By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The brutal rape of a 13-year-old girl leads to the arrest of a 61-year-old man in Baltimore City.

Alex DeMetrick explains how science helped police track down their suspect.

Police took a hard line on the suspect they arrested.

“There’s no other way to describe this individual other than an utter animal. Sixty-one-year-old Alvin Wright was arrested by Baltimore police sex offense and child abuse detectives,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.

“Oh, thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Oh, I’m so happy,” said neighbor Frances Bailey.

That relief in the 800-block of North Caroline Street follows the shock of what happened in an abandoned rowhouse five weeks ago when a 13-year-old girl was grabbed and forced inside.

“She fell through the first floor into the basement. Our suspect then came in and viciously attacked and sexually assaulted her,” Guglielmi said.

The strongest lead came from DNA samples left by the man on his young victim. Because of the nature of the attack, the police DNA lab put the case on a fast track.

“This case was prioritized. It was put to the front of the queue,” said Dep. Maj. Martin Bartness.

Police say the suspect does not have a history of violent crime but has been arrested in the past on drug charges. That’s what put his DNA into the system.

“From the evidence we recovered from the forensic medical examination, we put that into the database. The two matched up and that’s how we found Mr. Wright,” Bartness said.

Wright was arrested 24 hours after the lab made the match. While a trial will determine his guilt or innocence, those on North Caroline Street are already convinced.

“I don’t feel no sympathy for him or anyone who would do something like this or think about doing something like that,” said neighbor Arthur Sharp.

Wright faces charges of rape, kidnapping and assault. He has been ordered to be held without bond.

Alex DeMetrick

Comments (7)
  1. Sylvan Finkelstein says:


  2. Steve Wilson says:

    Baltimore City could save lots of money by just letting him go. He’ll never be convicted.

  3. Malissa A. Foster says:

    This nasty disgusting animal needs to be castrated and allowed to bleed to death through his disfunctional member

  4. Sharon says:

    To robertryan, there a lots of light-skinned black people in America because of rape & brutally because of your forefathers historical legacy. Do you think that’s something to be proud of?

  5. RavenLude says:

    dont know why i even bother looking at comments…..nothing more than a bunch of ridiculous racist nonsense from both sides.
    with that sad i hope the suspect is savagely beaten to death in prison so that the taxpayers dont have to pay for the trial and his meals/roof over his head the rest of his life.

  6. adraine says:

    there aint no need talking about color because white men raped just about every race you can think of how about those onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Spencer says:

    There are black, white and all colors of people who are rapists. So why would some people on this site try to demonize one race of people b/c a black man committed this horrible crime this time. We need to stop pointing fingers and stop being so racist. Hate only begets more hate. Anybody who would make this about race in my opinion is not a good fair person, full of hate and that aint nothing but the Devil talking.

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