BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A man is murdered inside an apartment complex for seniors and people with disabilities.  Investigators are trying to figure out who is responsible for the fatal stabbing. It happened in Baltimore’s lower Park Heights neighborhood.

Derek Valcourt has more on the murder and the search for the killer.

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Two 13-floor towers house 301 apartment units, and one is now a crime scene.

The Monte Verde apartments are home to hundreds of senior citizens.  It is the last place many of them and their family members would expect to hear about a murder.

“She’s scared, she’s actually scared, and my mother’s scared of nothing,” said Charles Royer, son of a resident.

Saturday morning, police were called after a 58-year old man was found dead. Officers say he was repeatedly stabbed to death.

The victim’s name has not been released. Police have contacted his family, who live out-of-state.

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“The victim was found in the apartment building, so we’re hoping because the population density of the residents that somebody saw something or heard something and will come forward,” said Kevin Brown, detective for the Baltimore Police Department.

Residents say the building is normally very secure.  Visitors have to be buzzed in either by residents or by guards working at the front desk.

The building is loaded with security cameras, both inside and out. Detectives hope the surveillance videos can give them more clues to the killers identity.

The unsolved murder is still unsettling for people like Royer.

“It’s scary to think somebody can come into an area like this,” Royer said. “The money we are paying here to make sure our loved ones are loved, and you put your families here to give them a better place because we’re doing our thing and we can’t take care of them every day. We pay this money for them to be safe.

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While police continue to search for evidence and clues, they are hoping someone with information will come forward.  Anyone with information on the case is urged to call city homicide detectives.