Former NFL GM Vinny Cerrato’s Dirty Dozen

1. Green Bay (13.1 Chicago) had tough game in K.C. and injuries become a concern at RT. Can they get momentum back for playoffs?

(3) 2. New Orleans (11-3 ATL Mon Night) Drew Brees vs. Aaron Rodgers for MVP.

Saints Defense improving fight for 2nd playoff spot.

(5) 3. New England (11-3 Miami) Defense is the key issue for Pats moving deep into the playoffs. Everything will have to go thru New England to Super bowl.

(2) 4. Baltimore (10-4 Cleveland) Must rebound and finish strong to secure 2nd seed. Defense must go back and truck vs. Cleveland.

(6) 5. San Francisco (11-3 at Seattle) Defense is key to the 49ers success. Alex Smith not enough to win by himself.

(4) 6. Pittsburgh (10-4 St. Louis) Can they get healthy enough to make a run. Ben must get healthy.

(7) 7. Houston (10-4 at Indy Thus.) can T.J. Yates be good enough to win in playoffs. Need Wade Phillips back to line defense.

(12) 8. Atlanta (9-5 at New Orleans) Falcons will find out how good they are this week. Defense is going to be key on how far they go.

(11) 9. Detroit (9-5 San Diego) Inconsistent. They must find a run game. Big comeback win over Atlanta.

(8) 10. Denver (8-6 at Buffalo) Can’t win a shutout. Can they get to 10 wins. Defense must recover from New England game.

11. Cincinnati (8-6 Arizona)

12. Eagles (6-8 at Dallas) have won 2 in a row. Everyone healthy. Can win themselves into a NFC East title. Possibly too little, too late.

Bottom 5

1. Indy (1-13) Houston Thurs.

2. St. Louis (2-12) at Pittsburgh

3. Minnesota (2-12) at Washington

4. Jacksonville (4-10) at Tennessee

5. Tampa Bay (4-10) at Carolina


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