BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Depressed but pressing on. A Towson doctor at the center of a massive malpractice investigation says he considered taking his own life. Now former patients who accused Dr. Mark Midei of wrongdoing react.

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Some of those patients are outraged by Midei’s comments, saying they’re the ones who suffered, not him.

In his first extended interview since being accused of performing unnecessary medical procedures, Dr. Mark Midei exclusively talked to WJZ’s media partner, The Baltimore Sun.

“The human toll has been incalculable,” Midei said.

He went on to say, “I’ve been near suicidal at times. My whole identity was stripped from me.”

In 2009, the one-time world-renowned cardiologist found himself under federal investigation. Since then, more than 200 patients have filed lawsuits and he lost his medical license.

“I think he deserves everything he gets,” said Vicki Marrs.

Marrs is one patient who claims Midei performed a stent surgery for a blocked artery—which another doctor later found unclogged.

“They said that I had 10 percent but he said I had a 90 percent and I needed the stent right away,” she said.

Her attorney claims Midei’s depression comments are an attempt to influence potential jurors in the civil lawsuits, which could go to trial next spring.

“I can’t wait for a jury to rule on these cases because everyone that hears this is shocked with good reason,” said Jay Miller, attorney.

Midei maintains his innocence, telling the Sun, “I’ve never treated a single patient that didn’t need to be treated. Every one of them needed the treatment and they received high quality care.”

He went on to say public doubt has been personally difficult.

“It’s been an extreme challenge to get through each day. I just live it one day at a time,” Midei said.

Attorney Jay Miller, who represents the patients, said he doesn’t think the jury will be too sympathetic to Midei once they hear the facts.

Midei has filed an appeal in circuit court, hoping he’ll get his medical license back.

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  1. Steve Wilson says:

    Doctors like Dr. Mark Midei and Rep./Dr. Andy Harris make me wonder about the safety of our medical system. It seems that the Republican plan to destroy what was the world’s best medical system is working.

    1. Bob Sherron says:

      What do the Republicans have to do with this. If anything they might save us from Obamacare. If you want to live in a socialist country go ahead.Pick up your sign and go back to the inner harbor with your occupy buddies.

  2. Electrician Bob says:

    If his “identity was stripped away” he can just buy a new one later. But just in case he gets too bummed out he can use his pocket change to hop on a flight and maybe spend a few days in the Florida Keys to unwind.

  3. bmoregyrl says:

    I know people who went to him and they are sad to see that he has lost everything and he was guilty before he went to court and people are saying this because they see $$$$$ signs and nothing else. He was a good doctor and I hope he wins his appeals.

    1. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

      People’s lives were put at risk because Dr. Midei wanted money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He operated on people’s hearts who didn’t need it because he wanted to make money!!!!! You need to learn the facts of this case. Woohoo for the people who needed the surgery and got it. Not so much for the people he put under the knife who never needed it.

  4. civey says:

    People are making a judgment about Dr. Midei without knwoing him. I’m one person who has thanked him on 5 different occasions for the stents he placed in my chest. For those of you who don’t know the stents saved me the anguish of by-pass surgery. I don’t know if he is guilty of the charges, but as far as I am concerned he was a God send.

    1. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

      Good for you. What about the people he operated on that didn’t need it. He put their lives at risk so he could make money, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! He is a crook and has no business in medicine. You wouldn’t give someone chemo who didn’t have cancer, so why would you put a stent in someone who didn’t need it????????

  5. bmoregyrl says:

    Just because one doctor says that you did not need it does that make him or her right. So if you found out that you really did need it and Dr. Midei did what was best for you would you go after the other doctor for money most likely not. Dr. Midei was the fall guy by St. Joseph’s and I really do hope that he gets his license.

    1. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

      You have no clue what you’re talking about!

      1. bmoregyrl says:

        Yes I do very much so. I haved worked for doctors for a long time and we do second opinions all the time that does not mean that the other doctor was wrong. And I do think that Dr Midei was the fall guy for the hospital and that is my opinion if you don’t like it well too bad.

  6. GM says:

    He deserves a long sentence.

  7. bmore says:

    Stephanie, what makes you such an expert?

    1. bmoregyrl says:

      Thank you and I think she maybe one of those people who will make money off of the law suits. I don’t mean to be mean but people say he was wrong but was he really. No I don’t think so.

  8. Jethro Hooper says:

    You jerks taking up for this creep remind me of old Ger,amns talking about how Hitler built the autobahn.

  9. baltimoremedguy says:

    It’s funny how people say that he did this to just make more money, when he was actually a salaried employee. Who would interrupt something they are doing to drive to the hospital, put in a stent, all to make the same amount of money. Doesn’t make much sense. There is a lot more to this story that we do not know. It would be great if one of the executives who skipped town would break their silence.

    To win one of these cases, you have to prove that the physician was negligent and that harm was done. It’s hard to believe that ACTUAL harm was done to these over 200 patients. Medical regulations and practices change all the time and I’m sure that what was being done in the labs at St. Joe is exactly what was being done at all of the other busy labs in Baltimore.

  10. smsman says:

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  11. trybothshoesfirst! says:

    If you went to the hospital and a doctor cut your leg off unnecessarily, would you not be upset, would you not go after the doctor that did that to you? YES, you can live a fairly normal life with one leg, but your quality of life will be effected. Same goes for those with the unnecessary stents, they can live a fairly normal life, even though they have to be on medications, some for the rest of their lives, have to take precautions while on blood thinners, as to not get cut, as they could bleed out from a simple cut, have to worry about blood clots, worry about further complications from the unnecessary stent, etc. BUT they can live fairly normal lives, just as you could with one leg……….. I personally don’t know anyone who would not be VERY ANGRY and would not sue the doctor for cutting off your leg.!! Even if he was a world renowned surgeon and save millions of lives!!

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