ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — About 950 acres in Talbot County has been donated to Maryland’s Program Open Space. An agreement was approved Wednesday by the Board of Public Works.

State officials are describing the donation as the first donated public access easement in the history of the program. The land is being donated by former Anne Arundel County Executive Bob Pascal and Reinecke Fuchs Inc.

The Department of Natural Resources says the easement on the Point Pleasant property will protect valuable forest and farm land. It also will maintain or establish more than eight miles of riparian buffers to protect water quality in the Choptank River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Visitors will be able to hike or horseback on the land and kayak on its waters through coordinated and controlled access.

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  1. the mechanic says:

    What a load of horse shi* this. County needs cash in the future, sells off land to private developer who builds homes for the rich & condo’s closes off access to water for the average citizen. The back room dealing is alive & well in that stiff necked right wing red neck county.

    1. sick of maryland says:

      What a load of horse sh!t from yet another liberal in Maryland.

      The property was donated to the State, not the county. The State, if you were not aware, has been taking away the rights of rural landowners for decades.

      Stiff necked right wing red neck county? One day you may find yourself saying “Why have so many jobs left Maryland? What has happened to individual freedoms? Why is the State making so many decisions for me?” We desperately need a shift from the extreme left. O’Malley has exemplified the notion that The more Liberal a State the Less Free!

      Your comment points out how tyrants like O’Malley get two terms in the State House, the blue hair brained liberal idiots with heads firmly planted in rear end.

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