crashes and the lies come out – just wait till you have nothing too loose.

    1. NWBill says:

      If you’re American, no one disputes your right to protest; heck, this country was BORN out of protest! 230 years ago it was (strangely enough) unfair taxes. Today it’s because someone isn’t handed a job they think is owed them. You ask where the jobs are? The answer to that is the same as the answer to this: why didn’t the OWS’ers protest in front of the White House and Congress? The OWS’ers have a cool-sounding name, and they have the ability to despoil public property on nightly TV. What they DON’T have is the skill to decide exactly what and who they’re protesting against – THAT is why they’re being ridiculed. You ALWAYS know where the Tea Party stands, and what it stands for — and why. Having your head cracked open in America means you didn’t follow lawful instructions from a law enforcement official. In Egypt and Syria, it means something completely different. You should mull over those differences before you make judgments.

      Everyone’s hurting in this economy — is it meaningful simply to find someone else to blame, or does it make more sense to figure out what went wrong, who was responsible, and then vote them out of office? I say, the latter. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen in a year’s time.

    2. KingChit says:

      Go to,,, and type jobs.

      I bet you find a whole heck of a lot of jobs.

      Have a nice day.

  53. astralweeks says:

    Headline: “GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits”
    That’s who you children need to protest, all the people, groups, unions, and CORPORATIONS close to Obama.

  54. Amer!ca1st says:

    They are soooo out numbered, dont even bother with these litlle fleabaggers. Dont even waste your energy on their comments. Let them die off in their fleacamps. It will be doing the country a favor,

  55. phillysmart says:

    So free speech includes preventing others from their free speech…these idiots are nefarious and should be slapped down at every venue

    1. NWBill says:

      No, free speech means allowing the person next to you who you disagree with you to speak – and getting the same in return. If you look at who exactly is restricting speech in this country, it’s liberals, progressives, and Democrats. Who else would ignore the will of the people in Wisconsin, and get a judge to give them what they demand, instead of acquiescing to the people? People who think and operate that way are the biggest threats to democracy and the Republic; not someone like Karl Rove – who’s biggest problem is that he gets conservatives elected, and then has the audacity to go and work for them afterward. And yet, some people say he should be brought up on war crimes along with his bosses. Now, if you can explain that to me, you’re a better person than I am. Meanwhile, I’ll just hold my nose and try not to puke when certain people exercise their right of free speech – and give thanks that we don’t live in a place like Syria … where both of us would be killed in an instant.

  56. Mark says:

    I have only one question for those protesters and those who sympathize with them. What in the hell makes you think you have a right to other people’s money? You moan and groan about corporate greed, but guess what it makes you when you demand your “bigger piece of the pie?” That’s right: greedy. I work my ass off to get by, and love it. I have no sympathy for you.

    1. NWBill says:

      I didn’t see Michael Moore handing out any $20 bills when HE was on TV at the protests – so I have to wonder where he and people like him truly have their motives and priorities. Seems like if you support these people, you’d be out helping them by finding them work – if you could. So, until Michael Moore and his ilk put THEIR money where there mouths are, you really can’t ask the rest of the country to do so, now can you?

  57. Mark Langley says:

    They don’t call him turd blossom for nothing.

  58. William says:

    I am luke warm on Rove. But i support him on this one and rather like what he had to say to the children who where being brats. I am a conservative, but to those on here calling for the Revolution to begin and first dibs on fleabaggers, well just remember, those will be your children as well. Our Union Public Schools have done their jobs well.

  59. Ken Cobbler says:

    Rove is a RINO

    1. jwden123 says:

      Hmmm. I have to agree with that. Unfortunately, MOST republicans are RINO’s.
      That is why I am now an independant.

  60. FreedomFan says:

    The 0ccupiers are 0bama’s Community 0rganizers and union goons, trying to help B.O. retain power through force and intimidation.

    But the Tea Party rules, comrades.

  61. MeanDean says:

    Rove and The republicans are nazi’s and stalinists and the
    crazy mob union leftists are just so caught up in their
    idea of justice, that they don’t see,

    There are no evil republican overlords,
    just american’s raising their kids and trying to
    pay their bills, sick and tired of a government
    that has stopped paying the bills.

    Pelosi Reid Obama are spending our children into slavery.

  62. Manrice says:

    These radicals like to warn about a day of reckoning coming, but it is also coming for them, and when the backlash comes they will receive in full measure. The responsible citizens who have been abused by their stupid protests have endured enough, and the hoodlums had better take notice. The OWC crowd poses as the victims of an unjust society while fully enjoying the privileges created by that society- free speech, free health care, due process, and protection by the very police they loathe. We don’t need to waste one more minute on these selfish, self-absorbed, non-productive punks. Is vigilantism far behind?

  63. Jennifer says:

    They’re whiney, snivelling little babies.

    1. NWBill says:

      They should go back and re-interview these protesters a couple of years from now, after the GOP has retaken the White House and the Senate, the Supremes have dumped Obamacare, and the conservative agenda starts turning this country around. I’m sure most, if not all, of these protesters will be found in places like bankrupt California, Illinois, or New York, waiting for their government checks and living off the dole — those are the only places they’ll feel at home, after Obama has been retired to Asia (Oops, I meant, Hawaii).

  64. Dennis says:

    99% of 0 is still 0

  65. dump28usn says:

    An 84 year old woman and a pregnant woman shouldn’t be out demonstrating! In fact, none of these A**H**** should be out demonstrating, they should be working!

  66. Zipperhead says:

    Who gave Karl Rove permission to trash conservative candidates (Herman Cain, Christine O’Donnell) I don’t support the OWS but I don’t want to hear Karl Rove run his mouth either.

  67. Pamela Beesly says:

    I say lets cut Sandusky loose at night in their camps

  68. Occupy THIS says:

    The filthy marxist occupiers are a bunch of O-HOLES.

    (The O stands for Obama)

    1. Popeye Doyle says:

      Occupy my butt ecoli.

      1. leader says:

        Get a life chocolate star fish licker!

      2. Obamblos says:

        I bet you would love Barney Frank to occupy your loose little liberal fa r t box…. woudln’t you now.

  69. Lazybum says:

    He should have mooned the OWS crowd.

    1. NWBill says:

      Then the libs would have found a judge that issued a warrant for Rove’s arrest because he unfairly refused to show them the other side of his anatomy. And THAT decision would make it all the way to the Supreme Court, to be decided the same day Obamacare is.

      Why? Because that’s the kind of country we are living in now.

  70. Blake S. Davis says:

    OWS wants to take from the rich and give to the porcupines.

  71. JOe Dutra says:

    I would gladly take these soft-minded, coddled, pudding eaters to the woodshed.

    1. NWBill says:

      Why waste time doing what their parents obviously failed to do? Best to just induct them into the armed forces and let the Marines beat some sense into them. We’d all be better off for it.

    2. Popeye Doyle says:

      I bet, and then do what? rape them?

      1. NWBill says:

        Popeye, it’s obvious – from the things you’ve posted and the language you use – that you’re just some liberal stooge who inhabits conservative columns and posts with your mob mentality. Why don’t you find some other group of citizens to bother – I hear Penn State’s Sandusky could use someone of your lowbrow intelligence … maybe as a character witness?

  72. Tbowz says:

    This is ALL Obama’s fault for encouraging this chaos. This is what “community organizers” do, turn everything good into filth and everyone into a dysfunctional leech.

    Another term of Obama and this is what the entire country will look like. That is what the concept of HOPE & CHANGE looks like in real life.

    1. NWBill says:

      You’re absolutely right, Tbow …. anyone who’s read “Rules for Radicals” could see this coming. You want to figure out Obama’s tactical plans? Read that book.

  73. MaryA says:

    The dirty little punks need to go back to school or mom’s basement and leave the rest of us alone that are trying to earn a living and provide for our familes. Who gave these punks the right to exercise their rights while infringing on ours? Obamaville is the result of this Prez that loves to raise class warfare as he jets around the world on OUR corporate jet and lives high on the horse on our dime.

  74. Kristen M says:

    What gives these bozos the right to occupy public land, destroying it with their trash, drugs, bodily fluids and keeping the other 99.99% of us from peacefully using it?

  75. James Woods says:

    Hahaha; +1 for occupy. Annoying the ‘elite’ that feel they own the earth.

    Got news for Rove; there are more than them then him and the ‘elite’ can start all the wars they want to; eventually it’ll be in their backyard.

    1. leader says:

      They didn’t annoy me. I had a ball! watching them get pepper sprayed yesterday.

      It was the most entertaining thing. Better than any of your movies too.

    2. Emily Tarson says:

      can’t wait to watch one of you guys get bull dozed HAHAHAHA stupid loser

  76. Kristen M says:

    OWS are 99% losers

  77. ForAmerica says:

    Why don’t they try marching at Obama’s doorstep. That is where the real problem lies. Shutting down businesses is not helping any situation. Try shutting down corrupt Washington, then you will see an economy begin to take off. Maybe we need an Arab spring where the 99% march on Washington and call for the impeachment of Obama, then get rid of all current senators and congressmen and start over with real people in those positions.

  78. Popeye Doyle says:

    You’re all soft fudgepacker yuppies that think the Banks and Govt. are Good.
    Obama is fleecing you, along with the Banks and Rove is a turd.

  79. 1 of the silent majority says:

    As an actual taxpayer who apparently supports these filthy, ignorant little idiots, I ask: when are we all going to decide that enough is enough?

    Seriously people, it’s time to put an end to this OWS thing once and for all. A baseball bat would make a fine cleanser. As would heavy machinery.

    1. NWBill says:

      Let’s instead all go rent some hazmat suits, head on over, find ourselves one of the protesters, and do this instead:

      Ann Coulter could serve as the referee – she’s been doing stuff like this to liberals for years.

      1. Truth be Told says:

        Maybe we could get Barney Frank and his drag queen GF as the ring girls. Those two Homeos messed up this nation pretty bad.

    2. Popeye Doyle says:

      End your misery.. kill yourself.

    3. Emily Tarson says:

      don’t worry americans will rise up sooner then later already talks about attacking OWS camps in many cities …we must unite!

  80. Obamastincs says:

    LOL! Lieberals and these OCW protestors on this board are so afraid of the reality of November 2012.

    They had their chance and sc re wed the pooch royally.

    It’s obvious Odumbo and the democrots are going to be thrown out in droves next year, and their only solution is to try and stop traffice.

    LOL! Pathetic

  81. Popeye Doyle says:

    Rove is a Turd.. probably gay too.

    1. Truth be Told says:

      I hear Odumbo is on Stress Medication, because he can’t handle the job that idiots like you hired him for.

    2. LogicNotHuff says:



  82. Red in Denver says:

    Stop camping in our parks for months. How about protesting during the day and sleeping indoors in a bed at night? How about using a TOILET rather than fouling the streets? Get rid of the violence and the squalor.

    THEN you might actually engender something other than disdain and disgust. You are losing support with the vast majority of the American public.

  83. Van Wehrle says:

    Rove is correct to chastise those idiots. For far too long have immature liberals been allowed to act up like spoiled kids and deny others their right to free speech and assembly.

    If they dont knock it off soon I can see this ramping up a few notches – and Im very okay with the way in which it’ll go down. Sick and tired of these liberal agitators.

  84. Skeebo says:

    Carl Rove isn’t even in the 1% he is 99% check out his worth….It take allot more than allot of money to be the 1%. This movement is about one week from being forever called just Anarchists.

  85. disgruntled says:

    “Now a conservative commentator, Rove was senior advisor to President George W. Bush.’

    Conservative? I don’t think so.

  86. LogicNotHuff says:

    OWS dupes right to shout had better not interfere with my right to hear who I want to hear exercise their First Amendment rights. These OWS liberals are rotten brats. America’s problems can ALL be blamed TOTALLY on liberal brainlessness.

  87. Richard says:

    As others have said, the protesters who claim to be representing the 99% of the country are actually the .00001% minority. It is only a tiny minority that is protesting and most of these people simply don’t like the capitalism. I do think there is a problem with the politicians. Both of the major parties represent special interest groups and don’t represent the vast majority of Americans. If there are going to be protests, the protests should be on Capitol Hill. If you’re going to protest, then protest on Capitol Hill. If the politicians don’t listen, then vote them out of office. Elect a 3rd party candidate.

  88. Reagan Was Great says:

    Where is Reagan when you need him.

    1. Popeye Doyle says:

      Reagan was Gay.

  89. leader says:

    Watching all these fools get pepper sprayed last night was the most entertaining thing I’ve watched in a long time.

    Good job men in blue.

    1. Emily Tarson says:

      it was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen in my life. lol

  90. I want free speech too says:

    These protesters are actually about 1% of the “99%” as they are the ones that do not have any place to be. Yep, they were jobless 5 years ago and will be in 5 years, that is who they are. WE ARE the hardworking family men/women who are supporting their families, paying their bills and OCCUPYING AMERICA the way it was intended, by legal hard working people. I loath all of these arrogant people, who are in college or refusing to work, protesting……. I have a right to occupy space without you invading it. GET OUT or GET A LIFE and you will find less time to be angry about the things you have never worked for!!!!!

    But, I guess AMERICA’s freedoms are only reserved for those who have the time to go out and impose their will on others.

    INVADING MY FREEDOM WILL NOT GAIN YOU YOURS! I just despise you and the leeches more today than yesterday…

  91. frank reed says:

    Sure am hesitant to toss a often referred to cliche to all the interested persons viewing this page but….here goes! THE TOOTHPASTE IS OUT OF THE TUBE folks!!!!! I know, i’m an optimist too, but it cannot be ignored. Our once great nation & people are now in a terrible & irreversiable decline. Good luck americans!

  92. Thinker says:

    When did Karl Rove start working on Wall Street? We’re told the the Occupy spoiled brats are not a democrat/leftist group but the only protest republicans. They protested Michele Bachmann who was and still is against Wall Street bailouts. These Occupy partiers are leftist/communist, violent, spoiled, brats who want other people to pay for their lives. That’s all.

  93. Alan Shohat CannibalCat says:

    Amendment, The First:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Hmm. It looks like someone gave them permission after all. They are call the Founding Fathers.
    Try reading the Constitution, Karl. It’s kind of a useful thing for politicians to know.

  94. mp says:

    Virtually all of America is the 1% to the world’s 99%. For some reason, this fact doesn’t get mentioned very often.

  95. ObamaStinks says:

    More soldiers and innocent people have died under Obama than Bush, and don’t forget the americans that Obama has assasinated without due process.

    How’s that for giving him the Nobel Peace prize.

    1. Emily Tarson says:

      so true so true

  96. Click Slap says:

    See full list of Occupy Video Streams at

  97. Mandy says:

    I believe these are paid activists. This is a job category that losers sign up for …just look at the classifieds. Who is funding the paid activists is what needs to be looked into. Probably Soros of someone like him. Notice they don’t try to stop Dems so it has to be funded by the Dems. Shame on that sick party.

  98. Midwest Mama says:

    OWS is not about right or left. OWS thinks the bailouts were a robbery. OWS wants $$ out of our political system. It wants jobs here at home and not sent over seas. OWS believes that the FEW who own the most should pay their share. What people need to realize is that we are not jealous of those who have done well for themselves but we don’t want people with $$ buying our system!
    For the record, I’m a small construction company owner and I support the OWS movement.

  99. Tom says:

    Who gave the government the right to flood the nation with legal and illegal immigrants? I don’t recall being asked about demographic change. Rove is a hypocrite!

  100. DenofYork says:

    Here’s one for you OWS’ers…

    GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits…

    Where’s the protest for this?

  101. john c smith says:

    The First Amendment gives them the right to protest Karl Rove. 🙂 you know people like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington. I dislike fake conservatives who only use the constitution when it suits them and discard it when it doesn’t (Bush patriot acts) for those conservatives that follow the constitution either way, good ob keep it up.

  102. American whiners says:

    I just don’t get the OWS. They are the 1% of the planet who are richer than 99% of the world population. Have you been to the slums in India with open sewage, child labor, people living in tin shacks in all weather conditions, no food,dirty drinking water etc. You Americans in the OWS have your expensive ipods, ipads, laptops, REI tents, and have you noticed how obese some of you OWS people are. With all America offers you, you still complain, whine, poop, pee in public, rape, murder and waste your time. What a worthless lot of spoilt, arrogant people.

  103. T. Jefferson says:

    Rove is a closeted little pig man neo-con chicken hawk. How did that Iraq War work out? Afganastan? What a waste of money and brave young American lives. Obama is more of the same with Libya. Wake up and smell the false left-right paradigm.

  104. william says:

    If you can’t beat ‘EM, Join ‘EM.
    I think I will Retire, take my money and blow it somewhere.

  105. mary says:

    Murder, rape and sewage in the streets…that’s what the occupy movement degenerated to. I see nothing noble about the occupy movement. It’s just a bunch of trashy misfits acting out.

  106. Rex_99_Law Abiding says:




  107. Brock says:

    Labor Unions gone wild. Is this what America stands for??

  108. spd1275 says:

    We hve a great country with great solutions… called a ballot box. We didn’t like what Al Gore stood for so we elected Bush…. very slim election, but our system elected Bush. We were sick of George and we got Obama. Now it is painfully obvious HE wasn’t the answer, and we have another ballot box coming. Time to throw them ALL out. It ISN’T time to “occupy” It doesn’t work, and it is nowhere as effective as the ballot box.

  109. Real Rick says:

    Arm-up America! ARM-UP!!!

  110. Robert Olsen says:

    Why is Rove even speaking at a college? He has no knowlegde to impart to anyone with a soul. Only schemes and racketeering dreams for his rich masters!

  111. Jimmy Limo says:

    HEY ROVE ! Who gave us the right to occupy America ? THE FOUNDING FATHERS ! I think it’s called “FREEDOM of ASSEMBLY !” (First Amendment, you moron !)

  112. Leigh says:

    Quite funny, really. Johns Hopkins, where the kids come from the 1% in hopes of joining the 1%.

  113. DONAL says:

    Fred, you are deluded into thinking spoonfeeding someone is ‘helping’ them. No. When people do not use their abilities, they lose them. Not requiring people to work, or pay their own way, leaves them UNABLE to work and pay their own way EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO. Thus, their choices are taken away, their abilities are lost, and their life is diminished; others must do the work it takes to care for them. That is NO prescription for freedom, self-determination, and our best society. When a percentage of the people DO NOT WANT TO WORK , there WILL be ‘income inequality’, I promise you that. There is no way to change that unless those that work do the work of two people (or more) and the irresponsible are allowed to remain irresponsible. And that’s NOT fair or free–for long.

  114. Natey P says:

    I think some of you are missing the entire point of a non-violent protest. They are supposed to be disruptive. They are supposed to be rude. They are supposed to grab your eye and get your attention. That’s the entire point. Get your message across without resorting to fanaticism and violence. Non-violent protesting has worked all across the world, including I might add, during the Civil Rights era of this country.

    Karl Rove is not just some random person they decided to target, that was undeserving of their attention. He was the right hand man to a two term sitting president. He was involved with countless decisions, some of which played into the very issues the protests are about. He is not immune to criticism or attention, and as long as the protestors remain non-violent, I see no problem with it and you shouldn’t either. Non-violent protesting is one of the best things about this country because it shows a populace that airs their grievances and desires change without resorting to guns and bombs. You should be proud of the method, even if you’re not proud of the message.

    1. TechDel says:

      Have you watched any news other than MSNBC? NON-violent?? Not so much.

  115. Commonsense58 says:

    Here is what I find disturbing and at the same time mildly amusing. The OWS crowd is giving their “lives” to the assumption that Wall street has direct power over them! NOT! they have the “smarts” they claim, so why do they not start businesses of their own? and with their profits support the benefits they claim are natural rights? For example Obama squandered 500 million on Solyndra and did not create a single job from it, commonsense say’s these OWS crowd should rally against Obama for not using 500 k to start individual businesses for these protestors? so do the math 500 million divided by 500 thousand hmmm how many business would that start up? no the OWS crowd wants private sector money for nothing? are they not smart enough to begin their own business? do they cede power to Wall st? does everyone understand what I mean? we have freedom in this country and everyone has equal opportunity, the OWS crowd should really be embarrased! I challenge them to use their smarts and create their OWN WALL STREET!!! think about it?

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