BALTIMORE (WJZ)– More trouble for a world-renowned cardiologist. Nearly two dozen additional lawsuits are filed against Dr. Mark Midei for allegedly implanting stents into patients who didn’t need them.

Andrea Fujii explains the legal battle is far from over.

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Midei is now facing 175 civil suits and the patients’ attorney says there are many more potential victims.

The list is growing: patients who claim Dr. Mark Midei gave them unnecessary stents– tiny devices designed to open blocked arteries.

“The fraud’s the same in every one,” Jay Miller, patients’ attorney, said. “There was a lie perpetrated against the people. ‘You need a stent.’ And then they find out they didn’t need a stent.”

Vicki Mars says Midei told her her arteries were blocked.

“Dr. Midei said it was 90 percent,” Mars, a former patient, said. “And after they reviewed everything, it was 10 percent.”

She is one of the original 150 patients suing Midei and St. Joseph Medical Center where the surgeries were done.

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St. Joseph did notify about 500 patients that they may have unnecessary stents.

But now, 23 more patients have come forward, many who claim the hospital never notified them.

“I think it’s just further evidence that this conspiracy, this fraud runs much deeper than anyone originally believed,” Miller said.

Midei’s medical license has since been revoked but he defends his actions and denies all charges.

In July 2011, Midei said: “What I did was what I would want for myself, for anybody in my family, my mother, my father. They were treated appropriately and for the highest regard for their well-being.”

The patients’ attorney says tens of millions of dollars are at stake, but some patients hope for more.

“I’d like to see him do some jail time,” Mars said.

The patients’ attorney plans to file another 45 more lawsuits next month. The trial is expected to begin in 2013.

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St. Joseph Medical Center did not want to comment on the new suits and Midei’s lawyer did not return our phone call.