BALTIMORE (WJZ)—President Barack Obama orders immigration officials to stop deporting illegal immigrants in Baltimore. 

Political reporter Pat Warren explains Baltimore is a test city for a new policy.

Baltimore and Denver are the two cities the administration is using to test a policy that restricts who can be deported to people with criminal records.

This action by the president is more far-reaching for the Baltimore immigrant community than the dream of in-state tuition for students here illegally.

Obama is testing a policy that freezes deportation of those with no criminal records. That puts about 85 percent of cases on hold.

Crowds of people in the United States illegally have staged demonstrations, such as one in California over the years protesting U.S. immigration laws.

This new policy has immigration lawyers here rejoicing.

“Of course from a Maryland perspective it’s great because now you have law enforcement, our financial resources, everything being focused where it needs to be focused most, which is to try and deal with convicted criminals,” said Sheila Murthy, immigration lawyer.

State Delegate Pat McDonough tells WJZ that Baltimore was picked because it is considered a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

“The federal people felt that Baltimore City was not complying with the law, that Baltimore City already had a policy of not arresting this 85-90 percent and as a result they felt that Baltimore City, which is a sanctuary city, was violating federal law. Now Obama is saying it’s OK to do that, the federal government agrees with you, and the Congress believes he’s violating the law,” McDonough said.

While Congress hashes out its own issues, the test policy starts here Dec. 4. The test program runs six weeks, but could be expanded in January.

Fewer than 20 percent of the immigration cases in courts around the country involve people with criminal records.

Comments (30)
  1. Gillette377 says:

    So obama has told his minions to refuse to enforce the law. He should be impeached for subverting concressional mandates

  2. TINA says:


  3. Maggie says:

    Let him try that in Georgia or Alabama. What a joke. Also, what about all the hard working people that fought hard to come here and learn the laws from other countries the legal way. You’re right Tina. He is just looking for illegal votes and OWEMalley is looking for a job in Nobama’s administration. This is just one more travesty from the current administration.

  4. PO PO PO says:

    Could this be remembered as the spark that lit the powder keg?

  5. Jerry says:

    Like the saying goes ,
    Impeach them both and get some one that’s gonna get this country back to what it was not a joke.

  6. What the What says:

    Is anybody thinking, over crowding, lost of jobs, just because they’re not involved in illegal activity now, doesn’t mean they won’t be latter. I sit in the doctor’s office or other places now and feel like I’m a visitor in another country. Wasn’t there only suppose to be so many immigrants allowed to come over in a year. Now look at how many come and stay and have jobs that American’s should have. Many immigrants come from Africa to obtain and education and are to return home; but they get here and stay. After we American’s become the minority, WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSE TO GO??? We’re having a hard enough time as it is.

  7. Anita L Hinkle says:

    I am opposed to being in America and have to ‘press one for English’. If ANYONE, no matter race, religion or national origin coming to America LEGALLY and learning the language, that is the way it is to happen. WHY is it now everyone wants a ‘short cut’?? INSTANT GRATIFICATION! No one is taking the time to think about the AMERICANS that are here. As the saying goes ‘charity begins at one’. Why does Pres. Obama think we can help everyone else but not help the people that live here?

    1. Anita L Hinkle says:


      1. eddiefast says:

        Anita, so how about a mercy fuc?

  8. WatcherOne says:

    Who appointed NoBama as the king, the socialist, the tyrant, the dictator? What President has ever has the authority to rule by edict? These actions by NoBama should erase any doubt that this Failure-in-Chief has decided HE alone will run things around here and do so with total contempt and disregard for the Constitution, laws enacted by the Congress, and the will of the majority of citizens here who do NOT want this country over-run by illegal aliens. If he persists in his folly to destroy this country, he will guarantee an eventual uprising here and it will not be at the ballot box. Too many people in this country “do not get it” in terms of how dangerous is this administration. Continuing unabated, this dictator will precipitate states’ seceding from the union, civil war, or both.

    1. toni says:

      you are right, we americacs wont take much more

  9. KottaMan says:

    We need a U.S. version of the Arab Spring. The lunacy from Obama and his acolytes, knaves, and servants has gone too far and they are not listening. This administration, in its quest to turn the country into a socialist utopia, will ultimately succeed in doing one thing. That will be to have polarized this nation, perhaps permanently, and will pit the responsible citizens here against the government in ways previously unimaginable.

  10. Nancy says:

    Does the President know he can be iimpeached for this. The word illegal is just that, illegal. These people have committed a crime and anyone who gives in to them and hires them and gives them apartments are aiding in criminal activity. Do we know anything about this person , no. Yes they may not have a criminal record here but what about the country they fled from how do we as citizens of the U>S> know that these people have not committed crimes like murder or rape. You make US citizens prove their background before hiring for a job, how can you hire a illegal you can’t do a background check on them. Stop and think how many of these people broke the laws in their country and that’s why they fled to this country.

  11. moleman says:

    The Federal gov’t loves illegals. They pay into a S.S. that many will never use. Federal & state witholding taxes while the burden falls back on the states for their health insurance, (Medicaid) education the children in the county or city schools. The state has the financial burden & it is sooooo wrong. If the the government that makes the laws does not obey them, why should the average American obey any law. I see anarchy down the road.

  12. moleman says:

    Impeachment is not an option. OBama is coming to a term end & the state of Md has no provision in it;s constitutional law that allows an impeachment for a governor.

  13. MD VOTER (D) says:

    The question was asked “who made Obama king? Pelosi, Reid, Van Hollen, Cardin, Hoyer, Frank, Dodd, Mikulski and untold others. These people agreed to anything he said and acted liked cheerleaders since he was elected. Obama knows O’Malley will blindly obey his orders, eventhough the orders are illegal. The problem, as I see it, is working people have no spokesman like other groups do. The majority does not know this order was given and will never know. The liberal media will not mention this since they will not give Obama any bad press.

    1. moleman says:

      Md voter, You just answered your own question, Md is a blue state & the people choose what you see taking place today. It’s only when it crawls up their snotty azzes & affects them personally that they come on this site & cry.

  14. Cathy says:

    I agree anita.I hate when you place a call they ask 1 ot 2,I called comcast the other day and now they have 4 languages to choose from,The american people I for one am haveing problems finding work,paying bills,just TRYING TO LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM,and I am american,I am a white american,I dont have a
    naacp tp help me,I dont have people like obama trying to protect the illegals,We as americans have to pull together to try ro get what is ours back,IF went to another county could would we have the same courtsey,I dont think so,It was about 10 yrs ago that blacks wanted to be treated equal,NOW THEY WANT EVERYTHING, if they dont get it they screan racist,now the illegals and foreigners coming over here scream they want more,maybe we should have the million man walk for whites.And for whoever dont like this letter,that is your problem.dont make some nasty rude comment,everyone has their opinion

    1. moleman says:

      Cathy, it’s called the melting pot or diversity.

    2. toni says:

      yes lets have a march,sooner the better

  15. Delaware Bob says:

    This is nothing but shameful, pandering to illegal aliens. I’m not a republican, but I will be voting for one in the nest election and pray to God he will get our immigration laws enforced and get rid of these illegal aliens and their anchor babies, (illegal alien children). Enough is enough with these illegal aliens.

  16. Feed up with liberals says:

    Look its time to send a message about how we feel. If we can get employers to stop hiring illegals, the illegals will go else where. So anytime you need some type of work done to your house by a contractor, make sure they know that if they bring 1 foreign person with them, you will cancel the work and find someone else to do it. So if you need windows, roof, a new door, etc.etc.etc., have them write it on the contrat that you will refuse work if they have one person with them that cannot produce a proper I.D.. The police cannot ask for thier I.D.’s, but we can. And this will make a difference. If we start at the bottom and work our way up, the government will get the message. This will also make employers hire people legally and pay taxes on them. The state continues to turn thier back on us, and continue to tax and fee the tax paying people to death. This simple plan will work. We have to many people out of work, and cannot get jobs because the illegals are taking them from us. They work under the table, don’t pay taxes, and then the state gives the benefits that legal citzens cannot get that are in dire need of. We have to make a stand now, or its going to continue and get worse.

  17. Bernadette Z says:

    EXCELLENT idea, “Fed up with Liberals”..the GREAT PUSH BACK begins as the citizens of this state and country REJECT this traitorous action from the likes of Obama and O;Malley.
    My new bumper sticker is going to say, “I work so the illegals can get all the freebies”…

    OUTRAGEOUS where we are as a country right now. Keep your powder dry._

  18. Karen S says:

    You all sound like bigats some of these people are married to American citizens and being deported after being married 10 years ans this is shameful. Breaking up families because they have not had the good fortune to consieve an American child. I thought Americans were so supposed to be the most compassionate people in the world. Grow up, illegal aliens are people just like you and me just looking for a better life. And yes I am an American born here and I applaud President Obama and will be sure to support him in the next election and also the next one that comes along with compassion for humans regardless of their race. Becareful everyone because your own daughters may be the next one to marry an illegal alien and how will you feal when you have made this person part of your family and them have that person ripped from you because of a unfair immigration law. I know first hand it hurts and don’t bother commenting about my post because I really don’t care what bigats think.

    1. nancy says:

      It is not called being a bigot, get it right. It is called being a law abiding citizen. They break the law and you think it is ok. Shame on you. Trust me when I tell you if you were to go to another country illegally you would be thrown in their jail which they do not have the conveniences that the U.S. have. And by their laws you could be put to death. They are not in their country crying the blues for anyone who break their laws, so stop crying the blues for criminals.

  19. cathy says:

    I agree with you nancy, it is hard for the legal born americans to get a job or help of any kind,I was out of work for a while and I applied for food help and medical.they said I could not get it because I made to much unemployment,what a joke,I made 259.00 a week,how in the hell can I kive with that,these illegals come over here and get free housing,free food,free medical until they become legal,which they never do,Karen I know this is a free country and for illegals it is,why should the americans work all there lives to get nothing when they need it,dont it make you wonder why the president would want illegals here to get free stuff,because he is one,it just has not been proven.If we went to another country,do you think we would get help NOT!!

  20. Karen S says:

    I am so sorry for calling you all bigats you see I meant to say BIGOT. A prejudiced person that is intolerable of any opinion differing from their own or intolerant of people of different political views, ethnicity,religion,race or class. Cathy the reason their is a tough job market right now is because large companies have outsourced jobs to other countries like China or India if you want to improve the job market only buy products made in America. This will force these companies to bring the jobs home. Nancy some laws are just wrong and unjust, maybe you need to meet some people who are illegal and have a ligitimate conversation with them to see that there are two sides to every story. By the way my husband travels to other countries to get health care it is not free but much more affordable than here in America.Illegals don’t get freebies here either. they don’t go to the doctor because they are afraid of being deported, they certainly don’t get free food and housing either. Please do some research on this so you can have the facts to back up your statements, but I guarantee you won’t find any. I realize when you are struggling in your own life it is often easy to blame others but I assure you illegals are not the cause of your problems. One last thing, last I heard Hawai is an American state.
    President Obama is the real deal.

    1. toni says:

      karen ,81 hospitals have closed in calif. because of free medical to illegals,americans are at the bottom of the list for medical help.and yes they do get and have free housing, it is called section 8.they get food stamps, cell phones,travel expenses,the list is a mile long,our states are broke because of welfare and medical.i go to any doctor and am the only one there who has to pay.and to am made to feel like the immigrant,and all these gangs in our neighborhoods that we have to watch out are the one who needs to do research.

  21. toni says:

    karen get over yourself and wake up.

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