BALTIMORE (WJZ)– We’re No. 1! For the fourth year in a row, Maryland is tops in the nation when it comes to education.

And as Gigi Barnett explains, school leaders received the highest marks among their youngest students.

Jennifer Kirby’s pre-K class at Cedarmere Elementary is the first step for the youngest learners in Baltimore County.

Early development classes like Kirby’s is one reason why “Education Week” magazine just ranked Maryland the No. 1 school system in the nation for the fourth consecutive year.

“We’re getting our kids ready for the future, and that starts early with 4- and 5 year olds,” Kirby said.

Maryland’s report card looks good. The prestigious magazine gave the state an overall ‘B-plus’ grade. Once again, Maryland beat out heavy hitters like Massachusetts, New York and Virginia.

Most other states ranked somewhere in the middle as the national average score is a ‘C.’

“We all have to remember this comes down to the classroom,” Dr. John Smeallie, Deputy State Superintendent, said.

Smeallie says Maryland earned high marks for its pre-K programs, preparing high schoolers for college and keeping highly qualified teachers in the classroom.

But Smeallie says school leaders statewide aren’t celebrating just yet.

“We have to remember we’re not done. There are still areas we need to work. And we will continue to work to eliminate the achievement gap to make sure every student succeeds regardless of where he or she lives,” he said.

That means there is room for improvement. The state said it wants to increase test scores, especially among minority and low-income students.

Schools in Washington, D.C, South Dakota and Nebraska ranked in the bottom three districts nationwide.

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  1. Liberal Soldier says:

    Blue states always put the education of it’s population first. It is the key to success and if not used it is the key to poverty. One reason why the south is in such bad shape. Along with republican leadership the red states will continue to be in the red.

    1. Janice Likens says:

      I totally agree. I have always wondered why people in the Republican Party cannot acknowledge this about those southern states.

    2. Dinger says:

      Democrats are in charge of DC. No wonder it’s at the bottom of the list! Blue states only care about the teacher’s unions, not the students. They are in school longer, but they stil end up functionally illerate at graduation. You left-wingers need to get a clue.

      1. Dinger says:

        Whoops! Illiterate.

  2. Oh no says:

    You have 10 apples in a bowl. 9 of them are so rotten that they’re copletely inedible, and one is just slightly less rotten. THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT’S GOOD! If the education in this state is the best America has to offer, then our country really is doomed. I don’t understand why Democrats accept mediocrity and call it success.

    BTW, I’m not. Republican’t either.

  3. Jethro Hooper says:

    In Maryland, we achieve our superior rating in part by teachers cheating on the standardized tests. Were we supposed to forget that???

  4. Jack Pollack says:

    Whenever there is a stated fact, i.e., that Maryland’s schools are the best in the country, the right always go on the attack. The two Md principals who cheated on the tests, the unions, etc. I’m sorry that Jethro and Oh, No and Dinger failed the tenth grade, couldn’t get into college, and had to go out and work for a living.

    1. Stephanie says:

      I agree Jack. Don’t comment on a post about education when you can’t even spell.

      1. oh no says:

        sorry stephe, it must be my Maryland ejoocashun.

    2. independent says:

      That is ludicrous – don’t comment blah blah.
      I guess you also want to go back to the days when only white male land owners were allowed to vote!

  5. Steve Wilson says:

    Footnote: This does not apply to Baltimore City schools.
    BTW, the reason Red States do so bad is because the GOP relies on ignorance to win elections. The question is: Which came first, the ignorant in the Red States, or Republican efforts to “dumb down” the electorate.

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  7. Concern says:

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