BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A trip to visit family for the holidays almost ended in disaster. A young girl accidentally got lost after flying through BWI Marshall Airport.

Kai Jackson explains the girl’s nightmare trip.

Chloe Boyce is nine. Tuesday, her mother and stepfather put her on a Southwest Airlines plane in Nashville. She was heading to LaGuardia Airport in New York to spend Christmas with her aunt. But when the passengers got off the plane, Boyce wasn’t on it.

“My sister called me and said, `Were you going to tell me she was going to be late?’ and I said, `I don’t know what you are talking about. I have no idea what you mean,'” said Elena Kerr.

Frantic, Kerr called the airline. Apparently, no one there knew where she was.

“It was like the scariest moment of my life to think that they didn’t know where she was. I’m so happy she’s OK; I’m so relieved but yesterday was the worst day of my life,” Kerr said.

Southwest says when Boyce got to BWI, a company employee took her off the plane because it was overbooked and planned to book her on another flight. Southwest tracked down Boyce an hour later.

Southwest says it’s against their policy to take a child off the plane in the first place. Her family says to make matters worse, nobody called to tell them what had happened.

“Someone took her off the plane anyway, probably because she’s a child and she’s not going to say, `No, you can’t rebook me.’ She doesn’t know any better,” Kerr said.

Southwest Airlines says its unaccompanied minor policy doesn’t include contacting guardians when a flight is delayed or re-routed.

This wasn’t Boyce’s first time flying alone but her parents say it could be her last for some time.

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  1. Rachel Kelsey CJ says:

    thats crazy anyways i would never put my nine year old on a flight alone!! let alone on christmas wth is wrong with these parents???

    1. Liberal Soldier says:

      I would and have placed my kids on airlines unaccompanies. It depends on the maturity factor and childs ability to follow instructions. This was not the childs fault.

      1. tylerjake says:

        @Dinger, struck a nerve…huh?

    2. TheRiley says:

      Just because you want your kids to live in a bubble doesn’t mean that everyone else’s kids has to.

      1. Eduardo says:

        Riley, SMD & STFU TURD.

  2. crazy! says:

    Both of my sons have flown alone. One was 7 the first time he did it, the other was 6 the first time he did it. Both sons flew on Southwest Airlines. Southwest did an awesome job with both of my sons, and their process for flying unaccompanied minors was not stressful to deal with at all.

  3. K. Smith says:

    a lot of young kids fly unaccompanied. This is not a new thing, Rachel. There is nothing wrong with these parents. Southwest simply failed to follow their policy. anyway, I am so glad that the young girl is ok!

  4. fraught says:

    Contact the parents? Obviously people have no clue how impossibly physically demanding it is for the average human being to read a form and pick up a phone. And then after all that to expect that person to actually have the strength left to dial the parents number.

  5. eugenehousekey says:

    The parent is a nut job, The aunt should be given custody and raise the kid. Who in there right mind would first off not spend xmas with their child and secondly put them on a plane

  6. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Nine yr old kids are more adept at using a cell phone than any adult. Why didn’t this child at nine yrs have one. Sounds like the parents are a little damp upstairs.

  7. whatnow says:

    Everyone does it, so that makes it okay, right! Watch the news. Kids are stolen every single day. Has no one heard of a pedophile. No, you shouldn’t raise your kid in a bubble but you shouldn’t court disaster either. How much would this pretty little blonde girl go for on the underground market for films on the internet?

  8. Karla Brown says:

    It’s not the parent’s fault, but Southwests. My brothers used to fly alone for years and they are not productive grown men.

  9. GM says:

    In this day and age with the dangers out there, I wouldnt put an child of nine on a plane alone. I would never consider spending Christmas without my young children unless it was an emergency anyhow.

  10. Crazy! says:

    Both times my sons flew on Southwest, they were accompanied by a Southwest employee to the gate where the person on the pick up form met the employee and child. You have to show the employee a driver’s license and paper with your name, address, and phone number to get the child. It doesn’t surprise me that in Baltimore of all places they tried to bump this girl from her flight when she should have never been taken off the plane.

  11. ed gaynor says:

    First I agree w/GM. Unless I’m missing something why wouldn’t you spend C
    hristmass w/your 9 year old child. 2nd anyone in their right mind would not send their child alone period.

  12. Family Friend says:

    To the people with negative things to say; When parents divorce and move away, children split their time between their families. She has flown alone before with no problems so if you’re pointing the finger of blame, point it at Southwest not my friends.

    1. tonybaloney says:

      Maybe people shouldn’t give up on their marriages so easily, most are salvageable but the pricks are too slefish to get counseling & make a committment. Kids are always collateral damage.

  13. Marie Martien says:

    Of all respected news channel, before you post this kind of uncredible information, maybe you want to investigate the real facts that have nothing close to be true. Of course as one of the airline employee I was the first one who wanted to know what happened. We do not loose children or anyone with special needs ever at BWI and other stations. These are serious matters entailing security and the safety of our passengers. And this is our priority. So for your broadcast to post news without a proper investigation is very disappointing. And to all of you bloggers, everyone has issues and life is dificult for all of us. Opinions are just as they are opinions. Questioning the hard work we put in making people safe to their destinations is offensive and to know that your station promotes it is beyond disapointment. Sincerely

  14. Tace Watson says:

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