WASHINGTON (AP) — A congressional official says Democrats on the deficit-cutting supercommittee have rejected a last-ditch offer from the Republicans that would curb deficits by $545 billion over the next decade.

The latest development raised serious doubts about the 12-member bipartisan panel reaching an agreement by Wednesday’s deadline.

Democrats called it a “halfway” proposal and said it was unbalanced because it included just $3 billion in tax revenue.

The panel’s mandate is to produce a plan to cut deficits by at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years. If they fail, it would trigger automatic, across-the-board cuts to the Pentagon and a wide variety of domestic programs.

The congressional official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the talks.

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  1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    This my friends is the best we have to offer. We have “leadership” that has no idea how to lead! I am not talking about Obama, Democrates, or Republicans because it is MUCH bigger than that. Where has common sense gone? Where has “doing the right thing” gone? Where are all the true leaders? Do we need to out source this job too? We have at this moment a group of people in office, both at the state and federal level, that have no clue how to lead. We have an election coming up with another group of people that aren’t any better! We don’t have a revenue problem but a spending problem. I feel very sorry for the future generations to come. Please, please, please, to any government official that may read this, please stop playing around and finish running our country into the ground. This dragging it out attitude is killing the American spirit, the American economy and the American people. We just want to get on with our lives!

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