OWINGS MILLS, Md. (AP) — A Baltimore County man is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he tossed a Yorkshire terrier from a balcony.

County police say officers were called to Mill Centre Drive Sunday evening after a woman saw a man walk out on a balcony of townhouse and throw something. She investigated and discovered an injured Yorkshire terrier.

Police spokeswoman Cathy Batton says a woman came out of the house and collected the dog, which was taken to Falls Road Animal Hospital.

Batton says the dog named Lonie had serious, life-threatening head and spinal injuries after being thrown about 50 feet from the 23-foot-high balcony.

Batton says 43-year-old Gary Wallace Jr., who lives at the home, is charged with animal mutilation and animal cruelty. He’s being held on $250,000 bond.

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Comments (18)
  1. audrey says:

    Maybe instead of punishing this idiot, we should throw him off a really tall building. And then we can just watch as he lays there in pain

  2. J Kirsch says:

    They just cant help themselves,It is in their blood. If they are not killing each other then it is anamals.

  3. Liberal Soldier says:

    A heavy fine and jail time.

  4. Very Concerned says:

    I will never understand why anyone would get an animal when they are clearly unable to take care of themselves.

  5. Owings Mills says:

    Unfortunately, Owings Mills has been destroyed due to worthless trash like him moving out here to Owings Mills. Everything from property value destroying crime to the death of Owings Mills Mall can be traced to undesirable characters coming out here that fit his description. May this poor little dog recover and not have lingering psychological trauma.

    1. Kiera says:

      You’re right but thanks to government programs that pushed city garbage into nicer counties with “move to opportunity” programs and HUD.

      Nice huh?

  6. lrmaryland says:

    I say throw him off a balcony way higher than that one then take him to an animal hospital for help….that’s what he is.

    1. Islandgirl1647 says:

      I agree Irmaryland..Send the low life to jail and keep him there. When he gets out someone should throw him off a balcony…He won’t be missed…….

  7. Sharon says:

    TO J Kirsh, its is unfortunate that you can stereotype an entire race of people for one persons actions. Obviously, you are a very small minded individual to even think this way or you can’t see past your racist nose. That is your problem. There have been incidents recently where your people have done worse things to children. Now that is truly sad and inhumane.

  8. derek_chs says:


  9. derek_chs says:

    @J Kirsch: “They”?

  10. Diane King says:

    sharon – “one”??

  11. Dave says:

    This is not a race issue. A holes like this come in all shapes and colors. I hope his “buddies” in jail teach him a lesson on how not to treat a six pound puppy. God have mercy on that poor dog and please deal with Gary Wallace the way you see fit.

  12. Black Labs says:

    *Rolls Eyes* I distinctly recall one online news article in the wake of the Michael Vick frenzy authored by a black woman who stated she couldn’t understand “the love white folk have for dogs.” Unbelievable that racial paranoia seems to be the order of the day. If everyone is going to be so touchy with their tender emotional constitutions, we’ll just play the devil’s advocate and call her moronic statement reverse racism. It’s perfectly ok for blacks to be racist and make idiotic comments like that but heaven forbid one should say something innocent innocent and it’ll be twisted and taken out of context. And let’s draw a parallel: MOST, not all, blacks elect to own Pit Bulls who are great dogs when raised with a firm and loving hand but have been villified by the media because they’ve been acquired by the wrong element and used for nefarious purposes. I have yet to see them with a smart, sweet and easygoing breed such as a Labrador or Golden Retriever. That’s not to say they don’t, but I see many of them with the Bully breeds and I strongly suspect they’re used to intimidate and incite fear and acquiring these dogs is steeped in macho culture as well. J Kirsch, while that might seem the norm, there’ s a very small minority of blacks who are decent, educated and upstanding citizens. Those people are the exception, certainly NOT the rule. Residing and practicing here in NYC, I’ve seen many, black women carry a chip on their shoulder (which sorely need to be knocked off) and have personally witnessed a few trying to bully and assault white women and have intervened and called the police and made sure the police knew who the aggressor was. While not being a fan of overbred and dime a dozen ankle biters, hopefully this animal will be placed with a more responsible family.

  13. yousefthe giant says:

    Since the civil rights law was passed the majority of blacks think the world owes them a living & it is payback time for their great great grand pa’s. Most are ignorant uneducated & glorify the thug life here in Baltimore & violence is an accepted way of life.

    1. Black Labs says:

      You hit the nail on the head and in reality and quite frankly, society doesn’t owe them a damn thing. My folks were immigrants from Northern Italy near the Swiss border and they came to the states not knowing the language or customs, (which, of course, they learned), assimilated, became citizens, went to college and worked their entire lives (both are gone due to cancer and a stroke). My sister and I were always proud of them and thankful we had them in our lives. Thanks for your sage input.

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