We had Raven’s head coach John Harbaugh on the Norris & Davis  Show this morning and besides the Xs and Os we discussed the organization as a whole. We talked about how well run and well respected the Ravens are around the NFL. The coach gave credit to not only the high quality personnel that populate the Raven’s roster but he was specific in pointing out how much it is a reflection of the team’s owner Steve Bisciotti. Harbaugh wasn’t saying this on air to suck up to his boss because we have had similar conversations in private, he said it because he believes it is true.

I too believe Bisciotti deserves much of the credit for the team that we are all proud to say is from Baltimore and I’ll share a story that to me speaks volumes about the man he is and why his leadership of the team is so effective;

I was at a small private birthday party honoring a retired Baltimore Police Officer who currently works for the Ravens in the security department. It was a truly private gathering of maybe ten or twelve.friends. A few players were also in attendance but this was in a private room not a public event. As the night drew to a close one of the guys called Steve Bisciotti and let him know the party was going on and could he stop by to say hello. Well, it was almost midnight when only 15 minutes after the call was placed in walked the Raven’s owner. He joined us and hung for the duration of the evening. My take away from that night was that he was a leader. He took himself from whatever else he was doing to wish an employee well on his birthday at almost midnight. The impact was great because I’m still impressed by his attendance today. So, to me it’s no surprise the Ravens are so well respected around the league because they have a real leader running things.

Ask yourself this…would your boss go out of his way to do that for an employee? If the answer is yes you are lucky because you work for a real leader, if the answer is no you are like most workers and you just have a boss.


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