ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Democratic Governors Association chaired by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has reported it raised more than $20 million in 2011.

The DGA said Tuesday that the money raised in 2011 outpaces the $12.7 million raised in 2007.

O’Malley says he is proud the DGA was able to help Democratic governors win tough races in Kentucky and West Virginia last year.

O’Malley also says the DGA will have the resources to aid Democratic candidates this year.

The Associated Press reported in August that Exelon Corp., which is looking to buy Baltimore-based Constellation Energy, was a top donor to the DGA. Exelon donated $250,000 between Jan. 1 and June 30.

O’Malley was re-elected to chair the DGA last month by the nation’s 20 Democratic governors.

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  1. They really do not care says:

    So, you raised $20M in donations to pay for your campaigns, but you can’t raise $20M in donations that might have some profound impact on the families who are serously struggling in this State. I see, getting Dems in office is so much more important than actually helping the citizens. Ben Franklin would be so ashamed.

  2. Liberal Soldier says:

    As the Republican Supreme Court ruled “Corporations are people too”. Let the spending begin.

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