ELKTON, Md. (WJZ)– Two abortion doctors face murder charges. The allegations follow a long investigation into a botched abortion in Elkton, Cecil County.

Adam May reports.

Theres some mystery surrounding this case. Officials won’t identify the victims but they keep mentioning a freezer full of fetuses, some of them almost full term.

Two doctors who performed late-term abortions in a Cecil County clinic now face murder charges. The police investigation began last year when police say Dr. Steven Brigham and Dr. Nicola Riley performed part of an abortion in New Jersey, then transferred the patient to Maryland to finish it. When the 18-year-old woman suffered complications she was taken to the hospital. Then, police searched the abortion clinic looking for her medical records, but they found something else in the freezer.

“It contained the fetuses, approximately 35,” a Cecil County police officer explained. “Some of them appeared to be close to full-term.”

Riley, who lives in Utah, faces one count of first- and second-degree murder. Brigham, from New Jersey, faces five counts of murder.

The indictment is sealed so details are limited.

Reached by phone, State’s Attorney Ellis Rollins would not tell WJZ if the victims are indeed the fetuses found in the freezer.

Late-term abortions are legal in Maryland, but WJZ has learned that prosecutors are planning to use a viable fetus law until now used only in homicides involving pregnant women.

The abortion clinic in Elkton is now closed but fallout from the investigation has already led to changes in the state’s abortion regulations.

“We have the least restrictive abortion laws in the country,” Md. Sen. Nancy Jacobs, R-Cecil and Harford County, said.

Jacobs has pushed for stronger late-term abortion laws. Earlier this year, she worked with the Maryland Health Department to increase oversight of abortion clinics.

May: “Do you think these regulations go far enough?”
Jacobs: “They’re a great start. I think it’s made people more aware of the fact that this was going on.”

Both doctors a being held in jails out of state awaiting extradition back to Maryland.

More details on the charges will be available in court documents that could be made public next week.

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  1. Mikey says:

    So are there any “Pro Choice” people that would like to stick up for these two upstanding doctors?

    Also who in their right mind would seriously go to a Dr. Voorhees???

    1. JDW says:

      You are kidding, right? These two will be painted as victims and martyr by the ghouls and relativists on the Left.

      1. malpractice_maryland says:

        Then the Board of Medicine is guilty not only of malfeasant licensing and the malpractice of its licensees — but also of endorsing murderous acts of preborn maceration, boiling and dismemberment in deference to the rape, incest and narcissistic well-being of the average Maryland harlot. Happy New Year.

      2. len says:

        or heroes but that being said the pagans seem to be out tonight with there sick anti freedom comments..

      3. Ken Bowser says:

        what about charges against the mothers?

    2. gertrude Schnarks says:

      I will, MIkey. You don’t get a say in what any woman decides to do with the contents of her uterus anymore than I get a say in what you do with the contents of your testicles.

      But I agree with your second question. These two were indicted for practicing unsound medicine, not for performing medically-indicated late term abortions.

      1. Fred says:

        Using that logic, it should be legal to smuggle heroin or VX gas around in your uterus, too.

      2. jake says:

        How do you know the abortions were “medically indicated?”

      3. macpappy says:

        Murder is murder, whether the murdered resides in your womb or not. You may not use abortion as a form of birth control. It has nothing to do with your body lady, it has everything to do with moral justice.

      4. SWibbie says:

        If you need to advocate abortion, it’s apparent that you CAN’T control your uterus. Abortion is for people who have no self control.

      5. Larry says:

        fu ck you gertrude…….these were not “contents” you sick animal…they were children…… mens testicles can’t produce a child….a woman’s uterus can……you are a ghoul and an abomination

      6. Matt says:

        Gertrude… are you serious? there are laws that allow for the ‘choice of a woman’ but not at that late stage. are you telling me women need more time to decide? Just how late is it ok to decide? when they are one or two years old?

        Not only are you stupid (for not knowing the law) but ignorant (for believing the foolishness you do).

      7. dave says:

        and that, Gertrude, is how you justify killing a baby – you compare it to semen, not to the child that it has become. you’re a sick person and I hope you’re not a mother.

      8. Avenger says:

        Excuse me Gertrude, but there is a hauge difference here. The “contents” of your uterus is a human being. Are you really that cold-blooded? I feel sorry for you.

      9. Avenger says:

        Sorry for typo…that’s “huge”.

      10. Regulas says:

        I would love 10 minutes alone in room with you,

      11. Michaek says:

        Gertrude, you are a sickening, disgusting and stupid person.

      12. Lizzie says:

        Gertrude, you are a monster. I don’t care where the baby happens to be, it is a baby. You have no right to murder, even if the victim is inside of you.

      13. Boldtruth11 says:

        that’s ridiculous logic. only simple minded people or those without a conscience believe the lie that a woman has control over her uterus when a child is in it. only the godless can say that murder is justifiable for convenience sake. i love how pro-abortion people are all for choice unless your choice is to be a christian, have too many children, or something you consider less than PC. as God says, “woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…”

      14. kmbrlb says:

        So if I accidentally kill a woman who is 6 months pregnant, I’ll only be charged with one death? Really? I don’t think so.
        Viable means the baby can survive outside the womb, right? With current medical technology the earliest a baby can survive outside the womb is 24 weeks. Should make that the cut off time for for abortions. Anything after 25 weeks is the murder of a human being.
        My opinion of course.

      15. Jon says:

        Getrude, respectfully, read Roe v. Wade. What your promoting is infanticide, not legal abortion under the Supreme Court decision. Actually, the government does have a right to regulate your uterus….in the third trimester. Thank goodness for that. It’s one thing to be pro-choice, it’s quite another to be a murderer. Those abortionists are mruderers. Just like Dr. Tiller in Kansas. Those abortions are not in the gray area. That’s why most states outlaw them and have not had their laws overturned by Roe v. Wade.

      16. Larry Killen says:

        gertrude Schnarks-
        The only sound medical procedure for a viable fetus is DELIVERY!!!

      17. Heartland Patriot says:

        AND, you wear Karl Marx’ ass for a hat…murderous leftist.

      18. John Dodge says:

        Murder is only wrong for the right. The left loves to ki ll unborn Human Beings.

      19. SGB says:

        You sick, sick people attacking this woman need to understand that there are many women who have never had abortions who wholeheartedly support a woman’s right to control her destiny and her body. I am one. I do not believe that a collection of cells is a human being. These particular doctors are reprehensible because they killed viable infants. Until it can live outside the womb, it is not a person. Men need to stay out of this discussion. It is not about you. It is about women.

      20. SGB says:

        @ macpappy: It has everything to do with a woman’s rights, granted by the Supreme Court and the constitution. To those of you who brandish your religion and condemn others with it, I suggest you go look in the mirror. I think Jesus had something to say about “casting stones”.

      21. Daisy says:

        gertrude, Why is it always Lefty abortion enthusiasts who claim the unborn and males have no rights and then scream about their un-murdered offspring’s ‘rights’ to have full blown temper tantrums any place they please?

      22. female fetus says:

        does a woman female fetus get a say about what happens to her uterus? If you investigate the “Doctors” that perform these “procedures” you will find they are hacks. Investigate their medical board and licensing problems. You don’t need a “Doctor” to hack something up.

      23. Missy says:

        I don’t see the contents of your testicles walking around contributing to society, but then I have my doubts that you are contributing anything beneficial to society either.

    3. Andrei Bilderburger says:

      We have allegations by a biased party – the prosecutor. We have no response from the counterparties.

      We have no real idea what was going on. If it is as described, I don’t think they’ll be defended. If not – which given the politically polarized nature of the charges is not unlikely – then we’ll see how it goes.

      My read of the story is that it is wilfully and intentionally biased since the criticism of not calling an ambulance is raised – the doctors drove her to the ER and she got there about the time the ambulance would have arrived to pick her up anyway. She was attended by one of the doctors in the car – only one has to drive. What they did was more responsible than calling an ambulance and provided the patient better care.

      1. Avenger says:

        Of course we know what was going on. These murderers were ripping apart a living human being!

      2. badwhisky says:

        What you are talking about is what started the investigation. What was found at the clinic is what they are being held responsible for. A 36 week fetuse is considered a full term baby in any state, there is no excuse for this procedure.

        If a woman is raped she can go to the hospital and have a DNC, if the child is threatening the womans life, then certainly she has a right to defend herself; however, the largest percentage of abortions are nothing more than retroactive birth control for irresponsible people which makes late term abortions that much more hidious.

      3. bobbailey says:

        yeah right you idiot

      4. George Johnson says:

        Yeah, because we all know how much better cars are equipped than ambulances right? I mean, I check my oxygen tanks every day before I take the old car out…

      5. sodacrackers2 says:

        Anyone who finds a freezer full of dead babies might just be a bit biased toward those who killed those babies. A country that does not protect the most vulnerable among us in what should be the safest place in the world, a mother’s womb, has lost its way.

      6. SGB says:

        @badwhickey: Has your birth control ever failed? Have you ever found yourself pregnant in spite of “excellent” birth control? I have. Many women do. I chose to have the baby, which I later lost. Some women cannot dot that. Stop judging.

      7. VT says:

        SGB… the question here is not about accidents…. but about common sense and legalities.

        This woman had the choice long before 36 weeks of pregnancy came along. And the doctors are being charged because what they did was ILLEGAL.

        your comments are not logical, not right, and display that you are not a moral person.

    4. Vivian Bennett-Cohan says:

      I don’t see any that will stand up for murder Mikey.

      Vote Conservative, Vote Pro-life.

      Obama approved INFANTICIDE while a senator of these United States!!


      1. SGB says:

        There are conservatives who are pro-choice. You are making disgusting assumptions.

    5. george says:

      may ht eblack gorrial army or the mighty arrayn botherhood , i pray the mighy pagans take care of him in prosion, , sometimes prisons lay out the best justice,

      1. George Johnson says:

        Excuse me…. Were you trying to say something?

        English! Do you speak it!!!??

    6. Gart says:

      Its really PRO MURDER vs PRO LIFE or that’s what I now call it because Pro Choice is just BS

      1. JQP says:

        Here is the thing about the people who call themselves pro-life: they are– generally speaking — the ones who will not stand up for government funded programs (because they’re “socialist” programs) that try to educate young people about the perils of promiscuity. You don’t see hordes of them crowding the streets in low income areas to stop young boys and girls and show them a better way to live. No. They’re too lazy and, face it — scared, to do the REALLY hard work. That’s right, Mr. & Mrs. Righteous, why don’t you go out and try and nip it in the bud, where it all starts instead of hitting the already terrified, confused and vulnerable young women who make up the majority of those seeking abortions. Scaring them to death, shaming them and then going home to pat yourselves on the back. What a good deed you do when you injure human beings in the name of your God, then head back home to your safe little bubble that doesn’t house the over 425,000 children in the foster care system (and that does not include the children who never enter the system but are born into families to be abused, neglected, and/or murdered by their parents). Here is where you can actually do some honestly good work.

        I do not think that abortion is a viable option, personally. I think that life starts the moment the seed is planted. It is my religious and logical belief. I feel strongly about it. I do not, however, on this particular issue, believe that the Government has a place. I’ll grant you, it is a sticky issue and a razors edge upon which we walk, all of us on both sides. But the bottom line is: in for a penny, in for a pound. If you ask the government to step in here, then you invite the government to step in on the other side of the spectrum, like China. You want to know what the other side looks like? Watch what emerges on the mountainsides of China after the snow melts….thousands of bodies. Baby girls who were murdered the moment their gender was exposed. Be ever so careful what you wish for.

    7. BobStrebs says:

      Two upstanding doctors. Are they selling the body parts of these aborted humans for stem cell research, or to Pepsi as a flavor additive. What a tremendous loss to our economy! Too bad there are a few less carbon footprints in preparation for global taxation. What’s the world coming to!?

    8. not a popular comment says:

      Mikey, pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion or anti-life, that’s an extraordinary obtuse view of the debate. The commenter posting as “Gertrude” is a troll and she only posted that non-sense to get a rise out of everyone.

      Any human being in their right mind doesn’t cheer for abortion. What the pro-choice side of the debate is trying to avoid is a system that is allowed to dictate reproduction, because, my friend, this is an issue that could effect us — that is to say, women — profoundly. If they tell us we CAN’T have abortions, then what you see in this article will become more prevalent because it goes underground and we all know how the 13 year old rape victim ends up in that scenario. Then, of course, we have the situation in the reverse. Population is too high? One child per family…think it’s impossible? Look at China.

      Pro-choice isn’t defending abortion, it’s defending women and their right to control their own bodies. If you want to help change the situation, start volunteering to go into poor communities and educate the children BEFORE they need to go looking for a way out.

      These two men are monsters. They murdered children and who knows how many women they mangled in the process. I don’t condone or defend them. I do, however, defend the women and children who were injured or killed because of whatever fear they were already clearly facing.

    9. Lisa says:

      If I was an attorney I would take up their case pro bono. I believe if a woman wants something removed from her body (from a cancer to a term viable fetus) there should be no one stopping her. These Drs. did what they were asked to do by their patients…they should be commended for sticking up for women’s rights against all criticism. We should have MORE doctors that listen to their actual patients and NOT male legistlators who will never be pregnant.

      I hope they are found innocent and get to retain their medical licenses and are given full honors for their role in protecting women’s rights and meeting the needs of their female patients!

      I, as a woman, thank these Drs!!!!

      1. JapesMacFarland says:

        Lisa wrote: “We should have MORE doctors … NOT male legistlators”

        Lol., guys love what you leftist feminists have brought to society. Never in human history can guys have so much sex, so easily and with so little consequence. The evil MALES you denigrate who are against this, are the more honorable ones who actually care about woman and kids more than their own libido. You’re a fool, and/or have been fooled. (graduate school? lol 😉

        Besides all this, you were a baby once, yet argue for their death in this context. (You don’t even argue that it it’s viable it should be taken out by law but not killed.) I must conclude that you deeply, deeply hate yourself. Leftists are scary as hell.

  2. David D. Jones says:

    Abortion = Murder of children. Everyone knows the penalty for murder. These so-called “doctors” are guilty of murder for hire and should be punished accordingly.

    1. Ken S says:

      Absolutely agreed. Evil men doing evil deeds should reap the consequences of their actions.

    2. len says:

      Abortion does not equal murder , not in any sense. Your only a human being if your born otherwise your not. 2000 years of settled law from scripture.

      1. marlene h. klim says:

        If it is a full term baby, a viable baby, it is murder plain and simple. It’s not an abortion.A full term baby is a human being – a baby human. Killing a baby is not an abortion.

        Destroying a fetus is an abortion.

      2. Katepatate says:

        “I knew you in the womb,” quoted from the Bible speaking of God. Read your Bible a little more thoroughly next time.

      3. dydx says:

        “You’re only a human being if you’re born.”

        Lovely. So..one minute before you are born…9 months after you were conceived…it would not be murder for someone to take a sharp instrument and kill you in the womb.

        *Cognitive dissonance alert*

      4. Spiro says:

        Len “Your (sic.) only a human being if your (sic.) born otherwise your (sic.) not,” so what’s to be done with preemies? Oh, Pres. Obama answered that with his Born-Alive Infants vote: Kill ’em.

      5. John Moser says:

        The term is YOU’RE. “2000 years of settled law from scripture.”? Quit talking out of YOUR …

      6. Blackbird says:

        Len you must be smoking crack you said:Abortion does not equal murder , not in any sense. Your only a human being if your born otherwise your not. 2000 years of settled law from scripture. What Bible are you reading

      7. ToeKnee says:

        They have this newfangled thing called a DNA test which proves these babies are 100% human from day one. This is hard science. If what you say is true we have to throw out every biology book in the county. What evidence do you have that proves the entire science community wrong?

      8. sindi says:

        are you insane?

      9. Heartland Patriot says:

        Something wrong with the left, something horribly wrong. The left is just fine with babies, who haven’t had a chance to show whether they are good or evil, being killed. BUT, grown adults who initiated violence against others PROVE their evil, and the leftists go out of their way to defend them. Sickening.

      10. lynn says:

        so,len, are you saying that before you were born, you were not a human being?Even a few weeks before you were born? You are a human being from the moment of conception b/c you are DEVELOPING…just like any other creature develops. A fish is a developing fish, a frog is developing frog, a horse is a horse AND a human being is 100% DNA human being it is not anything else. Remember your high school science biology class… not one creature in development “looks” fully grown but by the time gestation finishes it is. That “contents of the uterus” everyone is raving about is a bonefide human being, which, by the way, has a heartbeat at 18-21 days…so by the time a woman knows she is pregnant, the baby’s heart is already beating. It IS a human being…you don’t just suddenly become human at birth..

        .Abortion is murder for hire and until we see that we are devaluing motherhood by advocating abortion, murder inside and outside the womb will continue. Children are a blessing, not a burden or a curse, Location does not determine if we are human or not…it is a developing baby (and by the way, the word fetus really means child in Latin) so whatever you call it, it’s human…if you are so FOR abortion, go watch one in action…I dare you…You’ll be surprised by what you see..You’ll also notice that abortionists don’t want the women to see the baby either because when they see it, they will cry out, “I killed my baby.”

        I suspect that you are a male, so of course, you think abortion is okay…it gets you off the hook if you get a woman pregnant..no hospital bills, no child support, no fatherhood.. Men LOVE abortion, it saves their necks! But they have lost a child too. and many suffer guilt once they realize they have lost their chance at fatherhood…and if you are going to mention scripture. I will quote you this one. “before you were born, I knew you” (God speaking to Jeremiah) “I knit you together in your mother’s womb”…Psalm 139 and Jeremiah 1:5. God is the one who causes the sperm and egg to join, so HE is the Creator of life and we are human BEFORE we are born…period and science proves that…all scientists agree that human life begins at conception. The DNA is there to declare us human…never saw a woman give birth to anything else. Whether that child is killed inside the womb or out, it is human and killing a human is murder. Period!

  3. eddyjames says:

    I never could understand how killing the unborn child that would survive if delivered.Wasn’t considered murder.If a third party such as the father or a stranger caused the death accidentally during a crime they would be on trail for murder.

    1. dthall says:

      Liberals are able to pull this off due to the fact that we Americans, do not have common sense anymore. That’s how most normally good people can say, with a straight face, “that abortion, is not murder”

      1. Deb Budd says:

        No surprise there-just look at the way those who publicly oppose abortion are eviscerated by the left. Liberals have stolen our society’s collective soul.

  4. Todd Clemmer says:

    Wow. Is it possible these people are selling these fetuses? Why would they keep them in a freezer?

    1. sueinmi says:

      At the stage that these babies were murdered they were not fetuses but living, viable children, which does make your theory interesting. We’ve been jaded to the fact that abortion exists and women have “choices” but this is why it is so damn evil. There are soooo many parents who wish to adopt and 35 in the freezer DENIED a life because of these evil people. It never ceases to amaze one to the evil that exists in the world.

    2. badwhisky says:

      At that late stage in developement those were bodies and a body, despite what you see on TV, isn’t easy to despose of, they leave evidence. If the police find a 35 or 36 week baby in a dumpster it will spark a big investigation, so if you are running this type of opperation and want to continue you do not allow that kind of exposure.

  5. Sam D says:

    According to all the laws on the books life begins when you a born. Everything is based on you birthday. So in the eye of the law how can you kill somebody that doesn’t exist yet. Add to the argument that it’s a religious objection to abortions which means that it’s a violation of the constitution to enforce anti abortion rules because of the separation of church and state.

    1. Seeriously Concerned says:

      According to the laws on the books? Wow. Let’s say you are a soon to be father and your wife has a miscarriage in the third trimester…you wouldn’t feel sad because according to the laws on the books, there is no child of yours to mourn.

    2. Hominid says:

      Could you be more stupid?

      1. Disabled War Vet says:

        No Hominid, Sam D could not be stupider! When you make a false statement like “According to all the laws on the books…” shows the narrowminded thinking of a vomit eater; someone who laps up lies and vomits them out for another puke eater to lap up. Sam D’s ignorance shows how disiesed the brain of a liberal truly is.

    3. CW says:

      exactly my point made

      Sick Phkng Liberals

    4. Troy says:

      Sam D, You’re an idiot. The story explains the “laws on the books” in 38 states. The “separation of church and state” is beside the point. The Constitution is the framework by which we make and enforce our laws. The laws this article talks about were rightly passed by their respective states, and they are now rightly being enforced.

    5. Frank D says:

      Wow, ignorance is your middle name. Life begins at conception. While it isn’t viable outside the womb it is still a life. The separation thing is getting old and is wrong. Doesn’t exist except in the minds of the weak.

    6. Stefan L says:

      So why does the “LAW” charge you with double murder when you kill a pregnant woman?
      Life is in the blood, Why stop a beating heart?
      My little girl pushes on her mom’s belly with her foot and she’s only separated from me by a half inch of skin. Just because she’s covered by a half an inch means she’s not living and can be disposed of? That makes no sense.

    7. Luke says:

      Mister Sam D, you’ve got to have one of the most ridiculous opinions I’ve ever read. To say that the state can determine when life begins is folly. If that is true, then it must necessarily follow that there was a time when a black person was of lesser importance based on the 14th amendment. If this is not true, then it means the state can certainly be wrong, and therefore cannot be appealed to as an absolute authority on such matters as human life and existence. As for the rest of your ‘argument’, you state that opponents to abortion are disqualified due to the perceived doctrine of the separation of church and state. If you would care to read the first ammendment but once more, you will note that it protects the rights of the religious ‘from’ the government, and not the other way around. As such, the religious have every right to oppose such barbarism as abortion.
      Don’t support baby-killers. Its just not cool.

    8. JDW says:

      Dude, too bad YOUR parents weren’t pro-choice!

    9. Rascal69 says:

      Your mother had an abortion.

    10. JapesMacFarland says:

      I guess for someone like you, the laws made by men are like laws from God. Believers find you reasoning nonsensical. There were people in slavery times that used the same heart of the argument that you just used to defend slavery. Well done.

      “the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
      Dennis Prager

    11. Jessica B. says:

      The law might say the moon is made of cheese, but that doesn’t make it true. Science defines human life. A fetus is human (he/she has human DNA, not dog or rat or chimpanzee) and alive (not dead, not inanimate, not merely tissue of the mother), and therefore it is human life as defined by science. Now your political views might say that the fetus’ human life is not as important as a grown woman’s freedom to choose what happens to her body. That is an opinion, and one that I would disagree with, but it does not change the scientific definition of human life.

      Also, you inaptly argue that anti-abortion rules are unconstitutional because some people support these laws due to their religious views. I suppose anti-theft laws are also unconstitutional because many religions also teach that it is wrong to steal? And perhaps we should do away with requiring people to tell the truth in court, because after all, isn’t it the Ten Commandments that says “Thou shalt not bear false witness”? Come to think of it, most abolitionists were Christian, so we’d better be sure to bring back slavery as well so as to keep church and state separate.

      By the way, the ACTUAL Constitution says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” The phrase “separation of church and state” appears nowhere in the U.S. Constitution, but rather in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, written decades after the Constitution was ratified.

      Idiots like you are the reason I went to law school.

      1. Fred says:

        Very nice rebuttal to the “freedom from religion” crowd. They are the people that fail to realize that a godless religion is still a religion if it is practiced with the same fervor and proselytizing

      2. Liberty Jane says:

        That’s why atheists are proof that God exists.

      3. Ian Cochran says:

        I have always hated that the Warren decision made it into our judicial system. A true progressive intent on eliminating religion from the public forum. I wish we could get a court to overturn Warren and Roe v. Wade.

    12. macpappy says:

      that is not true. If you commit a crime, and the victim is with child, no matter at what stage they are in, if the fetus loses it’s “life” you would be charged with two counts of murder. Also, while I am at it, let me inform you that there is no constitutional separation of church and state. That is Left wing talking point that is not true. Your commet is false on all points. Read a book every now and then and you won’t make such a fool out of yourself.

    13. OptingOutOfWillfulStupidity says:

      Love how you predictably throw in the word “religious”. You pulled that one right out yer arse. Give it up and try, just try using your brain for a change.

    14. MB says:

      Could you please cite in the Constitution where there is a “Separation of Church and State”? Do not confuse the anti-estabolishment clause.

  6. Dehal says:

    It amazes me when you read a story about someone mistreating an animal there are 200 comments about how the people should be killed. But is it’s about the abuse or death of a child and we have 2 comments. People have lost their minds.

    1. Rascal69 says:

      Have you noticed that many of the same people who protest the mistreatment of animals are often the very same that are pro-choice? I’m pro-choice too, I think the kid ought to have a say in the decision.

      1. Dad Of 13 says:

        Very Clever, you Rascal you! (LOL)

  7. Joe says:

    Sick things like this happen all the time, for thousands of years… The real kicker is that there are people in this country that would defend it..

    1. Moral question says:

      Yes, people who support abortion are clearly easily brainwashed as who would dream that a person who was born, would deny that to another soul. My test for something being moral is this: are people proud of abortions or do they hide the fact they had one? Shame indicates guilt or wrongdoing.

      1. macpappy says:

        They are ashamed. Every woman I have ever spoken to, refers to an abortion as a “proceedure”. They can’t even bring themselves to say the word.

  8. Tim Johnson says:

    They should also arrest and charge the person who went in to get the abortion with premeditated murder too.

  9. Margaret Sanger says:

    Child killing was legalized by the SCOTUS in 1973.

    Hasn’t anyone heard?

    1. GrandPaMark says:

      Hey Margaret, did you ever hear about the SCOTUS decision referred to as “Dredd Scott”? Do you really still think that decision was correct, too? If so, well then we can’t allow some presidential proclamation by some stove-pipe-hat-wearing clown ruin a perfectly good tradition of slavery for the rest of us, can we? …Right??!! (for the perceptively impaired: the preceding was “scorn” and/or “irony”, in case you needed the cliff notes version)

      The Roe-v-Wade decision is headed down the same path as Dredd Scott – someday, and the sooner the better!

      1. Burl says:

        Mark, easy there, she’s on your side.

      2. Chris says:

        Mark…as Burl mentioned…she’s on your side.

        Or did her handle not give it away? lol. Not too discrete.

    2. yngar10 says:

      No, Roe v. Wade (based on the false testimony of “Roe”, check your history), actually denied the citizens of the several states of their right to express their collective morals through their legislatures. Many states, like my own, still have their laws outlawing the killing of preborn children on the books. We are waiting for a SCOTUS that respects the US Constitution so much that it undoes the constitutional travesty known as Roe v. Wade.

  10. Joanna says:

    During the Clinton administration, when there was a debate on a partial birth abortion ban, wholesale price lists for body parts was used at the hearings. Sold to universities and cosmetic companies.

  11. shimauma says:

    The only reason these baby killers are being tried is because they botched the procedure. If they had been successful they would be getting off scott free. Any woman damaged in one of these procedures is getting exactly what she deserves.

    1. yngar10 says:

      Wrong, there are two victims in an abortion: the baby and the mother. Anyone here who speaks ill of the mothers apparently has never known someone with a problem pregnancy. These misled (thank you, mainsteam media) women need compassion and real help, not scorn. Save your harsh words for the abortionists and their accomplices (Planned Parenthood and the mainstream media).

      1. VT says:

        Completely wrong YNGAR10:
        Women are not victims who CHOOSE to do these sort of murderous acts.
        Your thinking is rooted in liberal thinking of the “all about me society” born in the 60’s.
        These murderers do not deserve sympathy or compassion, but jail time.

  12. Jerzey Boy says:

    This action in liberal MD?
    Wow, perhaps there is an awaking growing in the US about the abominable practice of abortion.

  13. grmacat says:

    The “mothers” need to be prosecuted as well. No question about it. I don’t know why that hasn’t been done. eddyjames, you have made the case! But, in today’s society, it is what one “wants” not what is right or what is kind and plenty of liberals abound to argue that side of the case.

  14. Dehal says:

    @Sam D you’re wrong there are cases here people have been charged. lawmakers had in mind last year when they enacted a state law granting a fetus full legal status as a person, allowing prosecutors to charge two counts — and perhaps the death penalty — against someone who kills a pregnant woman.

    That law also may allow Fort Bend prosecutors to seek a capital murder charge against Dan Leach II, Ashley Nicole Wilson’s boyfriend.

  15. Eddie says:

    You need to re-read the article and hit the local law library. Killing a viable fetus is statutory according to the article, which makes it against the law despite your interpretation of “everything is based on you [sic.] birthday.

  16. KG says:

    What would “evolutionists” think about a species killing off it’s unborn for convenience? I’m not an “evolutionist” but I thoroughly see the devolving of the human species.

    1. Neuromancer says:

      I’m a long-time conservative evolutionist who thinks abortion is wrong. This issue as nothing to do with evolution and bringing it up demonstrates your ignorance of the facts. It is my fervent wish that people like you would refrain from commenting as your inability to distinguish between science, the law, religion, and morality makes us all look bad.

      I hope the doctors get very long sentences.

      1. LisainNC says:

        perhaps it is you that should refrain from speaking, since by your statement about evolution you have clearly demonstrated that you are clueless when it comes to the science of the subject, and instead are merely brainwashed by propaganda of a cadre of principally atheists masked as objective scientists that is virtually absent any scientific truths!

      2. Diogenes says:

        The case has already been made – with Hitler’s eugenics – racial superiority based on Darwin’s THEORY of evolution. Couple this with denial that life itself is God’s greatest gift and we have this current horror of 4,000 abortions a day just in the U.S. So far our tally since Roe v Wade is around 50 million people. Think of it. And then speculate on our nation’s future in light of this. LEARN from history for God’s sake!

  17. chris mcintyre says:

    Let them hang!!!

  18. Hippocrates(sp?) says:

    Doctors have house payments too. Many are like auto mechanics that always seem to find something wrong with your car, because mechanics have house payments. Every field has it’s charlatans including physicians.The thousands of doctors putting silicone into healthy female breasts tell you they are no better than working stiffs.

  19. Dehal says:

    A Sam D the medical definition; Fetus: The unborn offspring from the end of the 8th week after conception (when the major structures have formed) until birth. Up until the eighth week, the developing offspring is called an embryo. Unborn what?

    1. bigfootbob, California says:

      “Unborn what?”
      Unborn human being. A new person with his/her unique DNA. Sex, color of hair, eyes and other distinguishing characteristics already determined. His/her own circulatory system developing and heart beating in three weeks.
      That’s what.

  20. KG says:

    Besides, if “evolution” truly existed it must be pretty damned stupid not to allow the human to “evolve” in order to protect the species; this not only refers to abortion. But of course the “scientists” would have us believe this process takes “millions” of years…. LMAO!! Sure gets them off the hook!!

  21. sailordude says:

    I thought it was OK to kill a unborn baby up until the point it’s body came out of the mother even on the day before?

    The liberals are not going to be happy about this.

  22. KG says:

    Abortion = “Mans” morality = Oxymoron

  23. FREE says:

    How can someone call themselves a doctor then commit such a crime? The oath they swear to says “DO NO HARM”, abortion is just a pretty word for MURDER. These so called doctors who promise to honor the Hippocratic oath then go ahead and kill people anyway need to hang.

    1. Frank D. says:

      Doctors haven’t taken the Hippocratic oath in almost 100 years. But I agree with your point.

  24. warbaby says:

    It is about time!!!!! Abortion is MURDER.

  25. dmk says:

    How about you practice what you believe with your family, And I practice my believes with mine?
    Stay away from other women business.

    1. Frank D says:

      Because somebody has to defend the defenseless. No different if I were walking across a parking lot and somebody attacked your family. I would step in to defend them just as my own.

      1. Stan says:

        You are so right. Why should a “Woman’s Right To Choose” end at childbirth? Why not kill the 2 year old to make room for the newborn – at least that would be better for the “mother’s health”. Don’t know those particular details in this case, but you get my point.

    2. StarkyDoo says:

      It’s not the “woman’s” business — it’s the life of a baby. Since it’s women who give birth, should they also be allowed to kill their kids at any age? Is that her “business” too?

      God knows I don’t want to know what your family’s beliefs are.

      1. Ron Weaver says:

        Womens choice is when she has sex , birth control during sex, not after. Abortion today is simple a barbaric form of birth control covering ones mistake.

    3. Sam says:

      Well, when you stop murdering your own, we’ll start minding our own business. Someone needs to speak for the millions of voices that have been silenced by your ‘choice’.

    4. Luke says:

      Isn’t it obvious? Because the practice of abortion is barbaric. Same as sodomizing a child would be considered barbaric. Are you saying that you would protect child sodomizers? You are one sick puppy, dmk. Hard to believe that you would tolerate raping a fetus.

    5. Disabled War Vet says:

      dmk in this short statement shows true anarchy of thinking! Are we to stand by and allow one family member the right to brutalize and destroy people because they are related. Ridiculous! John Donne said it well “NO man is an island…” it is the responsability of those who are more intellegent to educate the ignorant!
      Though liberalism is a mental disorder it can be corrected with education and time.

      1. jesse marcel says:

        Abortion is mass murder every bit as much as the suicide bombers I saw in Iraq. OIF vet

    6. Anonymous says:

      It is this type of “reasoning” that demonstrates the shallowness of Utopians. I’m sure every practitioner of incest would agree with her.

    7. DJ says:

      DMK, you couldn’t have stated what’s wrong with the morals of the world any clearer! you do what makes you want or feel good, I do what I want or feel good. hmm, seems like hitler tried this, stalin, drug lords etc…doing what they want and can until someone of real courage stops them. When people ignore their conscience (Light of Christ), it diminishes and goes away eventually they don’t have to justify their actions to themselves or others anymore.

      I’ll concede the medical necessity of ending a pregnancy for the life of the mother in question and that of rape/incest in the earlier first trimester stage as well. Everyone I know who has had an abortion has had deep regrets for the decision. which they have to live with the rest of their lives.

      The only form of abortion I am in favor of is late-term (18+), post-conviction by a trial by jury of peers of someone who has will-fully taken the life of another (ie 1st degree murder.) Now, I’ll bet those in favor of abortion, would be against this kind of late-term-post-birth-pre-natural-death abortion. I strongly support it! Unfortunately the pro-choice doctors may have also made this choice themselves…

  26. Solid Citizen says:

    Are these physicians related to Dr. Mengele… or are they merely kindred spirits..

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  27. Gregg Cannon says:

    Nail them to the wal!!!!!

  28. Gregg Cannon says:

    Prosecute the mothers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Globular Cluster says:

    I hope they get the death penalty. Murder of a child is the worst form of murder. Killing innocents should be met with no mercy.

  30. John Svengali says:

    No mercy for baby-killers! Where possible, execute them, otherwise life in prison without parole.

  31. irvnx says:

    Why not the mothers as well, since the State owns our bodies, our wealth, our lives?
    All Hail State and its Obama~!

  32. Steve says:

    It’s about time these murdering doctors gets what coming to them. I hope they get the death penalty or at lease life in prison. And the MOTHERS should be up on the same charges. MURDER!

  33. Mikeq says:

    I bet ACORN (now NYCC) will somehow pop up in this story in a few weeks.

  34. Dehal says:

    If people can sue on behalf of animals now why can’t someone sue on behalf of an unborn child? Also if it’s not yet a child should the govt. be using any money for the care of the mother carrying the “clump of cells” in her. If it’s not considered a baby until it’s born then I say no.

    1. Mosh says:

      Now that is a good idea. Part of the reason that abortion is so widespread is that the unborn have no voice(and no lobby) what about some clever lawyers that are prolife taking on this concept? And the evil will continue to proliferate because there is no substitute for a good human sacrifice. And, because it is so profitable, and…..the new religion of the elites want to manage the population. Roe was very bad law.

  35. kcsparky says:

    GOOD!!! Lock them up in the deepest darkest pit available and lose the key!

  36. ansefam says:

    A LIVING PERSON exist at conception. Scientist can in fact prove life and individual PERSONHOOD at conception. Any method of hurt or harm to an innocent person from that point on should be met with the full force of law. Personhood does not begin late in pregnancy, at birth, at two or even 7 years of age. Every indivudual born or unborn has specific charactoristics(including actions or reactions to outside distrubances) and personality traits from their father(male) and mother(female) gene donors.. . . .

  37. rosietheterrorist says:

    The Supreme Court decision in Norma McCorvey vs Wade was 5 – 4, so it boils down to one single Liberal Justice who has been responsible for over 51 million abortions in the U.S. That is a big money maker for all of those who rip the life out of a Liberal Democrat woman, and don’t think that a Conservative woman would have one, Liberals wanted this to be a political issue, and ergo only Libs have abortions.
    By the way, McCorvey turned around and thinks that abortion is wrong now. Imagine that, a woman changed her mind, but then that’s her prerogative any way isn’t it?

    1. Disabled War Vet says:

      Most women who have had abortions eventually have mental/emotional problems when they think about what they did!
      McCorvey aka Roe, is a brave woman to now act on behalf if those who cannot speek for themselves!

      1. Mosh says:

        There is also a connection to breast cancer. Google “Lancet and abortion and breast cancer” and see what you get. The medical journals findings were not permitted to be published in the USA.

  38. Reality says:

    I assume there’s a certain “reason” these babies(and all aborted babies)are not viable for adoption?What is the reason?Could it be cultural?Where does this culture get that kind of money?Remember they’re screamingly poor,fat from malnutrition,and never stop killing.They better hope there really isn’t a God.

  39. slimpicnic says:

    There are only 2 cells that have 1/2 the chromosomes and they just happen to be the sprem and egg. If you can’t see that life begine when these two are brought together I’m not sure what to think. Anyhow, I diagree with abortion, but let’s face it. It’s generally the free thinking liberals or the minorities they keep sucking on the public teat (votes) who are mostly consuming this “healthcare” option. The coldest part of me says that this will – in time – diminish their numbers. Kind of a voluntary eugenicide. Whre is the outcry in the black community especially? Ebony and irony.

  40. Anonymous says:

    It is only the neo-lily-white that believe an unborn child is no human and that abortion is not murdered. If you ever travel outside the White West you will learn this very quickly. The propaganda from PTV, NPR, Family Planning along with government edicts and willful ignorance has created a moral blind spot by those living in lily-white enclaves in the West.

    1. zame says:

      Percentage wise, the blacks in our country have a much higher incidence of abortion than anyone else. It is racist though. Planned Parenthood was crated by a woman who wanted to have as many black babies aborted in this country as possible. The liberals on their high horses touting “women’s choice” are really just endorsing racism. Which is typical for liberals. They just accuse the conservatives of racism as a cover, but it isn’t working anymore.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The abortion industrial complex is just to profitable to be end.

  42. bartydom says:

    Mug shots of the defendants, please.

  43. yarply says:

    They ought to make an enlarged rotor rooter suction devise they use to dismember and suck up the kids they murder and use it on them.

  44. enough says:

    OK , not just the doctors but the mother who terminate these pregnancies should be charged with murder. Let me set it straight, I support termination of rape induced pregnancy, if the mothers life is in jeopardy, and I would even support 1 first trimester abortion per woman ( i figure they would learn to take the dam contraception afterwards) but this is disgusting. Like I said the mothers and the doctors should all be thrown in jail. The sleezy irresponsibility of these women who have repeated abortions as means of dealing with unwanted pregnancies just so low brow. Learn to take a contraceptive , and you evangelicals, stop the noise , people are going to have sex without the intent of having a family. If society just faced the cold the truth and told people who do these things they are low-brow sleez , maybe we could turn this tide. Problem is when the holly rollers get in the middle , it gives the perpetrators of these crimess a easy escape goat.

    1. yngar10 says:

      I said it above, and I’ll say it here, too: there are two victims in an abortion: the baby and the mother. Anyone here who speaks ill of the mothers apparently has never known someone with a problem pregnancy. These misled (thank you, mainsteam media) women need compassion and real help, not scorn. Save your harsh words for the abortionists and their accomplices (Planned Parenthood and the mainstream media). I’m not sure what you mean about ‘holly rollers’. I think you meant ‘holy rollers’, which apparently is a derogatory (negative) term for Christians who live out their faith. I’m one of them.

      1. dnt says:

        Rape and problem pregnancies are actully under 7% combined, this mean 92% are for personal reasons.

  45. Ian Cochran says:

    I fully believe that a woman has reporductive rights. Where I part ways with the pro-Choicers is “when”. Reproductive rights end when the little sperm unites with the little egg and become a complete cell that begins to divide and multiple. You cannot be responsible enough to prevent conception then give the child up for adoption when it is born. Bunch of baby killers.

  46. Stan says:

    I suppose many issues should be left up to states, but abortion should not be one of them. Abort a viable baby in Maryland = murder. Step 1 inch into another state, abort the same viable fetus, and no murder? A federal ban is needed to prevent such nonsense.

  47. JapesMacFarland says:

    Democrats (i.e. leftists) are going to hold vigils for or in defense of, these doctors. It’s going to be difficult for them, this time. Dead babies represent the heart of the Democrat, slavery, Statist party. (keeping partial birth abortion legals was Obama’s main or most consistent voting record as a Senator) But that part is supposed to be hidden with lies; this is just too obvious. It’s hard to call the babies just tissues when they’re 9 months old, or even 5 lol 😉

  48. Anonymous says:

    White people are told by the government to abort their babies. Since the White babies are aborted there is a “need” non-White people to be import to have the babies that White people refuse to have. But these non-White people cannot support all the babies they have so White people are forced by the government to pay taxes to support the non-White babies.

    End result, 2040 White people are less than 50% of the American population. By 2100 White people are less than 10% of the American population. Statical facts!

    What will life be like for the White people living in 2100? That question is easy to answer, just move to any place where White people are 10% of the population today and enjoy. Why are White people doing this to their descendants?

    Who is promoting the idea that a unborn baby is not a human an that their is no such thing as the White races? Don’t be surprised is those teaching both of these lies are one in the same.

    It is only the neo-lily-White, and only the neo-lily-White, that believe their unborn children are not human and that their race does not exist.

    How did these neo-lily-White people come to hate themselves?

    1. ObamaMustGod says:

      What are you talking about, man? Most black women abort their babies. More black babies are aborted than born alive. Black leaders in the 70’s were well aware of this and many were opposed to abortion. They believed abortion was a form of genocide against blacks. Today, Martin Luther King Jr’s niece, is very involved in anti-abortion activities, believing that abortion it is a form of genocide.

      The gruesome abortion doctor in Philadelphia was black, and most of the victims were black women and other racial minorities.

      So the same question could be asked of you: why do so many black people hate themselves?

      1. Anonymous says:

        If black women have more abortions it is because they have more sex with more men and get pregnant more often. But even though black women have more abortions they still have more babies. The black population will still grow as a percentage of the total population over time. And it is needless to say these black women are not working hard and being taxed to support White children.

        White people hate themselves in a much more deeper and profound way. Most of the neo-lily-White say they do not care if White people become extinct. Making this claim is one of the most powerful ways a neo-lily-White Utopian can demonstrate their extremist fundamentalist views. No other race would be happy about their pending extinction.

  49. Stan says:

    This investigation took 16 months? Maryland is doing their part in keeping the state employee unemployment rate down. Good job MD. In which month was the freezer full of dead babies discovered?

  50. gc says:

    about time, long over due. give them the chair. they are ghouls.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Where are the Utopians?

    If these babies had been accidentally killed by hand guns, the Utopians would be here hysterically demanding that guns be taken away from citizens. But when the babies are murdered purposely the murdered with surgical implements is acceptable because it is a “human right”, a “choice”, a “constitutional right” (since the 1970s).

  52. largebill says:

    Why is this news. Nothing different than what is done by abortion murderers across our country every day. Only slight difference is age of the victim. Would we be less concerned about a 12 year old child being shot than and 11 year old child? Then why are we more concerned about murder at 24 weeks than at 15 weeks or whatever?

  53. rawheadrex says:

    Isn’t the first guarantee Life? These defenseless victims will never know Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  54. Alice says:

    If found guilty give them the death penalty

  55. Anonymous says:

    Abortion is a human right! To not allow abortions would set society on a path to NAZI genocide.

    Keep abortion safe, free, and legal!

    If Hitler or Nixon or Senator Joseph McCarthy were alive he would be against abortion.

    If Martin Luth King or Gandhi or Dali Lama or Rosa Parks were alive they would support abortion.

    Joycelyn Elders:
    “We must stop this love affair with the fetus.”

    1. Florida says:

      The Dali Lama is alive, and is very opposed to abortion. So was Gandhi, who oppenly railed against it. Martin Luther King Jr.’s neice is a pro-life activist. Your comment is ridiculous.

    2. Ian Cochran says:

      You are stupid. Hitler had people sterilized, the only people he didn’t want getting abortions were Germans. You show what kool-aid drinker you are by putting nixon in the group.. Most of you are too young to remember Nixon but Nixon would have actually been pro-choice even though he was a Republican.
      The Dali Lama is alive, Dufus, and I am pretty sure that he abhors abortion.

    3. Chris says:

      Ummm…I’m sorry…is your comment meant to be sarcastic or ironic?

      …or are you really this big of an idiot. One doesn’t even have to be “pro-life” to see how utterly stupid this comment is, and how it flies in the face of actual historical facts regarding these individuals.

      I am asking in all seriousness :/

      …are you being sarcastic?

    4. Florida says:

      The Dalai Lama is alive, and is very opposed to abortion. So was Gandhi, who openly railed against it. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece is a pro-life activist. Your comment is ridiculous.

      I’ve repeated myself here, because I used your misspellings, and came back to fix them.

  56. steve says:

    Will the women who had the late term (of viable fetuses) get prosecuted?

  57. Anonymous says:

    All of the republican-conservaitve-right-wing-extremist-KKK-neo-NAZI-Christians-fundamentalist-haters posting here are hypocrites.

    If you were really against abortion you would support the rights of gay men, and specially the human right of gay marriage. No gay man has ever had an abortion! So how can republican-conservaitve-right-wing-extremist-KKK-neo-NAZI-Christians-fundamentalist-haters be anti gay rights and anti abortion?

    The gay community loves children.

    1. Florida says:

      I’m gay, pro-gay rights, and anti-abortion, and I’m not religious, Republican, or anything else on your nutty hate list. You’ve been brainwashed with stereotypes fostered by the pro-abortion media.

      You obviously don’t love children, especially unborn children, so if you are gay, your final sentence is absurd. By the way, gay marriage is nothing compared to the life of a child, so you also have no sense of proportion.

      1. anonymous says:

        Who cares what you are? What does that prove? Nothing. Do a survey of a couple thousand gays and then something can be learned.

      2. Florida says:

        You were denouncing anti-abortionists as anti-gay, right-wing conservatives. You were wrong. You claim gays love children, based on what? Not on your own attitude, obviously. You are a fanatic, who can’t see beyond your own special obsession. You were wrong about Gandhi, about the Dalai Lama, and about Martin Luther King, Jr. Evidently, you’re wrong about everything…

    2. Buddy Thomas says:

      You, Anon, is a living argument for a post-partum abortion.

  58. WASPy says:

    Senator Barbara Boxer is organizing a legal defense fund for the two baby-killers.

    Donations may be sent to Boxer’s San Francisco or DC offices

  59. Nonyabisnass Patrick says:

    A baby is delivered except for the head. The “doctor” then drives his scissors into the base of the neck and cuts the childs spinal cord all the while the baby’s arms and legs are moving and it’s heart beating for survival. All you pro-choice folks should be real proud about your positions
    There is a special place in hell for these liberal monsters!

  60. Ihateveryone says:

    I hope both these so-called doctors get the death penalty…and that it is carried out the same way they killed those babies(by ripping them to peices)

  61. Malik says:

    Wow! Aborted at 36 weeks?

    Last time I checked, 36 weeks is 9 months.

    Did the baby put up much of a struggle?

    Were there defensive wounds to the baby’s hands, or was it a clean kill??

    & where is Barbara Boxer demanding bail for these two brave practitioners of women’s health???

  62. Anonymous says:

    If these baby killers are convicted and jailed, expect obongo to pardon them.

    The Utopians are extreme when it comes to abortion. There was one feminist fundamentalist who said something like she did care how many women Klinton rape, fondled, exposed himself, harassed, spewed on, etc as long as he kept baby killing legal.

  63. Keshawntrey Jones says:

    True Progressives would like to see therapeutic abortion available up to two years after birth, since the little kids really aren’t aware until then.

    Choice is a beautiful thing.

    —– OBAMA 2012 —–

  64. coocoocoocoo says:

    You should look at your child if you have one who made it and feel so powerful and proud that you were able easily to have someone sever his spine with scissors

  65. Anonymous says:

    The original Hippocratic Oath, written 500 BC, stated that a doctors was not to kill unborn babies. Utopian had to change the oath once abortion became a “right”.

    This fact causes quite a bit of confusion for the Christian-hates since the Hippocratic Oath predates Christianity, just like most things blamed on the Christians.

  66. JoeAstroturf says:

    They’ll get off if their Obama supporters. It pays good to kill the unborn. Ask Kermit Gosnell who likes sticking scissors in there little heads. Now that Obama knows about him he doesn’t miss Tiller the baby killer so much.These Eugenic Dems will kill 53 million babies and then try to save a bird.

    Check out song called “Teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube..

    Here’s a verse
    They weren’t champions for unborns Nelson nor Stupak
    Neither one of them have any bones in their back
    Obama greatly misses his hero Dr George Tiller
    now he wants Johnny Q Public to be the new baby killer
    The catholic hospitals across the country will all be closing
    but Aborted babies brains and limbs in other hospitals garbage cans will still need hosing

  67. Johanna says:

    How about this statement:

    You cannot be “religious” and a Democrat!

    If you kill the unborn like this without remorse, then you should be considered worse than a murderer. To rip babies apart through these procedures is flat out horrific and hurrendous.

  68. Tommy says:

    They don’t show these child murderer photographs here because they are black.

  69. Pooty Taang says:

    I’m not one for violence, but if by chance a civil war erupted between the Conservatives and liberals, I would have no problem aborting the lot of them. I have a sharp pair of scissors and I know where the spinal cord attaches to a liberals neck.

  70. elevenhundred says:

    Only the most supremely mentally deficient could possibly have an unwanted pregnancy with the thousand and one contraceptive methods available today therefore we should just send those seeking abortions to be put down by a humane veterinarian. Allowing them merely to end their own genetic line isn’t terribly efficient as their negative effects on society at large will continue as long as they manage to survive.

    1. yngar10 says:

      Elevenhundred, you are living in the wrong century on the wrong continent. Could you please move to Hitler’s Germany? You’d fit in very nicely there. Maybe you could be Dr. Mengele’s assistant. Google that if you are too young to know what I am talking about, especially if you took ‘history’ at a public school. Of course, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Also, as a special education teacher, I can assure you that at our local crisis pregnancy center, few if any of our clients would be considered ‘supremely mentally deficient’.

  71. Choose Life says:

    If they were killing premature puppies or kittens there would be a national outcry. Every news outlet in American would be demonizing these murderers. But, since these are mere human babies, (the killers of our planet in the Liberals eye) it is ok to eliminate as many as we can. The fabric of our nation was ripped with roe vs. wade and we have allowed murder on a basis of convenience. When a match hits the strike you have flame and that flame can become the biggest of fires. And when a sperm hits an egg, you have life at that very moment and that life is meant to grow and become. Please let someone adopt your child if you don’t want it or just can not take care of it.

  72. Vivian Bennett-Cohan says:

    President Obama okd infanticide while a senator. Never forget.

    Vote pro-llife…

  73. MadCharles says:

    They’re no different than Dr. Jack

  74. Guest says:

    I wonder how old the fetus’ were? I heard a pro-death person once mention that the achilles tendon wasn’t fully developed till a child was in puberty so the parents should be given the option of terminating his life as long as he was under the age of 12.
    I think that if your 18 year old molars haven’t come in it might be ok to suck out your brains with a syringe as well. How old is too old for a good old fashioned brain sucking, Mr. O.?

    1. Katepatate says:

      Pro-deathers have no brains or hearts.

  75. pammie says:

    Dont feel sorry for the teen. She is a murderer too.

  76. Craig says:

    Meh who cares. If it isn’t your fetus or your body then who cares seriously.

    Let the patient do whatever she wants with her body.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      There’s two bodies there, genius.

    2. Katepatate says:

      She can. Keep her legs together. Once there’s a baby, she has no right to murder it. You sound like a very craven person.

  77. Steven Goodwin says:

    I’m just glad that I am a man and will never have to make that decision…..

  78. dougbuck says:

    Leaving aside abortion, or left vs. right, there’s a good general lesson for all legislators here: support reasonable legislation even if some in your party fear that the came’s nose will get under the tent. In this case, I’m sure there were liberal legislators who didn’t want to support ANY regulation on late-term abortions, fearing that it could be seen as a victory for the fundamentalists. Well, shame on them. There are cases where the right wouldn’t support something reasonable because they feared the left would have its camel get its nose under the tent. But in this case, it’s the left that looks horrible for leaving this unregulated. Gutless weenie ideologues.

  79. Il Bui says:

    What!? Drilling a hole in a viable baby’s skull, sucking the brains out and then crushing the skull is murder?

    Say it ain’t so.

  80. Katepatate says:

    The left’s sacrifices are in those evil doctors’ freezer.. How evil can the left get? Anyone who stands up for these fiends should be in jail also.

  81. cm says:

    were they saving the dead babies to sell to a cosmetics company?

  82. Getrilll says:

    The same people who would throw you in jail for destroying an eagles egg are the ones who advocate abortions.

  83. TexasForever says:

    Nazi like GHOULS!
    Since the passing of Roe vs Wade estimated 53 million American babies have been killed at the hands of abortionists. 53 million babies whom if even 1/3 of them had lived to be contributing members of our country just think of the financial imput they would have had on our precious social programs. Programs like social security and Medicare. Programs that are virtually broke because of the lack of new taxpayers to support existing and future entitlements.
    Just think of all of the doctors, lawyers, teachers, presidents, Noble Peace Prize winners, football players, actors, singers. painters, policemen, firemen, dancers, songwriters, plumbers, mechanics, farmers, writers, journalists, CEOs, clerks, ranchers, etc. that were not allowed to live. People whom would be contributing their hearts and souls to make this country a better place.
    Planned Parenthood is nothing but a money making operation. Making money off the killing of American children. Here in Houston the largest abortion facility in the country is seeking a Spanish speaking billing clerk….why?
    To make the process of killing Hispanic babies more easy.
    Most babies that are killed by abortionists are children of color.
    So how does the Democrats who support abortion reconicled that fact?
    But then again the selfish Baby Boomers had all of the answers.
    They were the ones who put the baby killing process in motion.
    So when they all start to retire in the next 10-15 years guess what those social programs which they liked their parents counted upon as theirs won’t be there because the numbers to replenish the system just aren’t because 53 million of them were killed at birth.
    Baby Boomers, you reap what you sowed!

  84. Al Dodson says:

    FETUS IS THE GREEK NAME FOR A BABY! A BABY IS A BABY! JUST LIKE UP IS UP AND DOWN IS DOWN. Good is good and bad is bad! Murder is murder!

  85. Christina says:

    For all those that think abortion is not murder, you are wrong. Those fetuses that we carry inside of us are innocent living, breathing human beings. They have a heart beat, can move, see, and hear. These doctors need to be charged to the full extent of the law, after if you were to kill a mother and her unborn child, wouldn’t you charge the killer with double homicide. These babies deserve the same rights as a baby that has already been born.

  86. Al Dodson says:

    A Fetus is the Greek word for baby! Calling a baby a fetus does not change the meaning of a baby! A baby is a baby! Up is up and down is down. Aborting a fetus is killing a baby. We have become a culture of death in the name of “abortion rights”. Partial birth abortions are the most hideous that are taking place in the tens of thousands each year! A fetus is the Greek word for a baby!

  87. Dom Cobb says:

    But but abortion is SAFE! Just check the Wikipedia entry!

    Another left-wing myth debunked.

  88. Robert says:

    I sware you are considered a murder if you are an abortion clnck and do late term abortion but you are just a normail citizen if you leave a baby in the car to die in 100+ dregree or leave a kid in a closet in the closet or chop them up ect whats wrong with socity today?

  89. George says:

    I suggest the One rule be applied. One trial One appeal One bullet, One casket One grave done deal move on.

  90. Matt says:

    Whether these medical procedures constitute murder depends upon the laws in the state in which the procedures were performed. If Maryland allows late term abortions, then the doctors may not have broken any laws.
    Morals are an entirely different story.
    My question is that if the doctors are convicted of committing murder, shouldn’t the mothers who went to the doctors to have the procedures performed be convicted of murder as well? Or at least conspiracy to commit murder?

  91. PauL says:

    They should contact the Obama justice department. They will probably file a lawsuit on the murderous doctor’s behalf. Maybe they’ll establish a toll-free hotline.
    “Are you being harassed for killing infants? Call Eric Holder at 1-888-DIE-BABY” Cause everybody knows dead babies can’t grow up to be Republican voters.

  92. Susan Gate says:

    and don’t forget this other ghoul..Dr. Kermit Gosnell A West Philadelphia abortion doctor has been arrested and charged with 8 counts of murder in the deaths of a woman patient and 7 babies. The bablies were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday.

  93. John says:

    The originators of the Catholic colony of Queen Mary would be appalled to see their descendents killing their own offspring. Gov. Martin O’Malley, shame on you and your liberal ilk.

  94. jane anderson says:

    I am very strongly anti-abortion. Late-term abortion should not be allowed unless to save the mother. Otherwise, if the mother simply does not want her baby, if she is that far along then she can wait one more month, give birth, give it away.

    Having said this – what we have here is a mess. Either it is or it isn’t. It is murder or not. There have to be clear f100% laws that are totally understood. If these doctors were arrested for murder because they delivered a live infant and therefore had to kill it – this goes on all the time. If these two doctors committed murder then so do all other doctors who do abortions and deliver a live baby only to kill it.

  95. Ham12 says:

    Don’t forget Dear Leader while in the Illinois senate supported late term abortion. He has the murder .of all these babies on his bloody hands.

  96. Barbra says:

    If a child can be saved outside of the womb anyone who ends that life is a murderer plain and simple. My youngest was born at 7 months and is just fine. Life is life and if someone ends it prematurely -murderer.

  97. Auric Maston says:

    Lets call it what it is: murder. It’s not a fetus, it’s a baby. What’s a fetus one minute, legally, becomes a “baby” the next, so it is a very arbitrary distinction. We have prematurely born babies all the time now and some aren’t able to survive on their own without respirators and the like for a while, but babies were never truly independent no matter their health, so that’s not a good test too. The truth is, they are the same thing: a wee human life. The only complication comes when someone gets pregnant and didn’t plan on it and then, all of a sudden, what was a baby becomes a “fetus” in their mind and what would have been a “birth” becomes simply a medical procedure. I mean, abortionists, like their counterparts in the law, are mills to some extent. This is how they make money. Sadly, it requires hundreds of millions of us to turn a blind eye to what most of us know is an abomination, tolerated out of social convenience and cowardice.

  98. AS91 says:

    Please keep “religion” out of this. This is far beyond the preemption that “god” says that it’s wrong. We need look beyond the fact that these doctors performed these procedures, and focus on why these women would allow them to do this in the first place and prevent it from ever happenining again. As a society, morals are far beyond more important than beliefs.

  99. Vince says:

    35 fetuses hidden in a freezer? The verdict is GUILTY!

  100. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Women should have the right to choose & government should stay the hell out of legislating morality. The congress & sentate are full of hyocrites & mostly men.

  101. Auralae says:

    @Jen06, Highly unlikely imho. Those who try to argue that the Judeo-Christian scripture doesn’t frown upon abortion have to forcibly twist it–or take single verses way out of context in order to make it appear so.

    For instance, there is a verse in Ecc basically congratulating the dead, and opining that better off than either the dead or the living is one who never existed at all. I personally have seen that one used in “pro-choice” literature online….and having lost 4 children in second trimester…it was…upsetting.

    Fortunately, I did a little digging, and found out that every single mention of pregnancy is in the context of blessing. Not only is there the verse in Jeremiah about being sanctified before being born–but there is also the passage about Samson’s Mom being told basically to “detox” her system of any wine–since the son she was about to conceive would be a Nazirite. (see Num. 6:2-5 and Judges 13)

    One of the most heartening to me personally was Job 3 where he mentions that if only he’d died in-utero–literally ‘from the womb’, but instead had passed as a stillborn–he would have been buried–and he fully expected the stillborn to experience “rest”. (Burial wasn’t used for animals btw–only humans warranted that, as a matter of fact, not only is the shutting of the womb seen as a curse–but disinterment is too i.e. scattering of bones.) The context of Job 3:16 is Job’s expectation that the souls of stillborn (miscarried or aborted children) have the exact same “afterlife” as princes, counselors, kings, and taskmasters…where the weary have rest, and the slave is free.

    If anyone wants to know what G*d thinks of infanticide–just plug “Molech” into a Bible search engine.

    1. myth buster says:

      And Job was also a faithful believer in the Resurrection of the Dead. He fully expected to see God face-to-face one day, and adamantly affirmed the Resurrection (“even so in my flesh shall I see my Lord,”) and denied reincarnation (“with my own eye, I shall see Him, not another’s).

    2. Doodie says:

      Uhhhh This is the same god that order the killing of every man woman and child killed in various cities “in scripture” (and also ordered that the young virgin women be saved and taken) Also this anti abortion God specifically ordered the slaughter of every first born child in Egypt. How exactly is you your God anti abortion? His actions speak far louder that the words you try and dig up. That’s a pretty bad book to use.. I’m pro life by the way…..

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        Oh doodie, you’re referring to specific *events* in the historical, linear progression of God’s bringing about the unfolding of His people and ultimately into the revealing of His son, Jesus. If such horrific practices and/or behaviour was a matter of course, or part of the value system of Judiasm or Christianity, your condemnation would hold a lot more weight. The source of existence has, according to scripture, intervened to cause (rather than allow) terrible events as you remind, granted. But in your criticism you should acknowledge that these have nothing to do with the overall value system which makes up the beliefs of believing Jews and Christians.

  102. Getout says:

    This is what is called the slippery slope. The reality is that abortion proponents know that there will always be irresposible women that wait too long for an abortion and need to be protected from their own stupidity. The babies do also. If abortion was made illegal now, these women would still seek abortions and both the woman and the baby would be more at risk. They also seek to limit over population of the poor. That is the reality. They have turned the hearts and minds of women against their own children. If it’s a baby outside the uterus, it’s a baby inside. I do think women truly know this though.

  103. Brice says:

    Since they took her across the state line to perform the abortion, it appears to me that the Doctors might be in violation of the White Slave laws making this also a federal crime. Good luck with Eric Holder enforcing that…

  104. BobStrebs says:

    Are they selling the body parts of these aborted humans for stem cell research, or to Pepsi as a flavor additive. What a tremendous loss to our economy! Too bad there are a few less carbon footprints in preparation for global taxation. What’s the world coming to!?

  105. thomas says:

    Both so called doctors, but are Murderers
    should pay the price extended to thier victoms
    saline laced sulferic acid injections to the brains
    then have thier legs arms head pulled apart
    while waiting for the injection to kill them.
    An eye for an eye fits so well here

  106. Grizzly Clark says:

    The mothers need to be charged with murder. They deserve the death penalty too. If you don’t agree then you don’t believe in God’s law. Do you agree?

  107. female fetus says:

    SGB, You were a femal fetus or collection of cells at one time. What newborn, or for that matter 3 year old can survive without the food and shelter provided by an adult–similar to the food and shelter provided by a uterus? These genetically unique “collections of cells” turn into amazing human beings at some point. I guess when they finally get a job and move out on their own by your standards.

  108. Kelly says:

    Sick and ghoulish. According to the AMA there is never a medical need for a late term abortion. If a woman is having a dangerous medical problem that threatens her life, the baby can be delivered, but there is never a need to kill it. It’s only for the convenience of the mother. I think anyone who supports late term abortions are like the budding serial killers who begin with the torture of animals. They have no conscious, they have no morals. They are people not to be trusted.

  109. Grizzly Clark says:

    All of you “turn the other cheek” Christians are a violent, revenge fantasy-fueled lot. Thank god your beliefs are is a delusion or else that Jesus character would judge you harshly.

  110. Disgusted says:

    All of you pro-abortion people–It’s so easy of you to talk–YOUR little innocent life wasn’t suffed out before you had a chance to draw first breath. YOU got to be able to live. How completely self-centered you all are and how callous and disrespectful of life you are.

    How sad. People need to be responsible for their sexuality and sex lives. USE RELIABLE BIRTH CONTROL!!! Don’t create new life with the thought that if you get pregnant you can always get rid of it. Pro-abortion people hate it when people call the “unviable tissue” a human baby, but it wasn’t ever going to be a hippopotamus, or an ameba.

  111. kanawah says:

    The two doctors should file a malicious prosecution suit against the state, the prosecutors, and anyone who has been pushing this insanity.

    Abortion is a legal medical procedure, and should not be regulated in any way or to a greater extent than any other medical procedure.

    If a woman decides to have an abortion, that decision is between the woman and her doctor. All others are excluded. The same applies to contraception. Pharmacist should not have a right to refuse to fill any legal prescription because of their mythological views.

  112. Pete says:

    180 Movie: Pro-Choice to Pro-Life in seconds!…What changed their minds? Watch it online for free at 180movie.com

  113. Lex says:

    No mention of the women who paid to have their children killed.

  114. Lex says:

    What about the women who paid for their babies to be killed? Any charges against them? Aren’t they responsible for their murdered babies?

  115. Barbara Hays says:

    When you choose to go home with someone your not planning on having a serious, committed love relationship with. When you choose to take your clothes off. When you allow someone into your private body. How is that not having control over your own body?????? What about this little sweet baby’s body, do they have control over their life? Because you wanted to have a little fun or did not plan ahead. Your rights trump a helpless baby’s. I don’t get you.

  116. spanish free says:

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