BALTIMORE (AP) — In his first year as state’s attorney for Baltimore, Gregg Bernstein has faced some growing pains, but he also began making changes in the office.

He was the subject of a death threat by an attorney and public protests by residents angry with some of his decisions. And he faced embarrassment when he believed a wise-cracking email to his staff would not be leaked to media.

The Baltimore Sun reports that in a lengthy interview, Bernstein also noted that he brought in new
computers and BlackBerrys, improved relations with the police department and moved cases more quickly than his predecessor. He said his office closed 17 percent more cases last year than Patricia Jessamy’s did in 2010, and won longer average sentences on violent gun cases.

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  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Bernstein needs to grow a bigger set of balls, re-try the punks who set fire to the pit bull dogs & set an example that if the parent/ parents won’t handle the kids they breed then the city jail will.

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