BALTIMORE (AP) — Police say a Baltimore woman beaten by her 14-year-old grandson has died from her injuries more than eight months after the attack.

The Baltimore Sun reports that 67-year-old Shirley Garrett died over the weekend at Union Memorial Hospital. Police say her grandson repeatedly hit her in the head with a hammer as she slept on March 31.

The boy later told detectives that he became angry at his grandmother while getting ready for school and called 911 minutes after the attack.

The boy was charged as an adult with attempted murder, but the case was remanded to juvenile court in August. The outcome of the case is not clear because juvenile records are sealed.

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  1. Such a shame says:

    This is the core demographic that I’m always afraid of as black males between the ages of 14-29 in the Baltimore area are often psychopathic, anti-social and homicidal due to the fact that more ofen than not they are born to un-wed teenaged mothers and thug hip hop gangster criminal males who can’t and won’t take care of these offspring. It’s ofetn the poor grandmothers who have to take care of these little monsters who simply cannot control and raise them with discipline. The result is an endless supply of gangster thugs who are the root cause of all the violent crime in our region.

  2. W74 says:

    It’s either them or us. They have done nothing productive with their freedom, only harm to themselves and to us. As such we can never truly be free as long as the animals are on the loose. We must secure a future for ourselves and our families. It cannot happen with these criminals on the loose.

    Who knows, maybe Angelina Jolie will adopt him to show the world just how “hip” and caring she is, and then….WHACK.

  3. Steven Spiegel says:

    Its a shame the poor woman lost her life trying to do the right thing and take care of her family. What do we do in a socitey were we cant discipline our shildren the way we were disciplined? Sometimes a swat on the ass isnt good enough sometimes a straight out old fashion ass whipin is in order . Im sure that there will be some who disagree but how many cases of kids beating there family members to death did you hear about back in the day? I have raised my children with a firm but loving hand and now i am helping my daughters raise there children because of dead beat fathers. My wife is constantly telling me how hard i am on the kids sometimes but when i say to stop they stop when i say to do something they do it. When i go to the store or anywere all the children want to go with there pop pop.When they watch a movie or do anything they always want pop pop . I believe that children sense that when you disipline them that you truly love them. I dont even have to swat there bottom at all anymore because when i tell them in a certain voice they no i mean business.
    My wife will have to hollar and scream to the top of her lungs and it dont work. Then what happens ? Hon come get them they wont listen.If you dont get a hold of a child and show them that they dont run the show that they are the kids and you are the adults by a certain age you are in for a world of trouble.
    Dont get me wrong im not the perfect person to raise kids but im not the worst either. Out of my adult children i have a couple who are into things that they should not be into . And i also have a few that are doing great. But i can honestly say i love and respect them and they love and respect me also.
    What i guess im trying to say is dont be afraid to smack a child in the ass because if you are then that child will never listen to you or respect you. Im not saying to beat the hell out of them for every in fraction but use common sense and smack when needed.
    That child had to show some kind of signs that this was coming. Im sure he has hit her in the past and nothing was said. Things like this dont happen over night this kid was troubled way before this i am guessing.
    He will need extensive counsuling and also practically raised all over again before he will ever be allowed to get on the streets and live a life were he dont hurt anyone else. I feel sorry for the lady and the family members who had to bury a loved one and loose a nephew . My prarers .will go out to them .

  4. a spade is a spade says:

    Oh sorry, didn’t realize that this article was about you. You sound horrible I am glad I do not know you.

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