BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A female bank bandit is on the loose. She’s already targeted three banks. Now, the FBI is on the case.

Meghan McCorkell has the new clues that could put her behind bars.

Surveillance cameras captured images of that woman during her last heist. Now, the FBI hopes it will put an end to her one-woman crime wave.

The woman walked into a Wells Fargo Bank in Essex. Surrounded by customers, she approached the counter, quietly passed the teller a note demanding money and indicated she has a weapon. Within minutes, she was out the front door with the cash.

And investigators say this wasn’t her first hit of the day.

Tuesday morning, the same woman passed a robbery note to a teller at a bank on East Monument Street near Johns Hopkins.

She didn’t get money that time.

FBI officials say they don’t see many female bank robbers.

“It’s very rare, especially nationwide,” said Richard Wolf of the FBI. “In Baltimore, it’s less than 10 percent that a female does bank robberies.”

And this woman could be on a crime spree.

Just last Wednesday on Dec. 7, investigators believe the same woman robbed another Wells Fargo branch along Sinclair Road.

“She tends to wear the same clothing,” George Yossif, a bank customer, said. “It looks like she’s wearing the same hoodie and also the same boots, I believe they’re uggs.”

The robberies have some bank customers worried about security.

“Well, we should probably carry some fire power,” Yossif said.

Investigators are concerned the bank bandit could get more aggressive.

“Even note jobs can become dangerous because we never know if they have weapons unless they display them,” Wolf said.

Now they hope the surveillance images help investigators put her behind bars before someone gets hurt.

Investigators say the woman is between 5″2 and 5″4. She’s approximately 140 to 150 pounds.

Anyone with information on the bank bandit can call the FBI tip line at (410)265-8080.

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