OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — Sex and the Internet. A former Stevenson University lacrosse player faces serious charges for posting a video of himself having sex with an ex-girlfriend on the Internet.

Mike Hellgren has the details and reaction from students.

According to police, the former student at Stevenson University says he is sorry for posting that video but still faces some major legal battles.

He’s been called the ex from hell. Former Stevenson University lacrosse player Christopher Scott faces charges in connection with a sex video he made with his former girlfriend, then posted it online as revenge when they broke up.

Police say he made that video on campus and it has students buzzing.

“It you break up, then just move on. Don’t post it and try to get back at her,” said one.

“If I was in his shoes, I wouldn’t have taken it to the extent that he did,” said another.

According to the criminal complaint WJZ obtained, Scott told police he was “depressed over his break-up and was trying to be hateful,” and admitted he was sorry.

The university would not comment on the case but pointed out that Scott has not been a student there for more than a year.

Scott’s ex confronted him about the video and getting harassed, and she says, losing her job over it. She says he manipulated her into making it and “continually tried to get her to do things sexually with some of his friends.”

“It’s pretty crazy,” a Stevenson University student said.

“It is sad but it’s shocking. I think he was probably really upset,” said another student.

The investigation has stretched from Stevenson University to New Town Square, Penn., where police confiscated Scott’s computer at his home. They say they also found marijuana and child porn. It drew strong reaction from his neighbors there.

“It’s just awful. I mean, I feel so sorry for that girl,” said one.

“You just don’t do that to somebody else, no matter how you feel about them,” said another neighbor.

The sex video has spread to dozens of websites and tens of thousands of people have watched it.

When police originally went to question Scott, his mother answered the door and said her son was out with his new girlfriend and her family. It’s when he got back with them that police questioned him about the sex video incident.

Scott is free on bail. The charges are misdemeanors.

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  1. eddiefast says:

    Somebody ought to punk this guy. He will regret it later in life. That girls will be a Mother one day. Wonder how he would feel if it were his sister or Mother.