BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Occupy Baltimore protesters refuse to back down even after Baltimore City police officers forced them out of their downtown camp. Now they have found a new home and a new direction, this time in North Baltimore.

Andrea Fujii has the story.

It’s been six days since police took down the Occupy Baltimore movement near the Inner Harbor. Since then the protesters have been homeless…until now.

“I felt that by being kicked out, it’s like being kicked out of the house, you need to have somewhere else to go,” Pastor Joyce Galloway said.

Galloway has opened up the parking lot of her church to the protesters– Antioch Church on York Road.

“What we’re trying to do is regroup in my aunt’s church parking lot,” Darrick Marshall, an Occupy Baltimore protester, said. “We’re going to set it up, do some community outreach and some community service and just get the message to the people.”

“I agreed to do it because I believe in the 99 percent, the middle class,” said Galloway.

The group was evicted early Tuesday morning without any arrests but many protesters say they were bullied.

“That’s what they were acting as, at that time, is armed thugs,” said one.

The mayor felt otherwise.

“The facts bear out that we have the right approach and the tactics to make sure that that happened in a respectful way,” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

Demonstrators hope up to 200 Occupiers will take advantage of this new space, though they admit it won’t be as visual.

“I think once we put some signs up– this is a major flow of traffic– so we should be able to get the message out there,” Marshall said.

The church will provide hot showers and power outlets to the movement.

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  1. Diana says:

    That is a kind church. As long there no violence. And there peaceful protest. I am one of 99 percent. College grad but find a job. The economy is bad.

    1. whatnow says:

      You have a college degree? With that grammer? You need to get your money back. No wonder you can’t find a job!

  2. Sandra Brown says:

    Darrick was just released from prison for threatening members of the OccupyBaltimore community and has a history of targeting women for his verbal aggression. He has been banned by Occupybaltimore from having access to OB resources for repeated violations of their no-tolerance policies.

    If OB takes up this offer it will be interesting. Are women in the movement disposable?

  3. RW says:

    Diana, The thing that makes this country great, is that there are no guarantees. Our country was built on hard work and ambition. Simply being a college grad, should not guarantee anything.

    This movement is dead. Certainly moving it to a more obscure area that nobody really cares about – wont help regather some of the momentum.

    The Baltimore Police are the real winners. As much as the protestors wanted them to do something brash to feed their ego machine, the police remained steadfast and polite. Congratulations to the Police who like most Americans, had to go find employment and not simply wait for their overpriced liberal arts degree to start sending magical checks.

    1. Nick Becker says:

      I’m just going to copy and paste what a friend of mine said in response to this…
      “I hear a lot of people saying how “respectful” and “peaceful” the raid on Occupy Baltimore was. I have to disagree. Firstly, the cops passed out a flyer from the mayor that said that she defended the First Amendment only if it didn’t conflict with park regulations. Secondly, 150 cops in full riot gear barricaded and surrounded the square at 3:30am, where only a handful of people were actually there and mostly sleeping. The cops then trashed everything including people’s personal belongings and hauled it off to the dump. Many of the folks who were there have since expressed how humiliating the whole experience was. They didn’t resist at the time only because the situation was so overwhelmingly bleak, and the lop-sided nature of what went down pretty much made it a non-event. ” – Gerry Mak

  4. Donna P says:

    This is NOT an Occupy Baltimore sanctioned event. Derrick has been BANNED from Occupy Baltimore events due to REPEATED violations of our ZERO Tolerance policies.

  5. colliemom says:

    Would expect an institution used to dealing with the real world would be able to predict they are inviting in trouble. Shouldn’t be surprised when start getting substance abusing or mentally ill homeless people setting up shop in their parking lot. Assaults, rapes and drug distribution issues will follow. They may think they are helping someone out, but in truth they are providing a venue for opportunists. Wonder if their parishoners had any say in this decision.

  6. Nick Becker says:

    and another thing: this entire story is completely false.

  7. Nick Angelozzi says:

    I know the economic situation is tough, but surly you could afford to send one of your reporters to check out storys rather than relying on gossip. This is the second false information I have heard on WJZ inre Occ. Balt. In the beginning, no coverage, then dispariging coverage, now, false coverage. I for one, will never believe what WJZ has to say again,

  8. Arsalan says:

    If you want a Harvard for thr 99%, get rid of Jewish networking and rfvoas in university admissions which is responsible for discriminatory admissions policies in favor of Jews at the expense of non-Jews. Since Harvard has quotas for Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and others, these groups are being protected (and rewarded due to receiving entry without earning it). White are being punished by Jewish favoritism. And you wonder why people do not like Jews? Jews have been discriminating against non-Jews for centuries, banding together in order to exploit gentiles. Wall Street, Washington, corporate America, academia, the media, the list goes on. People are sick of it and I have to believe it will not end well for the Jews. Justice will be served you criminals pieces of trash.

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