A high pressure system is building into the Eastern Region early this morning. But, there is still a relatively strong pressure gradient between this zone of high pressure (which is still centered over the Ohio Valley) and the disturbance that is moving away from the easternmost Provinces of Canada. Therefore, we should be addressing the fact that west and northwest winds this morning could still gust as high as 25 mph for at least a little while before that pressure gradient relaxes during midday and this afternoon. Temperatures should be in the lower 50s this afternoon.

While December may have some “tricks up its sleeve” in the long run, it certainly doesn’t look like there will be much eventful weather to talk about here over the next three or four days. Although temperatures won’t be nearly as high as they were earlier this week, these should still average a few degrees above normal today and tomorrow. And, as we had talked about yesterday, there will still be a cold front that will reach the East Coast on Friday night. It still appears that this won’t generate anything more than a period of clouds, and then most temperatures on Saturday will be in the mid or upper 40s with a good deal of sunshine.

With the ridge of high pressure expected to consolidate off of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts on Sunday and Monday, the return flow on the back side of it will promote more of a southwesterly flow, and temperatures should return to the 50s each day.