ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The beating of an elderly man by his paid in-home caretaker is under consideration in Annapolis. Advocates for the elderly want lawmakers to impose increased penalties on people guilty of abusing vulnerable adults.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more from the daughter of the victim.

It’s hard to imagine and harder to watch. Ninety-year-old John Taylor, bedridden, was beaten by a woman hired to care for him in his home.

“I discovered that my father had endured three more beatings within that same month,” said Jacqueline Taylor.

Taylor played the tape of her father’s beating for the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday in support of a bill to increase the penalties for elder abuse and hold some suspects without bail. The woman charged with assaulting John Taylor made bail and is believed to have fled the country.

“It brings tears to your eyes,” said Taylor.

Baltimore Delegate Cheryl Glenn is sponsoring the bill. This is not the first attempt to get it passed.

“We came very close last session and I just feel very passionate. My mom passed away last year at 87 years old and I know what our elderly population deals with,” Glenn said.

The Maryland Department of Human Resources supports the bill but opponents argue that aspects of the bill may infringe on a defendant’s constitutional rights.

“Passing a feel-good legislation just isn’t going to stop any of this activity,” said Stewart Levy, Families Advocating Intelligent Registries.

The Maryland Judiciary Committee also opposes the bill as taking away the discretion of the court.

No vote on the bill has been scheduled yet.

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  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    WHEN people OBEY the 4th Commandent of the 10 Commandents given to Moses by GOD which states. .HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER will they understand what it means!! TAKE CARE OF YOUR PARENTS AND DON’T PUT THEM IN HARM’s WAY!!!

    1. Matt says:

      Not sure what your trying to say. Not sure your comment applies here.

  2. wiseguy says:

    Children, don’t just dump your parents in a nursing home. They will mostly likely be abused by angry black attendents.

    1. Kembeli says:

      Tell that to the whites whos children who murder their parents and parents who murder their children.

  3. madinmd says:

    “Opponents argue that aspects of the bill may infringe on a defendant’s constitutional rights.” Are you Serious!.. What about the VICTIM’S RIGHTS! There is something seriously wrong with our system.. Anyone who would physically abuse a vulnerable individual, in my opinion, isn’t entitled to any “constitutional rights”… If this happened to my parent.. the law would be the least of their worries!

  4. Fired up says:

    This is the EXACT reason that I NEVER put my parents in any kind of facility. I would be in jail if anyone had EVER put their hands on my mother or father. The excuse of, ” I just cant do it, I have to put them in a home”, is total BS! Step up and take care of the person that took care of YOU when you needed it.

  5. colliemom says:

    The writing on this story is terrible, lead says: “The beating of an elderly man by his paid in-home caretaker is under consideration in Annapolis.” Makes it sound as if the legistators are “considering” beating the elderly. Of course elderly people deserve kind care; but I’ve worked with them and know how hard it can be. If demented, they bite, kick, spit and scream at you; I sure don’t condone it, but understand that even kind people can lose patience. Trying to change a poop filled diaper, washing and cleaning someone who is punching you and smearing stuff all over isn’t fun. Family care is best, but one person can’t possibly provide all the care they need; you need help. Finding that help is difficult; pay for home caregivers is next to nothing, not enough for people to live on. Will be a growing problem as the population ages. What matters is having a good heart; race has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  6. adraine says:

    Hey wiseguy you are a a$#%^$# you white people are the most abusive peopl e known to man not just to adults.but to children as well read your history d$%^&*

  7. Lori Duboys says:

    This is not a racial issue. It’s a political problem. The legislators – state and federal – must deeply increase the criminal penalties for such abuse.
    I don’t see withholding bail as a rights violation for violators of rights of the elderly – to be kept well and safe.
    The problem is a lack of reporting. That’s why we need the BIG EYE on the job – cameras!

  8. Lori Duboys says:

    There is another issue here:
    The Senate Committee on Aging has been looking at wrong drug/overdrugging issues with dementia patients.
    There needs to be some kind of drug which is safe – unfortunately they all have side effects – but Big Pharma has a responsibility to come up with something safe to calm dementia patients.
    Or better yet, facilities should look to natural medicine for the answer.
    NASGA – National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse – is seeking federal intervention into unlawful and abusive guardianship and conservatorship cases which ignore this type of abuse in facilities due to lack of monitoring and oversight of the court appointees.

  9. izzy says:

    Interesting that the judiciary opposes the bill as it takes away “the discretion of the court”. Probate courts routinely disregard due process and procedural requirements that are supposed to be in place to protect a vulnerable adult under the ruse of “discretion.” Taking that authority from their judicial office will be tough.

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