BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two Baltimore City police officers were reportedly caught in a sex scandal. The department is keeping the details quiet, but Adam May has some information about the allegations.

The alleged sexual activity occurred in a public place. Officials say it’s been under investigation for weeks.

Two female officers on the Baltimore City police department’s mounted patrol unit are under a human resources investigation for allegations involving sexual activity.

“We have general orders and certain behaviors would be classified as an integrity violation,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

A police spokesman would not reveal the details, only saying the officers were in a public place, not on department property.

“A member of the agency witnessed potential inappropriate activity, reported the activity to commanders [who] took swift agency,” Guglielmi said.

This scandal is being discussed among officers on the street. One called WJZ, offering additional information police would not confirm.

The department launched the investigation in October. Criminal charges are not expected, but the officers involved are on paid administrative leave and they could lose their jobs.

“We are committed to holding ourselves accountable, holding ourselves to higher standards when it comes to the public and we don’t tolerate any allegation of impropriety in this agency,” Guglielmi said.

Police say releasing more details could compromise their investigation. When asked why, they said they didn’t want reporters asking questions at the location where it happened.

The officers involved had no comment.

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  1. someguy123 says:

    pics or it didn’t happen…

    1. AUTOMAG says:


    2. 689AUTOMAG says:



    Just another example of Baltimores finest cops,hey at least they were not dealing drugs and killing people as other City officers have done,once again good officers in Balt City are far and few in between Balt City is the easiest police agency to get in this is where alot of people go to become an officer after they have been turned down by other law enforcement agencies,however I have alot of respect for the good City officers because their co-workers are criminals SMH

  3. Sezmane says:

    Baltimore city needs to have afederal investigation this is one of the most corrupt police forces in the USA where is Internal Affairs!!

    1. Pete Geller says:

      Not compared to Baltimore County! Those peons think they wrote the law….

    2. JT says:

      Where are punctuations!!

  4. That's no horse! says:

    Perfect picture for this story.

    Only thing that could have made it better, would be a picture of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile driving through a tunnel.

    1. tomcat says:

      that wouldn’t be an appropriate picture, as it is alleged to invove two females…

  5. ErnestPayne says:

    Public display? Probably something dangerous like holding hands. Put then americans are very sensitive about sex and insensitive about violence.

    1. UnspokenVoice says:

      Did you come up with that all by yourself?

      1. Bob Jones says:

        Does it matter?

        The truth hurts, doesn’t it, my american friend?

  6. Jayne Cobb says:

    I’ll be in my bunk

  7. Hmmmmmmmm says:

    Oh sure, suspend and fire them for having sex, but not for brutalizing the citizenry. This just goes to show how america is afraid of sex, but loves it’s violence.

    1. Bob Walker says:

      You stole my thunder! Bless your heart.
      We don’t care if the world sees our police are world-class gestapo, but dog forbid they show any signs of affection!

  8. Ogre 1 says:

    Pictures or it didn’t happen!!@!

  9. TSinNottingham says:

    Suspended WITH pay. Perfect way to get everything done before the Holiday and get paid while at it. What a tough punishment.

  10. William Trexler says:


  11. baltimore resident says:

    pics we need pics

  12. obbop says:

    I feel so….. so….. CLEAN!!!!

  13. MARY V says:

    I’m not saying what they did was right, What I am saying is would you like to strap on a gun everyday and protect us. Without replacing the standard back into the academy and with out a decent living wage. WHO WOULD WANT TO BE A BALTIMORE CITY POLICE OFFICER

  14. Wiseguy says:

    Were the Horses involved?

    ….may be a case of animal cruelity.

  15. Allie says:

    Hmmm this sounds very hot!!

  16. Robin says:

    The plaintiff, Roger Addison, is continuing to work with police during their investigation. Police interviewed Wilbur Post who was cooperative, but Mr Ed refused to answer questions and invoked his fifth amendment rights. Oh Wilbur!

  17. albert says:

    Lisinner72., You’re a prick you effin rat hole POS.

  18. albert says:

    Leave these women alone. If they wanna spank the monkey or flog the Bishop, that’s their business. Male cops wack off eating jelly donuts all the time.

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