BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Occupy Baltimore protesters arrested. Police take action as demonstrators try to take over the site of a proposed youth jail facility.

Andrea Fujii has more on the arrests.

State police say they negotiated with the six protesters who went behind the fence, but when they refused to leave, they were taken to jail.

Around 5:30 p.m. Monday, Maryland State Police moved in and arrested six Occupy Baltimore protesters. From Sky Eye Chopper 13, you can see the Occupiers loaded into a police van. The group had entered the state-owned site of a proposed juvenile detention center. There, they built a mock schoolhouse.

“The area was clearly fenced and marked and posted for no trespassing. It’s a construction site and it’s not something that we want people staying in,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

Baltimore City Police then ordered the protesters to take down a tent they’d set up next to the site. When they refused, officers moved in.

Around 7 p.m., the media were pushed about a block away from the site.

“It’s actually really insulting because we’re peaceful,” said protester Marcus Clary.

The group remained peaceful as officers dismantled the tent. City police didn’t make any more arrests but Clary says the show of force was too much.

“This is completely unnecessary. They have sticks; they have guns. We have nothing but our soul and our heart and our words,” Clary said.

Protesters say Monday’s arrests send a message. Even if Occupy Baltimore isn’t in McKeldin Square any more, the group says they are still active.

The Occupiers had planned to stay at this site for five days. They say they are now regrouping to figure out what their next move will be.

The four men and two women arrested are all charged with trespassing.

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  1. Mike says:

    If these protesters have that much time on their hands, and don’t want money to be spent, instead of ‘occupying” the site, they should be productive.
    They can spend their time and resources helping the contractor build the new detention center, saving money for the city and not being a blight on the community.

  2. Michael Schearer says:

    What’s insulting, Mr. Marcus Clary, is that you have no respect for the law.

  3. Jerry Frey says:

    [The Congressional Budget Office ] found that, between 1979 and 2007, income of the top 1 percent of households grew 275 percent. The next 19 percent of households grew about a quarter of that and, of course, the bottom half of Americans saw very little income growth.

  4. 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON says:

    why is bread $3.00 bucks a loaf, no shortage of flour, wheat, water, pure greed

    1. rob says:

      bake your own then…

  5. terry says:

    as a contractor for the city school system, the joke is that they dont have the money for basic day to day operations.They are working with 2014 money as of the 11th of this year.i promise you one thing for certian there will be no new schools for a long time as enrollment drops.

  6. MC says:

    Jerry…where are the stats on the bottom portion? You have no numbers for them, but of course numbers for the top 1%. Since the industrial revolution the gap between rich and poor has closed dramatically. In 1910 1% of the population had automobiles…today that number is 99.5%. In 1954 only 20% of households had TV’s. Today 90% have TV’s. Stop focusing on the top 1%. They work and study more than other people in order to have the jobs and lifestyle they have. Many of them are business owners who have created jobs for thousands of Americans. They pay more in taxes and give more to charities. Maybe you should help yourself to an economics class and spend a little less time looking up shady statistics. Better yourself before pointing the finger at another.

    1. Keets says:

      Are you seriously basing your statistics on America over 100 years ago? This is apples and oranges, my friend. There was no such thing as income tax in 1910. Most of the country was still farm land in 1910. People didn’t NEED cars because people still got around in horse drawn carriages in 1910. Trains were the preferred mode of transportation for long distance travels in1910. It is utterly ridiculous! Fast forward to 1950. This was a boon time in the US. WW2 was over and the Great Depression was a bad memory that the Government wanted Americans to forget. Credit and financing were born and flourished so that even your “average Joe” could buy a car or a TV.

      …and one more thing about education. The only reason the 1% can study more is because they don’t have to STRUGGLE TO PAY FOR COLLEGE by working 2 or 3 jobs while putting themselves into obscene debt. And for what? To get them into a job that may pay the bills? We can’t all go to work for Daddy’s Fortune 500 or marry well. Your comment makes it abundantly clear why and how far removed the 1% is from the rest of the country.

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