BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Walking to Washington. Hundreds of Occupy protesters made a stop in Maryland. 

Weijia Jiang has more on the movement meetup.

They’ve been on their feet for 11 days.

“At the moment, all we’re thinking about is completely the march.  The most important thing is getting there,” said marcher Bo Han.

This group of Washington, D.C.-bound protesters started their journey at Occupy Wall Street’s birthplace: Zuccotti Park in Manhattan.  On Saturday night, 200 miles in, they arrived at McKeldin Square, Occupy Baltimore’s homebase.

It’s a job that was mentally draining and physically daunting.  Some marched in their bare feet.

“It’s hard.  Every day I want to give up at some point but then I power through,” said Owen Johnson.

“I want people to see how much we’re willing to sacrifice and how much we’re willing to hurt and give up in order to let people know how we feel,” said Sarah Handyside.

For throngs of others across the country, the fight has turned violent.  Clashes in New York, Los Angeles and Portland have led to arrests.  In Oakland, a massive crowd is trying to take over a new site after being forced out of a nearby park. 

The camp at the Inner Harbor has remained for two months, despite the city’s threats to move Occupiers.  With the marchers joining them, many say the movement is re-energized and won’t disband any time soon.

“In many ways, they are an inspiration,” said Cullen Nawalkowsky.

The marchers expect to arrive in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

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    Im waiting for a semi truck driven by a radical to take them all out on the side of the road.

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