I already gave out Seattle on the air… As I have said before, the competition committee needs to look at teams that have to travel cross country on a short week.

Conn-Crete Lock – Miami -3 Vs Oakland… Miami has had ten days to get ready. Statistically been a top 5 defense over the past few weeks. They don’t give up big run plays, so Carson Palmer is going to have to beat them. Ill take the Dolphins minus the three.

2. Giants +6.5 Vs Green Bay… I actually think the Giants can win this one outright, but I’ll take the points here. Giants can get after the quarterback and they can throw the football on any defense. Quietly, Eli Manning is having a really good season. Give me the G-Men.

3. Cleveland +6.5 Vs Baltimore… I do think the Ravens will win this game, but this is the Superbowl for the Cleveland Browns fans. With the addition of Peyton Hillis and Monterio Hardesty, the Browns will hope to convert third downs and keep a fresh running back on the field at all times.

4.New England -20.5 Vs Indianapolis… I’ll make this simple… the Colts absolutely suck and the Patriots put up points in bunches. I normally would never take a spread this big, but I don’t know how the Colts keep this thing close.

5.Tampa Bay -3 Vs Carolina… I believe Blount will have a huge game for the Buccaneers. He had a nice game against the Titans and I believe that carries over against on of the worst rush defenses in the league


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