TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)— A manhunt is underway at Towson Town Center. Police are trying to find out who shot and killed a man outside Nordstrom on Monday night.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on the investigation.

Police dispatch tells us a male was shot in the upper body outside Nordstrom department store shortly before 6:30 p.m. Monday. Police officers say that man has died of his injuries. His name has not been released.

Just steps from the doors to Nordstrom, a man was found gunned down and his killer is still on the loose.

“There were no witnesses at the scene. There was no suspect at the scene,” said Elise Armacost, Baltimore County Police.

Police have been working with mall security officers and have checked the mall and surrounding areas for the suspect or suspects.

“They immediately went inside the mall, began canvassing the entire mall, looking for someone who may look panicked or suspicious,” Armacost said.

Police also searched in trash cans and under cars for the murder weapon; it’s unknown if they found anything.

Police had closed off some entrances and exits to the mall to help control crowd flow. They also worked to control traffic near the shooting location. Mall employees said they were not told about the shooting and when they called mall security, they weren’t given any information.

Shoppers are shocked about the shooting, saying it’s a tragedy.

“I was sad for the family. I mean, this is Christmas,” said one shopper.

Investigators say they don’t believe there are any surveillance cameras on that side of the mall but they are looking at other surveillance cameras to see if there are any clues.

Mall officials have no comment on the shooting.

There’s no word on any suspect or motive. If you have information, please call police.

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  1. 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON says:

    the home boys and gang bangers bus it right on up to towson. true fact,the towson in the 80’s everyone knew is gone

  2. l says:

    I really doubt the shooter has a permit to carry a gun. If he is going to murder someone why would he care about it being illegal to carry a gun? The people that actually have CCW permits are probably not insane.

    1. Adam says:

      Maryland’s stupid liberal laws prohibit anyone from carrying a weapon really. Only the lawmakers and a few business owners can carry them.

      1. L says:

        Exactly Maryland is one of the hardest states to get a CCW permit in.

      2. Adam says:

        L – Aside from Illinois and a few New England states, yes, it is. I don’t understand why these stupid liberal idiots don’t see facts, or refuse to pay it any attention. Innocent people are dying because of their…beliefs.

    2. -M- says:

      The guns laws are strict to prevent this from happening more often.
      You think making guns more available would have prevented this? Crazy!

      1. tylerjake says:

        Hey M, states that have looser or lax gun laws have LESS crime! Get a clue you IDIOT!

      2. Meeeeee says:

        Murderers do not use registered guns. They buy them from the Fast and furious campaign or steal them. People who own guns usually don’t get robbed because they have a gun! The one who do get robbed are morons who believe the police dept. can actually prevent a crime from happening.

  3. Scott S. says:

    That will change as more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more innocent people get injured and killed by Mayland’ s horrible and dangerous underclass criminals. The laws making it very hard to get a CCW fro self-defense will be defeated and we will have the true American freedom affored to the people of the souther states like Florida. What will speed the process to easier CCW is when a person of prominence like a politation gets killed by a member of the criminal underclass. Watch!

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Scott, Do you have a stuttering problem son?

      1. Adam says:

        Bernard, you have an idiot problem. Yet another useless stupid comment.

      2. TERRY says:

        Be bopping Ber bow nerd is a BIGGOT

  4. Scott S says:

    I am armed to the teeth in my house and I really don’t care about any of the laws governing the use of deadly force when it comes to protecting my family, home and self. In that order. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. After all, at least I’d still be alive to have a jury with a 98% chance of aquitting me for self-defense. It’s truly time for a complete Rebublican take over of Maryland. I’m sick of this ultra-liberal govenment led state that cares more for criminals than us tax paying law-abiding citizens. It’s time for very easy CCW’s in Maryalnd like in Virginia just 50 miles away!

    1. Adam says:

      I’ll agree there Scott. DC just overturned the very same CCW law that Maryland has currently, and crime took a total 180. Who wants to rob somebody that could be armed?

    2. Meeee says:

      Here here! Shoot them dead and ask questions later. O’mally wants us to lay down and die rather than be Americans who have the 2nd amendment right to protect themselves.

      1. Narayana says:

        Super su mi nove ojpice za blog, ali ?to god da isprobam ni?ta mi ne uspije, uvijek mi izbaci ovu poruku “Predlo?ak nije mogu?e analizirati jer nije dobro oblikovan. Provjerite jesu li svi XML elementi dobro zatvoreni. Poruka o pogre?ci s XML-om: The value of attribute “alt” associated with an element type “null” must not contain the ‘<' character.Error 500"Molim savjet i pomo?!

  5. stan says:

    “perp”? “giant coffin”? “them”? Wait for the complete details & story. & how about being honest with urselves and use the exact word(s) ur thinking.

    1. Jason Jones says:

      We are. Thugs are thugs. And usually you’ll find that we’re right. Welfare trash has got to go one way or the other.

      You should see the comments on here (from me and I’m sure from other) which have been banned.

      Real Americans are waking up.

      1. Jeff says:

        It’s comments like “Real Americans” that’s ticking me off. I’m sick and tired of people thinking that their opinions and beliefs are the way it should be and that if someone disagrees with them, then they are the ones that are wrong. Comments like “taking back our country” and that if you disagree you aren’t a real American. I got news for you, we’re all a part of this country and we all have different opinions of what it should be. It doesn’t make one person wrong or right, so please stop using this “real American” comment.

  6. Mike-E says:

    I know right dude.

  7. Elle Bee says:

    I work in this mall. I see on a daily basis the amount of theft, fights, and verbal assaults on mall employees. I tally how many times a day pure trash calls me a “bi*ch” . People show their a$$es on a daily basis in every store. Security is a JOKE in the mall. Most of the “security officers” are kids themselves, too afraid to confront anyone of theft. OOOh, they ban them for 30 days- but not really. Because kids that stole that I make leave are all banned. Its so bad Baltimore County Police has to come babysit on friday and saturday nights. Christmas only makes it WORSE. At this point, my boyfriend is almost safer in afghanistan than I am at work in Towson mall.

    1. Adam says:

      Hey Elle – News flash, Afghanistan is much more dangerous than some immature high schoolers wanting to fight for some flashy 5 dollar jewelery.

      1. Jason Jones says:

        Elle, Adam.

        I am more scared for my family just outside of Baltimore than I ever was for myself in Baghdad (or Ad Diwaniyah or Najaf, or Ar Radiwaniyah just NW of Baghdad).

        I have kicked down doors not knowing what was on the other side but yes, I can honestly say that I feel worse in Baltimore than I ever did walking around Baghdad. Those who lost family overseas might disagree, but there have been many thousands more who’ve lost family to the Dark Undertow right here in America.

        Something to think about.

        I’m sure many of the vets who fought on the opposite side of Iran (where the AIPAC lobby will likely have us invade next and where I refuse to go) feel the same way. The ghettos of America are not welcoming places. They created this for themselves and they guilted us into enabling them.

      2. Adam says:

        Thanks for your service Jason.

      3. Meeee says:

        At least he can expect it from the enemy. What do you do when your own neighbors are your enemy ??? Think logically. So it’s better to get robbed and killed for 5 dollars than die for our protection?? What rocks have you been putting in the glass pole???

      4. Meeee says:

        Jason. Thank you for your sacrifice for our country and thank you for being a beacon of hope for those who feel trapped in their own communities. You have helped liberate the Iraqis and hopefully someone will enact a way to liberate Americans from these horrid streets.

    2. mofo says:

      Elle Bee, No job is worth that abuse. Carry a can of pepper spray for starters & dial 911 when these black pricks show up.

  8. stan says:

    As a black man born & raised in Towson. While its true crime is running amuck in every part of the County, gangs of arrogant blacks, whites, lowerclass or middleclass is a direct result of parents that r afraid of their kids & want to be their friends instead of raising them to have values & concern for another mans life. And a “justice” system that slaps them on the wrist. Thoughts & Prayers to the Family of the Fatally Wounded Man

  9. stan says:

    Ignorance is NOT bliss, Innocense use to be.

  10. Brittany says:

    Your use of underclass bothers me. Being without and impoverished does not make you a criminal. You are not in a higher class than anyone and your blood bleeds red as those you consider “underclass”. In the Lord’s eyes your sins are the same as the person who took that man’s life. Also, You might as well be a be a blatant racist than using ambiguous words. Everyone knows what you mean. I pray for you and the man who lost his life because an act of evil.

    1. Amiright? says:

      He said “underclass trash,” not just “underclass.” Why don’t you be truly honest with yourself and others, and not be so pious. The reality is, there is a segment of the population causing the vast majority of the violent crimes. It’s not appropriate to call people out by race, but let’s not pretend not to see the obvious pattern. It certainly isn’t priviliged college youths that live near the shopping center.

  11. joe says:

    Our society has gone to pot. Where is the respect for each other and human life.

    It’ sad i thought the more modern we become the better we would be. We are not this is not the best of times in america but the worst.

    Whoever did this find them and don’t jail em blow em away

  12. Elle Bee says:

    i can’t reply for somereason to my post. adam- it wasn’t meant to be literal, i know how dangerous the sandbox is. i just wanted to stress HOW BAD that mall has gotten.

    Jason, thank you for your service.

  13. Laura M. says:

    It really does sadden me to read this type of racism in this day and age. There are plenty of white people who are in gangs, living off of welfare and in your words “underclass”. For example…South Baltimore also known as “Pigtown” is nothing but whites. The sick minded people who kill themselves, their children, spouses, etc. are white. The profile of a mass murderer/serial killer is a white man. The amount of white people who steal on a daily basis is sickening but goes unnoticed because of their race. I find it extremely alarming if these people who are spreading such racism would to God for bid have children…I bet they will be the ones with white hats on!

    1. Pat says:

      As much as it sounds “racist” Bernard is CORRECT, However…yes, White men/women do commit “Crimes” Just as Blacks/Mexicans,etc. But the FACTS ARE that certain crimes are done more by certain races. For example Murder/rape/theft/assualt/robbery are led by one race or another…its a fact. And anyone who says its “RACIST” is just a moron who doesn’t seen things past their own “racism” or “Prejudice” ( Not taking into consideration that the person possibly isn’t being racist, they are just stating facts.) I myself am a “AGENT” and have seen these kind of things first hand, and yes it is a marjority black problem, however the problem is not with the persons skin, its the way in which they are raised and their abilty to want to do right. If mother never told you or showed you, your not going to know. It’s just a repeating cycle that will continue until the end of time. Or, we can change it. And granting everyone easier CCW’s will not solve anything. It will just put more Firearms on the street that can be stolen via B&E. Canada has half the weapon related violence we do, mainly, becuase they choose to not have many firearms sold. **THATS A FACT** The solution is simple…you just have to see it in yourself to be a decent human being.

      1. Meeee says:

        Look up either switzerland or sweeden with their militia requirememt, it is one or the other. My point is that every citizen is required to be in the militia and everyone and I mean everyone owns an assault rifle. If you know your neighbor has an assault rifle I don’t believe you will be attempting to rob him/her anytime soon. Point is that they have some of the lowest crime rates in the world… Remember guns don’t kill people, people do. A gun is completely useless without a bullet a firing pin and… a person. ** THATS A FACT**

    2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Laura, You miss the whole point. May I suggest you just kill yourself because you are soooooo stupid. Stop watching so much CNB & Jerry Springer while eating potato chips & bon bons.

    3. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      83% of all murders committed in Baltimore were black perps. The rest were a combination of white, hispanic & other ethnic groups. When was the last time you saw a bunch of white college kids from Towson, Goucher college running around shooting people in Towson? Try never, is the black trash always.

    4. ladarius says:

      Stop being delusional Laura. What, are you sleeping with a black man?

  14. REALITY CHECK says:


    You need to educate yourselves. There are caucasians on welfare. So Jason you are paying for their education, rent, utility bills, food etc. I WORK FOR A MAJOR SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCY and people of all races obtain FREEBIES. Lesson learned. There are two places where race doesn’t matter. THE CRADLE AND THE GRAVE.

    1. J-Rock says:

      Thank you Reality Check..

    2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Reality Check, Educate myself??, Turd, I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know.You remind me of Snookies vagina, Too big a mouth & nothing good ever comes out of it.

      1. Snark-doodle-Doo says:

        Yes, like how to be better than the people you constantly criticize. Wow, you are a bigger thug than any of the people you gripe about. The only difference between them and you is that they do it in public, you hide like a snivveling little rat in the gutter. You are one nasty little creepy fig newton, you are.

      2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Snark doodle doo, Keets etc, Blow me!

      3. Bernie Loves Keets says:

        You sure, pops? I wouldn’t want to give that old ticker a kicker!

    3. the mechanic says:

      reality check, Go soend a weekend in the baddest black neighborhood & if still alive, tell me these monkees are not murderous sub-humans.



    1. sheeple says:

      because the media s NEVER slanted, right?

  16. Sezmane says:

    No surveillance on this side of the mall do u think the assailant knew that

  17. Lovie says:

    Lets not get into the whole rape UR’ wives and killing UR’ families…..I think we know who started all the Violence’ If your going to be a RACIST’ at least tell it all>>>>and remember poor people have no way of flooding the streets with all these firearms. crime start with people like you……IGNORANCE.

  18. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Blacks 13% of the population, 58% of the prison population, I rest my case. If you can’t figure out the problem the you need to get out of the house more often & into the belly of the beast such as East, west & south Baltimore….WJZ, You have balls you Nazi’s for moderating my comments, This is freedom of speech & I’m the only one singled out for speaking the truth. Go to hell & damm your site.

    1. dan says:

      if you hate this site so bad here is a hint don’t get on it anymore

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Dan, You fool, this is adult conversation that is way over your noggin. Run home now & pull your peter.

    2. keets says:

      aw Bernie-poo, you sound Iike you know what you’re talking about, especially when you toss around numbers, but sweetie, let me ask you how you feel about the electoral college. It is based on the same line of thought that you have presented and it is flawed, honey. Flawed, like your character.

      If anyone reading your comments has a brain, they will understand what I mean about the electoral college. Percentages are highly inaccurate based on the political makeup of an area vs. it’s geographical size and population.

      I mean, Bernie, baby, I know you like to think your smart, but darling’, statistics is a tough subject and if you don’t know how it works, you just sound stupid. Was it Confuscious who said…. oh wait no, it was Mark Twain quoting Abe Lincoln….”Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” (paraphrasing, there…. you do know what paraphrasing is, right?).

      1. keets says:

        *you’re* …. I know how you love to pick out typos when you have nothing intelligent to say.

      2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Keets, Since you’ve taken this personal, then come on here & give your real name & we can debate till one of us drops. Your phony moniker gives no credibility to your drivel.I take umbrage with insect types like yourself who are more of a pest nature than making any real harm. Silly fool.

      3. keets loves Bernzie says:

        OK, my name is Susan Campbell. Or is it? Hm? Bernard, or is it Sheriff Willie or Willie Joe or 1030 Witherspoon or The Truth….. hmmmm…. hypocrite much? You know what you are, Bernzie-pie, you are a BULLY. A mean, ugly BULLY, just like your parents raised you. Sorry, did I get too “personal”?… you know, that’s just like me, to take it all so personally. Smarty pants. *tee-hee*

      4. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Keets, I’m not your baby toots ok?….Such an intellectual & deep thinker but I’ll bet you couldn’t teach a flea to jump. Bully? Never have never will be. I much prefer to engage in debate for the word can cut & maim much more that a punch or a sword.
        Don’t know what your problem is but I suspect you have been intimidated & ass kicked in your life & this is how you extract a small measure of revenge. Poor person, I’ll be gone from your life one day soon but you, will still be living inside that mess.

      5. Keets loves Bernzie baby says:

        oh Bernie, honey, sweetie, baby…. you are reaching for that last string of dignity…keep going honey, maybe you can grasp it….come on… there’s a good boy. kisses, punkin.

      6. ladarius says:

        Go suck on a lemon & improve that toothless smile.

    3. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Keets, Figures don’t lie but liars always figure.

      1. Bernie fartz says:

        oh good one! lol!!! witty witty witty.

  19. adam says:

    Doesn’t seem to be random guarantee you an arrest is made within a day or two…only way to stop this is to create harsher punishments. A cab driver got shot this weekend by some guy who got 30 years in 08 for attempted murder. Apparently didn’t stop him from acting again. Why keep criminals on the streets they should be locked up for life leading to a decrease in crime among those at-risk who are bound to commit crime when opportunity presents itself. The system is broke you can search the judiciary page and see that many of the serious offenders have multiple offenses over years. Sad country we live in where politicians only care about money and getting elected and not about what is right for society….

  20. -M- says:

    I don’t know who is crazier. The shooter, or the people posting comments.
    What a bunch of wackos!

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