BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Painting a national picture with a Maryland brush. Former Governor Bob Ehrlich has written a book on today’s political and social culture.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports the book “Turn This Car Around” takes on 2012 presidential election issues.

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Former Governor Bob Ehrlich looks at the left wing, the right wing, fluffs some feathers and ruffles others and does a little clipping on both.

“Writing is something I love to do. I care about issues, I care about the country, care about the issues, I care about the country, care about the culture, care about economic police. When you combine all that caring, you come up with a book written to comport with the 2012 presidential campaign,” Ehrlich said.

One of those rare Maryland Republicans to have been elected to Congress and the governor’s office, his book “Turn This Car Around” points to roads taken that led to what he calls today’s middle class angst.

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“When I say `angst,’ by the way, it’s `Geez, I’m worried about my 401(k), I’m worried about my job, I may be unemployed but I’m really worried about my kid who’s in debt, who’s got a great education, and did I mention my kid’s in debt and can’t secure a really good job,'” Ehrlich said.

The book also offers personal insight into many of the former governor’s battles in Maryland politics but the focus is on the nation.

“This is a roadmap to a more stable economic perspective, a more stable cultural perspective, a more stable country,” Ehrlich said.

And for Marylanders, a trip down Memory Lane.

He says the book is for a national audience and has scheduled appearances on Fox and MSNBC.

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Governor Ehrlich is aligned with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.