BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Their husbands may be stars on the field, but the lady Ravens also do their part to support Baltimore.

Monique Griego has more on how they teamed up with the Salvation Army.

While Anquan Boldin is known for his work in the end zone, his wife has her own way of scoring for Baltimore.

“Their platform is to be on the field and do great, and our platform is to serve in the community,” said Dion Boldin, Ravens wife.

Dion Boldin and several other Ravens’ wives teamed up with Sam’s Club and the Salvation Army to buy Christmas gifts for 20 needy families in Baltimore.

“We try to look for those that demonstrate the most need, and families that perhaps stick out more than others that we can tell are really struggling this year,” said Sue Dewan, Salvation Army.

Each wife gets to fill their basket with whatever they want up to $800 per family.

“They have such simple lists of things that they’re asking for and it’s great to get them what they need plus more,” Lauren Cox, wife.

All the lady Ravens did their best to find what the families wanted and needed on their lists, whether it was toys for the kids or help for their parents.

“We just want them to be happy. We just want them to have a good Christmas,” Dion Boldin said.

Once the gifts were bought, the wives and volunteers got them ready for Christmas.

“To know that the Ravens care about them and care about the community that just adds a little icing on the cake,” Dewan said.

For these ladies, all the legwork will be worth the family’s reaction.

“How surprised they’re going to be, how happy they’re going to be, it just really melts your heart,” Cox said.

The families also receive a $200 gift card to Sam’s Club. If you’d like to help the Salvation Army give back, they are in need of bell ringers this year.


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