I was at practice Wednesday when Joe Flacco joked with the media that we’ll never give him credit if the Ravens win the Super Bowl. Well, he was kind of joking.

I agree that Joe doesn’t get the credit he deserves. But he’s asking for trouble when he takes subtle shots like this. Here’s the problem. He’s talking to a handful of members of the media. But, this gets picked up by every outlet in the country, opening him up to being talked about everywhere by everyone. Is it worth it? No. Joe talked about everyone wanting him to be an elite QB but then being too critical when they throw the ball 50 or 60 times. No one will be critical if they throw it 50 times and win 45-28. However, they throw it 50 times and either lose or barely win. He’s not good enough to be that guy.

He needs to stop giving the media and fans material to criticize him on. He’s a good QB. Just act like you’re oblivious to the criticism, even if you’re not.

  1. Eustace says:

    Joe Flcco is good qb nd it is about time he sid something. Maybe the medi should report his stats correctly and there won’t be problem . I think we ll know wht opinions re like ,,,,,,, Go Joe the fans re with you .

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