BALTIMORE (WJZ)—If you drive on the beltway and have a lead foot you’ll want to pay attention. Another work zone speed camera is being added to the interstate. 

Monique Griego has the details.

Drivers will have a short three-week grace period before the cameras start ticketing.

They’re set up in construction zones.  And if you blink you just might miss them.

But zoom past one of the state’s speed cameras and chances are it snapped your picture.

“I’ve had tickets and rightfully so, they were mine I owned ’em, earned ’em, I should say,” said Charles Ruby, driver.

Now the State Highway Administration says it will start monitoring another area with a speed camera. It will be on the inner loop of I-695 at Frederick Road where a new overpass is being constructed.

Critics accuse governments of using the cameras to generate revenue. But some drivers don’t seem to mind.

“I think it’s a good gesture to put it out there, you know to catch the speeders. Follow the law and you won’t have any problems with speed cameras,” said James Younger, driver.

Following the deaths of state highway workers, “we wanna make sure that our workers and everyone arrives home safely. So of course we want travel to slow down and definitely be attentive as they’re driving through,” said Kellie Boulware, State Highway Administration.

Drivers will get a grace period from Dec. 13 to Jan. 2. So if you speed past the 695-Frederick Road camera then you’ll get a notice but no ticket before fines start Jan. 3.

Right now there are speed cameras in four work zones in Baltimore County, including the project to replace the Frederick Road Bridge.

In all, 10 work zones in Maryland are using speed cameras.

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  1. SocialistState says:

    I received a ticket with a photo of a car that was not even mine and a demand to pay the $40 or face losing my license. Nothing like living in a police state. I did successfully fight it though.

    Just like VEIP, this is another state-sponsored scam that has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with stealing more money out of your pocket.

  2. Mike Bailey says:

    Its all about money

  3. Wiseguy says:

    Martin O’Malley moneygrab.

    It’s called legalized extortion !!

  4. nobody says:

    With all the money scams that are up and running legally in Maryland, I have yet to figure out how we are so broke all the time.

  5. sick of MD says:

    Yeah, man, these things are so profitable they pay for themselves in the first week! Unreal. I hate this place.

  6. Scalped says:

    Yea they are so profitable that the money just comes in at highway speed!

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